A Scenic Train Journey: Unforgettable Sights Await on Türkiye's Railways

In Türkiye, you'll find an impressive selection of scenic train routes, perfect for relaxation and soaking in the country's natural wonders. Traveling along these tracks, you'll encounter breathtaking landscapes, historic landmarks, and captivating views that will leave you spellbound. Here are some enchanting rail routes to explore:

Anatolian Express (Anadolu Ekspresi)

Hop aboard the Anatolian Express (Anadolu Ekspresi) for a journey from Ankara to Kars, Türkiye's capital to its northeastern city. Along the way, marvel at Cappadocia's unique rock formations and cave dwellings, gaze upon the serene Lake Van, and catch a glimpse of Mount Ararat's snow-capped peak. In Kars, explore medieval architecture and rich history. Each stop promises a new adventure, showcasing Türkiye's diverse landscapes and cultural treasures.

Eastern Express (Doğu Express)

Embark on the Eastern Express (Doğu Ekspresi) journey from Ankara to Kars and revel in its breathtaking scenery. As you traverse this route, you'll be greeted by the stunning backdrop of Erciyes Mountain, offering a majestic sight along the way. Experience the enchanting winter wonderland of Sarıkamış, adorned with snow-covered forests that evoke a sense of serenity and tranquility. Upon reaching Kars, immerse yourself in its rich history and cultural heritage, exploring the historic fortress and the captivating Armenian churches that dot the landscape. Each stop along the Eastern Express promises unforgettable vistas and a glimpse into Türkiye's natural beauty and historical treasures.

Lake Van Express

Hop aboard the Lake Van Express, also known as the Van Lake Express, operated by TCDD Transport, for a picturesque overnight journey that traverses the Ankara-Tatvan route, spanning over 1,300 kilometers. Departing twice a week, this scenic adventure showcases the beauty of Central Anatolia, beginning in Ankara and passing through Kayseri, Sivas, Malatya, and Elazığ before reaching its final stop in Tatvan. Despite its name, the train's ultimate destination is Tatvan, offering travelers a unique opportunity to enjoy stunning landscapes along the way. So, sit back, relax, and savor the scenic views as you journey from Ankara to Tatvan!

Taurus Express

Take a trip back in time with the Taurus Express! This legendary train, once a luxurious overnight route featured in Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express, now offers a shorter, yet still breathtaking, journey between Adana and Konya. Wind through the Taurus Mountains in comfort, traveling for about six hours through tunnels carved into rock, vast steppes, dramatic bridges, and auburn forests. Your adventure starts in Konya, an ancient city dating back 3,000 BCE and the final resting place of Rumi, founder of the Whirling Dervishes.

Karaelmas Tourism Express

The Karaelmas Tourism Express, scheduled to commence operations on April, 2024, is poised to revolutionize travel and invigorate tourism in Zonguldak, Turkey, by offering an enriching journey through its scenic route. Departing from Ankara Kalecik, the express will stop at various captivating destinations including Ankara, Kalecik, Çankırı, Çerkeş, Eskipazar, Yenice, Safranbolu, Filyos, Bartın, Amasra, before reaching its final destination, Zonguldak. Promising lush green landscapes and a showcase of the Western Black Sea region's natural and cultural treasures, the initiative is expected to provide significant economic benefits to the area, foster sustainable travel practices, and highlight the historical and cultural significance of lesser-known sites along the route. This strategic move represents a concerted effort to diversify tourism offerings, enhance accessibility to unique attractions, and promote comprehensive regional development in Turkey.

Pamukkale Express

Travel north to south on this picturesque eastern route, offering an eight-hour journey (slightly longer from Istanbul) through Turkey's lush Aegean landscapes. The train, known as the Pamukkale Express or Pamukkale Ekspresi, is a daily passenger service operated by the Turkish State Railways between Eskisehir and Denizli. Covering a distance of 421 km (262 mi) as it winds through mountainous and mostly rural central Anatolia. The train formerly operated as a night train between Haydarpaşa Terminal in Istanbul and Denizli, with through cars to Burdur and Isparta. After a seven-year suspension, it was revived in 2015 as a day train on its current route. Along the way, make stops in charming towns like Kütahya, where the Kütahya Museum showcases the region's famed historical pottery, and Afyonkarahisar, offering another interesting stop. Your journey culminates in Denizli, a gateway to the ancient city of Hierapolis, just 17.5 km away. Explore the ruins, famous for their hot springs, including Cleopatra's Pool, a popular spot even centuries ago. The Romans even chose this area as their final resting place, leaving behind a vast necropolis filled with tombs alongside the remnants of this ancient city.


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