Turkey Eliminates all COVID-19 Entry Requirements

Turkey Eliminates all COVID-19 Entry Requirements

Hello, everyone. Finally, after a long time, we are here back with a new update. And we know that many of you have asked us through our social media, either on Instagram about the new regulations in order to enter Turkey. So well finally we are going to share this information with you because this is so important.

We know that many of you were waiting to travel to Turkey until all the restrictions were lifted. So guess what? Finally, We have a piece of very good news for you. And this time there are no more restrictions to come to Turkey. So finally, you can enter easily. You don't need to show PCR tests or antigen tests, or even the vaccination certificate. So we don't need that any longer in order to visit Turkey, you can freely come here to this country. And yeah, because we know that some of you were saying, well, I'm not vaccinated, but I'm not willing either to take a PCR test just to go travel to Turkey. So finally, this is your moment. And by June 1st of 2022, all restrictions in this country have finally been lifted for any domestic flights within the country as well. You don't need anything anymore. So just take notes on that. We are going to tell you, what requirements have been lifted.

So you no longer need the PCR test and you no longer need the antigen test, the vaccination certificate, you don't need that anymore. Either.

Face Masks are not Mandatory Anymore Indoors / Outdoors:

Face Masks are not Mandatory Anymore Indoors / Outdoors

Another great thing is that also wearing a mask outside in the public transportation or at any indoor establishment is not a requirement anymore. So this is up to you. If you still want to wear it, either in the public transportation or at any place that you might feel uncomfortable, if it's the crowded or whatever it is up to you now, it's not mandatory anymore, not even in domestic flights. So also if you're traveling within Turkey, you don't have to wear it. This is under your own own discretion.

What tourism is seeing in Turkey nowadays?

What tourism is seeing in Turkey nowadays?

And also we want to share another thing about what tourism is looking for nowadays in Turkey. Well, let us tell you that, even though it's not officially high season or peak season in the country, We will tell you that the places, and for example, the most realistic areas such as tournaments and taxis are so crowded. We have never seen such a thing this early it's.

For example, we just went to two weeks ago and we couldn't even walk into the main places. Even at some point, we guess Sophia had to be closed for, for maybe 20 minutes or 30 minutes, because it was so crowded and they couldn't keep, letting people in until some people were coming out and everything. So yes, We will tell you that now tourism is, is quite active. So you will find places very, very frequent, even more than ever. And also because probably some cruise ships have already started and, and they started to arrive in Istanbul. So maybe that is why also you will see more people in those areas. So my recommendation will be that if you are coming to Turkey in the coming weeks or months, especially in peak season, just please make sure, especially if you want to visit, we guess, Sophia and Topkapi palace and any of those places just to visit them as soon as I open the doors because otherwise, you will not really enjoy the places because at some point you cannot even walk inside. 

And also you have to wait in line for many, many minutes, even 30 minutes or even more just to go through the checkpoints. So that is why our best recommendation, especially in peak season in Istanbul, is to visit this main places. As soon as the doors open means between eight 30 to 9:00 AM and get in line to get your tickets as soon as possible on that same day, that way you will save a lot of time and also you will enjoy the places as it should be. So just take these advice with you.

Form for Entry to Turkey (HES Code):

Also, another thing that we would love to share with you is that it's about the HES code because also many people still have that doubt. If the Form for Entry to Turkey HES code is still needed in Turkey. And what about the IstanbulKart? If it needs to be linked or not? Well, we are not going to explain anything about what the HES code is, because first of all, it's not needed any longer. So yeah, you answer is there, you don't need it. I mean, the HES Code has been dropped even 3 or 4 months ago, so we are not using it anymore and you don't need to link it either to the IstanbulKart.

So now just as before the pandemic, the IstanbulKart can be used for up to 5 or 6 people, we think. So you can use one card for up to five or six people. So you don't have to worry any anymore about having one card per person. So one, so now he's one up to five or to six people. So in conclusion, you don't need anything to travel to Turkey. You can do it as, just as before the pandemic. We don't need PCR tests, antigen test vaccination has code or anything of those requirements. You can just come and enjoy the country.

Requirements depending on the airline you are traveling with:

Requirements depending on the airline you are traveling with

Just keep in mind as well. That depending on the airline you're traveling with, they might have certain regulations in order to board the plane, because some people have been sharing in comments, in some of our content that sometimes they are requesting extra things that are not being requested by Turkish government.

Well, that is because the airlines also have their own regulations. So maybe Turkey just to enter Turkey here, our country might not request the PCR test, but maybe they are aligned. You're traveling with dust. So just keep in mind those other regulations. So hopefully this was useful for you. And also don't forget that we are going to be sharing all of the official links. So you can go check it, check them out. It will be the official link of Turkish airlines and also of Turkish government as well. But that one will be interrogation, but you can also use Google, Google translate just to check the information from there too.

Travel Requirements for Turkey, Official Announcement by the Ministry of the Interior (in Turkish) :

Travel Requirements for Turkey, Official Announcement by Turkish Airlines:



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