6 Months Visa-Free in Turkey for Kyrgyz! Everything You Need to Know

6 Months Visa-Free in Turkey for Kyrgyz! Everything You Need to Know

Dreaming of Turkish adventures? Great news for Kyrgyz citizens! The visa-free stay has been extended to a whopping 6 months! What does this mean for you? This guide answers all your questions, from eligibility and requirements to travel tips and hidden gems. Pack your bags, explore Turkey worry-free, and discover a world of cultural treasures!

Türkiye's Visa Policy Enhancement for Kyrgyz Nationals

In an unprecedented move, the Turkish government has unveiled a policy enhancement, extending visa-free access for Kyrgyz nationals to a 6-month tenure, a significant upgrade from the erstwhile three-month limit. This initiative, spearheaded by Ruslan Kazakbaev, the distinguished ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic to Türkiye, is geared towards simplifying the procedural framework for Kyrgyz citizens aiming to extend their vacation and regularise their residency status within Turkish confines.

Global Mobility and Visa-Free Access

  • Expanded Global Footprint: The Kyrgyz Republic now benefits from visa-free travel to an extensive network of 27 countries and territories, with Türkiye as a key destination.
  • Increased Influx During Peak Seasons: Ambassador Kazakbaev highlighted the marked increase in Kyrgyz inhabitants within Türkiye, particularly during peak tourist seasons, with numbers swelling to 40,000, especially in tourist hotspots like Antalya.

Bilateral Cooperation and Problem Resolution

  • Effective Resolution of Previous Challenges: The ambassador underscored the resolution of past issues through effective collaboration between the two nations.
  • Introduction of the "Green Corridor": A notable initiative includes the "green corridor" for Kyrgyz individuals who have faced legal issues, allowing them until the end of the year to amend their status through a streamlined process following penalty payments.

Policy Recalibration and Its Implications

  • Objective: This policy recalibration aligns with Türkiye's broader aim to rejuvenate its tourism sector and strengthen bilateral relations.
  • Similar Visa Relaxations: This mirrors the relaxation of visa rules for citizens from various countries, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, the US, Canada, Bahrain, and Oman, aiming to boost tourist figures beyond pre-pandemic levels.
  • Opportunities for Kyrgyz Nationals: For those seeking extended stays in Türkiye for work or study, this extension offers a pivotal opportunity to legalise their residency.

What are the Benefits of visa-free travel for Kyrgyz in Turkey?

Visa-free travel for Kyrgyz citizens to Turkey offers a range of benefits that can be categorised into several key areas:

  1. Ease of Travel: Visa-free access simplifies the travel process, reducing the paperwork, time, and cost of obtaining a visa. This encourages more frequent and spontaneous travel for tourism, business, or visiting family and friends.
  2. Tourism and Cultural Exchange: It promotes tourism and cultural exchanges between the two countries. Kyrgyz citizens can more easily explore Turkey's rich historical, cultural, and natural attractions, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other's cultures.
  3. Economic Impact: Increased tourism and business travel can positively impact both countries' economies. For Turkey, it means more income from tourism, while for Kyrgyzstan, it can increase opportunities for business partnerships, investments, and access to new markets.
  4. Educational Opportunities: Easier access may lead to more educational exchanges and opportunities for Kyrgyz students. Turkey offers a variety of scholarships and educational programs which Kyrgyz students might find more accessible with visa-free travel.
  5. Diplomatic Relations: Visa-free travel is often a sign of strong diplomatic relations and mutual trust between countries. It can lead to closer cooperation on various issues, including trade, security, and cultural exchanges.
  6. Business and Trade: It facilitates business operations and trade by simplifying travel for business representatives, investors, and traders. This can increase trade volumes, investment opportunities, and economic collaboration between Kyrgyzstan and Turkey.
  7. Personal and Professional Growth: For individuals, the ease of travel can lead to personal and professional growth opportunities, including attending conferences, workshops, and networking events or gaining new experiences and perspectives.
  8. Strengthening Diaspora Connections: Kyrgyz citizens living or working in Turkey can more easily maintain connections with their homeland and vice versa. This supports the social and cultural ties between the diaspora and their country of origin.

These benefits highlight the multifaceted advantages of visa-free travel, facilitating movement between Kyrgyzstan and Turkey and fostering broader economic, cultural, and diplomatic ties.


This strategic move reflects Türkiye's commitment to fostering an inclusive environment and enhancing international relations, especially with Kyrgyzstan. It is poised to significantly boost cultural and economic exchanges between the two countries, further cementing their long-standing alliance.


What is the best time to visit Turkey from Kyrgyzstan?

The best time to visit Turkey from Kyrgyzstan depends on what you want to see and do in Turkey. Here's a breakdown of the different seasons and what you can expect:

Spring (March-May):

  • Pleasant weather with moderate temperatures (10-25°C)
  • Fewer crowds than in summer
  • Wildflowers in bloom in many areas
  • Some attractions may have limited hours

Summer (June-August):

  • Hot and dry weather, especially in the south (25-40°C)
  • Peak tourist season with higher prices and crowds
  • Ideal for beach holidays and swimming
  • Some high-altitude areas may be too hot for hiking

Autumn (September-November):

  • Comfortable temperatures (15-25°C)
  • Fewer crowds than in summer
  • Beautiful fall foliage in some areas
  • Some attractions may have shorter hours

Winter (December-February):

  • Cold and snowy weather, especially in the north (0-10°C)
  • Many attractions are closed or have limited hours
  • Fewer crowds and lower prices
  • Ideal for skiing and winter sports

What is the Cost of living in Turkey for Kyrgyz?

The cost of living in Turkey for Kyrgyz will vary depending on several factors, including:

  • Location: Major cities like Istanbul and Ankara will be significantly more expensive than smaller towns and rural areas. 
  • Lifestyle: Your spending habits and desired standard of living will significantly affect your overall costs. 
  • Housing: This is typically the most significant expense. Renting an apartment in a central location will be more expensive than in the suburbs or smaller towns. 
  • Food: Groceries can be found at various prices depending on quality and origin. Eating out frequently will add to your costs. 
  • Transportation: Public transportation is relatively affordable in Turkey, but owning and maintaining a car can be expensive. 
  • Other expenses: Healthcare, utilities, entertainment, and communication costs will also contribute to your overall living expenses.

Is it safe to travel to Turkey as a Kyrgyz citizen?

Yes, it is generally safe for Kyrgyz citizens to travel to Turkey. Kyrgyzstan and Turkey have a visa-free agreement, which means that Kyrgyz citizens can stay in Turkey for up to 90 days without a visa. 

Can I work remotely in Turkey on a visa-free stay?

Yes, While working remotely in Turkey on a visa-free stay is technically possible, it's essential to understand the nuances and potential legal ramifications.


Apply for Turkey visa:

  • Online Application: Fill out the visa application with your passport details.

  • Payment: Use a credit card to make an online payment.

  • Email Confirmation: After payment confirmation, your visa will be emailed to you.

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