Top 9 Beaches in Fethiye, Turkey for Relaxation and Fun

If you're anticipating a summer trip to the Fethiye region in southern Turkey, get ready to revel in its splendid beaches! Fethiye, situated in the Dalaman region, is just 2 hours from Marmaris and an hour from Dalaman Airport. With Ölüdeniz renowned for paragliding and the entire area's stunning beauty, the beaches, bustling in peak summer, offer a refreshing escape, extending the swimming season into October.

Top 9 Beaches in Fethiye

Unveiling the Wonders of Blue Lagoon in Fethiye, Turkey

Ölüdeniz's Blue Lagoon stands out as a globally acclaimed beach, renowned for its stunning coastal beauty and serving as a prime destination for paragliding enthusiasts.

  • Nominal Entry Fee for Unparalleled Experience

While a nominal fee is charged for entry due to its nature reserve status, the Blue Lagoon offers an unparalleled experience with bright white sands, mesmerising blue-green waters, and a sheltered, calm environment ideal for leisurely swimming.

  • Tranquil Area and Unexpected Amenities

On the opposite side of the land spit, a tranquil area awaits for those seeking to explore the open sea. The site surprises visitors with amenities, including the unexpected presence of a Starbucks, adding convenience to the beach experience.

  • Early Arrival for Serenity and Beauty

To fully savour the serenity and beauty of the Blue Lagoon, it's advisable to arrive early. The location tends to get busier later in the day, making an early visit essential for a tranquil and magical encounter with one of Turkey's most celebrated coastal gems.

Discovering Belcekiz Beach in Ölüdeniz

Adjacent to the renowned Blue Lagoon, Belcekiz Beach stands as an enticing option in Ölüdeniz, offering a different atmosphere with lively waves due to its exposure to the wind.

  • Wave Play and Watersports: Unlike the protected Blue Lagoon, Belcekiz Beach features lively waves, creating a fun experience for beachgoers. The azure waters provide opportunities for engaging in various watersports.
  • Family-Friendly Environment: While family-friendly, visitors should exercise caution as the water depth increases rapidly. The beach provides a sandy stretch perfect for sunbathing and building sandcastles.
  • Amenities and Comfort: Belcekiz Beach is well-equipped with amenities, including parasols and sun loungers available for rent. Beachside restaurants offer a variety of refreshments, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable beach experience.
  • Paragliding Spectacle: One of the unique attractions is the spectacle of paragliders soaring overhead, performing aerial acrobatics, creating a mesmerising display, especially during peak summer months.
  • Convenient Access: Located in the heart of Ölüdeniz, Belcekiz Beach is easily accessible, just a two-minute stroll from the main street. This central location adds to the convenience and vibrancy of the beach experience.

Exploring the Marvels of Butterfly Valley in Fethiye

Nestled on the Turkish coast, Butterfly Valley in Ölüdeniz is a renowned gem, consistently ranked among the country's best beaches. Accessible primarily by boat, the journey to this secluded paradise enhances the sense of exclusivity and discovery, offering a refreshing swim to the shoreline amidst stunning coastal views.

Exploring the Marvels of Butterfly Valley in Fethiye

  • A Haven for Relaxation and Natural Wonders

Upon arrival at Butterfly Valley in Ölüdeniz, be enchanted by the colourful fluttering butterflies that adorn the valley. The pebbly shores of the beach, nestled in a sheltered bay, create an idyllic setting, offering a day of relaxation under the Turkish sun, complemented by the crystal-clear waters for a refreshing dip or snorkelling adventure.

  • Planning Your Butterfly Valley Escape

Embark on a boat trip from Ölüdeniz or Fethiye to effortlessly reach Butterfly Valley, where you can indulge in a day of tranquillity, enjoying the beach, swimming in turquoise waters, and witnessing the enchanting flutter of colourful butterflies for a memorable experience.

Tips for Your Visit:

  • The best time to visit Butterfly Valley is during the spring and summer months (April to October) when the weather is warm and sunny.
  • Wear comfortable shoes for the walk from the boat landing to the beach.
  • Bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Pack a swimsuit and towel if you plan to go swimming.
  • There are a few cafes and restaurants in the valley where you can buy food and drinks.
  • Be sure to take your trash with you to help keep the valley clean.

Discovering the Tranquil Beauty of Kıdrak Bay Beach

Nestled within the embrace of Kıdrak Nature Park, Kıdrak Bay Beach awaits just a short distance from the bustling centre of Fethiye (15 kilometres) and the iconic Ölüdeniz Beach (2 kilometres). This coastal gem is where tranquillity meets captivating beauty, luring visitors with its:

  • Crystal-clear waters: The Mediterranean Sea paints a stunning picture at Kıdrak Bay, adorning the coast with mesmerising hues of turquoise that shimmer under the sun.
  • Serene setting: Surrounded by lush greenery and sheltered by dramatic cliffs, Kıdrak Bay Beach offers a peaceful escape from the crowds, inviting you to soak in the natural splendour.
  • Easy access: Reaching Kıdrak Bay is a breeze. You can cruise along the scenic road leading to Ölüdeniz in your car or hop on a convenient bus from Fethiye city centre.

Tips for a Perfect Day at Kıdrak Bay

  • Embrace the rocky terrain: While the beach boasts crystal-clear waters, the shoreline is composed of pebbles and rocks. Pack a pair of water shoes for a comfortable dip and stroll along the coast.
  • Immerse yourself in nature: Explore the wonders of Kıdrak Nature Park beyond the beach. Hike through the verdant trails, discover hidden coves, and soak in the panoramic views of the coastline.
  • Relax and unwind: Spread out a towel on the pebbled shore, bask in the warm Turkish sun, and let the gentle lapping of the waves lull you into a state of blissful relaxation.
  • Fuel your exploration: Pack a picnic lunch or enjoy a delicious meal at one of the charming cafes overlooking the bay.

Experiencing Tranquillity at Kabak Beach in Turkey

Kabak Beach, located 45 minutes from Fethiye and 30 minutes from Ölüdeniz, offers a serene retreat away from the bustling crowds of more popular beaches in the region.

  • Natural Beauty with Pebbly Shoreline

Characterised by a pebbly shoreline and surrounded by majestic pine trees, Kabak Beach presents a picturesque blend of vibrant greenery and mesmerising blue sea, creating an idyllic coastal haven.

  • Calm Waters Ideal for Families

The tranquil waters of Kabak Beach are typically calm, providing an ideal setting for families seeking a peaceful retreat. The serene atmosphere makes it a conducive environment for relaxation.

  • Minimal Facilities with On-Site Café

While offering minimal facilities, Kabak Beach features an on-site café catering to refreshment needs. Basic amenities, including toilets, contribute to a comfortable beach experience.

  • Hassle-Free Access by Boat or Bus

Accessing Kabak Beach is convenient, with the option to embark on a boat trip from Fethiye or Ölüdeniz. Alternatively, travellers can take a direct bus from Fethiye centre to Kabak, ensuring easy and hassle-free transportation to this tranquil coastal retreat.

Embracing Nature at Katranci Bay in Katranci National Park

Nestled within the boundaries of Katranci National Park, Katranci Bay consistently attracts visitors, particularly during the summer months when it becomes easily accessible through regular bus services and boat excursions.

The weekends witness a gathering of locals at Katranci Bay, where they indulge in leisurely picnics and barbecues beneath the cooling shade of indigenous eucalyptus and sweet gum trees. 

This beach destination offers a harmonious blend of natural beauty and communal enjoyment, making it a favoured spot for both residents and tourists seeking a delightful escape within the serene confines of Katranci National Park.

Exploring Gemiler Beach near Ölüdeniz

Gemiler Beach, located near Ölüdeniz and across from St. Nicholas Island, provides a serene ambiance, with visible ruins of the Church of St. Nicholas enhancing the historical charm of the surroundings.

  • Tranquil and Family-Friendly Atmosphere: The beach offers a tranquil and quiet setting, making it an ideal choice for families. The calm and sheltered waters provide a perfect environment for snorkelling, allowing visitors to explore the vibrant marine life.
  • Pebbly Terrain with Shallow Waters: While the beach has a pebbly terrain, the shallow waters contribute to a pleasant beach experience. Families can enjoy the shoreline comfortably, and on-site facilities enhance overall convenience.
  • Convenient Access by Taxi or Boat Trip: Accessing Gemiler Beach is convenient, with options for a taxi ride from Ölüdeniz or a boat trip that often includes a stop at St. Nicholas' Island. This accessibility ensures a hassle-free journey to this delightful coastal haven.

Exploring the Stunning Kumburnu Public Beach

Nestled within the breathtaking Ölüdeniz Nature Park, the remarkable Kumburnu Public Beach holds the prestigious blue flag status and is conveniently located near the centre of Fethiye. 

This picturesque beach boasts a turquoise sea, renowned for its warmth and family-friendly appeal. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty and inviting waters of Kumburnu Public Beach, where the combination of scenic surroundings and a welcoming atmosphere ensures a memorable seaside experience.

Exploring Calis Beach: Fethiye's Longest Shoreline

Stretching out for a majestic 2.5 kilometres, Calis Beach holds the crown for the longest stretch of sand in Fethiye. Its prime location, just a stone's throw from the vibrant centre of Fethiye town, makes it a magnet for sunseekers, especially during the warm summer months. 

But fear not, even with its popularity, Calis Beach's vastness ensures there's plenty of space for everyone to bask in the Turkish sunshine and soak up the laid-back coastal vibes.

  • Family-friendly fun

Calis Beach is a fantastic choice for families, with plenty of space for kids to build sandcastles, chase seagulls, and frolic in the shallows. However, during windier periods, it's best to keep a watchful eye on little ones as the waves can get a bit choppy.

  • Convenience is key

Reaching Calis Beach couldn't be easier. A short 5-minute walk from the heart of Fethiye town leads you straight to the golden sands, making it ideal for those who want to leave the car behind and embrace the coastal atmosphere. 

So, whether you're seeking a relaxing family getaway, an active watersports adventure, or simply a chance to soak up the sun and enjoy the vibrant coastal scene, Calis Beach has something for everyone.


What are some of the best beaches to visit in Fethiye?

Fethiye boasts several stunning beaches, including Ölüdeniz Beach (Blue Lagoon), Calis Beach, and Gemiler Beach, known for their crystal-clear waters and picturesque surroundings.

Is Ölüdeniz Beech suitable for families with children?

Yes, Ölüdeniz Beach is family-friendly and offers shallow waters near the shore, making it ideal for children to swim and play safely.

Are there water sports and activities available at Fethiye beaches?

Absolutely! Fethiye’s beaches offer a range of watersports and activities, including paragliding, snorkelling, scuba diving, and boat tours to nearby islands.

Which beach is more secluded and less crowded in Fethiye?

For a quieter experience, you may want to visit Kabak Beach or Butterfly Valley Beach, which are relatively less crowded compared to some other popular beaches.


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