Turkey Transit Visa for Afghanistan

Travelling through Turkey can be a thrilling experience, offering a combination of diverse cultures, rich history, and breathtaking landscapes. Understanding the Turkey Transit visa process is crucial for Afghanis planning to use Turkey as a transit country. This article provides a thorough guide to assist you in navigating the application process.

What is the Turkey Transit Visa?

The Turkey Transit visa is a digital visa that allows Afghan citizens to pass through Turkish territory when heading to another country. It's designed to simplify the travel process, making it quicker and more efficient for travellers to manage their transit through Turkey.

Why Choose the Turkey Transit Visa?

Choosing the Turkey Transit visa offers several advantages:

  • Efficiency: The online application process saves you time and hassle.
  • Convenience: You can apply from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.
  • Speed: Most applications are processed within a few hours to a few days.

Eligibility Criteria for the Turkey Transit Visa

To be eligible for a Turkey Transit visa, Afghan travellers must meet the following requirements:

  1. Valid Passport: Make sure your passport has blank pages for stamps, is in good condition, and is valid for at least 6 months after the planned stay.
  2. Proof of Onward Travel- Proof of onward travel, like a return flight ticket or a continuing ticket to another destination, showing your planned departure.
  3. Hotel Reservation Confirmation- Your hotel reservation should confirm your accommodation plans and include your name, the duration of your stay, and the address.
  4. Evidence of Sufficient Financial Resources- Provide evidence of your financial ability to cover your stay through bank statements, credit card limits, or a sponsorship letter if someone else is funding your trip.

Who Can Obtain a Turkey Transit Visa?

Afghan citizens can obtain a Turkey Transit Visa online starting from 15 April 2024. This visa is valid for those transiting through Istanbul Airport en route to Colombia, Mexico, Panama, or Venezuela.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You must be a citizen of Afghanistan.
  • Your final destination must be Colombia, Mexico, Panama, or Venezuela.

How do you apply for a Turkish Transit visa?

Applying for a Transit visa is a straightforward online process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through each stage:

  1. Access the Application: Visit the Turkish visa website.
  2. Fill Out Your Information: Complete the application form with your personal and travel details.
  3. Submit Required Documents: Upload a copy of your passport and other necessary documents.
  4. Pay the Visa Fee: Make a payment using a credit or debit card.
  5. Receive Your Visa: When your application is accepted, an email with your visa will be sent to you.

Documents Required for the Application

To ensure a smooth application process, prepare the following documents:

  • Digital copy of your passport.
  • Onward travel ticket.
  • Additional documents such as visas for onward destinations, if applicable.

Processing Time and Visa Fees for the Turkish Transit Visa

The cost of a Turkish Transit visa varies based on factors like visa type, the applicant's nationality, the number of entries, and the speed of application processing.

For accurate fee details, visit the Turkish visa fee page, where you can see a fee chart to determine the specific costs tailored to your visa needs.

Processing times

The processing time for a Turkish Transit visa depends on the selected urgency level:


Urgency Level

Processing Time


Standard Urgency

Regular Speed


Moderate Urgency


Super Rush

High Urgency


Can Afghan citizens leave the airport on a transit visa, and how long is it valid?

Afghan citizens with a Turkish transit visa cannot leave the airport. This visa is intended only for travellers passing through Turkey's international transit zones and does not permit entry into wider Turkish territory. The permitted transit duration within the airport is generally up to 24 hours, based on specific visa terms and regulations.

What are the differences between obtaining a Turkish transit visa online and through an embassy?

Here is a table that outlines the differences between obtaining a Turkish transit visa online and through an embassy:


Turkish consulate or embassy


Application Process

Must be applied for at a Turkish consulate or embassy.

It can be completed entirely online.


Involves in-person visits, paperwork, and longer processing times.

Quick and easy process that can be done from anywhere.

Processing Time

It may take several days to weeks, depending on the consulate's workload.

Generally processed within 24 hours; options for faster processing.

Entry Type

It could be single or multiple, depending on the visa issued.

Typically, a single entry is designed for short transit durations.


Requires submitting physical documents and potentially an interview.

Requires digital copies of documents only.


Fees vary based on visa type and consulate.

Fees are standardised and may be lower due to reduced administrative costs.


Available to all nationalities that require a visa.

Available to eligible nationalities as specified by the Turkish government.

This table helps highlight the key differences between the two types of visas, illustrating that while both serve the same purpose—to facilitate transit through Turkey—the online Visa offers a more modern, streamlined approach.

Tips for a Smooth Transit Through Turkey

  • Print Your Visa: Always have a physical copy of your visa with you during transit.
  • Check Transit Regulations: Be aware of transit regulations affecting your journey through Turkey.
  • Plan for Layovers: If you have a long layover, check if you need a visa to leave the airport or if there are transit hotels within the airport.

Common Issues and How to Avoid Them

  • Application Errors: Double-check all entered information for accuracy.
  • Document Validity: Ensure your passport and other documents are valid for at least 6 months from entry.

Benefits of Using the Turkey Transit Visa

  • Streamlined Travel: The visa simplifies travelling through Turkey, making transit quicker and more efficient.
  • Enhanced Security: Digital processing means enhanced security for personal and travel information.

Future Prospects of the Turkey Transit Visa

The Turkey Transit visa system will likely evolve, with potential enhancements to make the process smoother for travellers. Staying updated on these changes can help ensure that your future transits through Turkey are seamless.


The Turkey Transit visa offers a convenient solution for Afghanis transiting through Turkey. The comprehensive instructions in this article can help you ensure hassle-free travel. Remember to stay informed about the latest Turkish visa policies and prepare accordingly. Safe travels!


  • How long can I stay in Turkey with a Transit visa?

You are allowed to stay in the transit zone until your next flight.

  • Can I use my transit visa to exit the airport?

No, this visa does not permit you to leave the transit area.

  • What should I do if my Transit visa application is denied?

Check your application for any errors and ensure all documents are correct and up to date.

  • Is there a special Transit visa for families or groups?

Each traveller must apply for their individual visa.

  • Can I extend my Transit visa while in Turkey?

No, the Transit visa is only valid for the duration of your layover.


Apply for Turkey visa:

  • Online Application: Fill out the visa application with your passport details.

  • Payment: Use a credit card to make an online payment.

  • Email Confirmation: After payment confirmation, your visa will be emailed to you.

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