Unforgettable Bosphorus Cruise Tours in Istanbul 2024

Discovering the perfect way to explore Istanbul's breathtaking Bosphorus Strait, customized to match your unique travel preferences? Dive into our specially curated guide featuring the best Bosphorus cruise tours just for you!

Istanbul breathtaking Bosphorus Strait

Based on extensive reviews from numerous travelers and our firsthand experiences cruising the Bosphorus, these top picks for 2024 offer a diverse range of choices.

Whether you're into two-hour private luxury or sunset cruises, or looking for full-day experiences that cater to various budgets, we have compiled a selection of options to suit every travel style and financial plan.

1. Bosphorus Cruise + Black Sea Cruise

Bosphorus Cruise + Black Sea Cruise

Discover the ultimate Bosphorus day trip with a delightful excursion into the Black Sea. Join our 10-hour Bosphorus Strait and Black Sea Day Cruise for a full day of exploration. Highlights include a Mediterranean lunch, onboard guide, and stops at Rumeli Fortress, Ortakoy, Kucuksu Pavilion, and Buyuk Mecidiye Cami.

  • Full-day 10-hour tour of the Bosphorus Strait and Black Sea
  • Includes delicious Mediterranean lunch
  • Group tour (maximum 40 participants)
  • Onboard guide
  • Tour by IBO Cruise
  • 4.5/5.0 rating (71 reviews) on TripAdvisor
  • From US$95 per passenger

2. Luxury Sunset Cruise

Luxury Sunset Cruise

Elevate your Bosphorus cruise with a touch of style and romance on this 2.5-hour Bosphorus Sunset Cruise aboard a Luxury Yacht. Enjoy an unforgettable sunset tour with complimentary drinks and canapés.

  • 2.5-hour cruise on a luxury yacht
  • Drinks & canapés included
  • Small group tour
  • Onboard guide
  • Tour by Bosphorus Cruise Tours Istanbul
  • 5/5 rating (846 reviews) on TripAdvisor
  • From US$64 per passenger

3. Taste of Two Continents Tour

Taste of Two Continents Tour

Savor the unique flavors of both the European and Asian sides of Istanbul on this 6.5-hour Istanbul Food Tour with Bosphorus Cruise. An ideal day trip for food enthusiasts, featuring multiple tastings at nine eateries.

    • 6 to 7-hour tour, crossing the Bosphorus twice by ferry
    • Multiple tastings at 9 eateries
    • Small group tour (maximum 10 participants)
    • Tour guide
    • Tour by Yummy Istanbul
  • 5/5 rating (1,449 reviews) on TripAdvisor
  • From US$125 per traveler

4. Istanbul Must-See Tour

Istanbul Must-See Tour

Experience the best of Istanbul in an 8.5-hour Must-See Tour and Bosphorus Cruise. Explore top attractions including Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Basilica Cistern, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, and Spice Market. Conclude with a 90-minute guided tour of the Bosphorus Strait by public ferry.

  • 8 to 9-hour city tour with a guided public ferry cruise on the Bosphorus
  • Small group tour (maximum 15 participants)
  • Tour guide
  • Tour by Lütfullah FINDIKOĞLU
  • 5/5 rating (126 reviews) on TripAdvisor
  • From US$77 per traveler

5. Private Luxury Yacht Cruise

Private Luxury Yacht Cruise

Cruise the Bosphorus in luxury with a 2-hour Private Luxury Yacht Cruise for up to 10 passengers. Perfect for families, couples, and special occasions.

    • 2-hour Bosphorus cruise on a private luxury yacht
    • Private Tour
    • Tour by Tour Book Turkey
  • 5/5 rating (69 reviews) on TripAdvisor
  • From US$406 per group (up to 10)

6. Turyol & Dentur Bosphorus Cruises

Turyol & Dentur Bosphorus Cruises

Explore popular two-hour Bosphorus tours with Turyol and Dentur. Ideal for those seeking a flexible and budget-friendly option.

  • 2-hour Bosphorus cruises
  • Regular departures throughout the morning and afternoon
  • Tours by Turyol and Dentur
  • From 150 TL (US$5) per passenger

7. 2024 New Year Party At Bosphorus With Luxury Yacht

New Year Party At Bosphorus With Luxury Yacht

Ring in 2024 in style with an unforgettable New Year’s Eve experience. Sail along the enchanting Istanbul Bosphorus, enjoy a dazzling fireworks display, and indulge in a sumptuous dinner aboard a luxurious private yacht. 

Dance the night away with exclusive group privileges, including premium vodka or gin, delightful fruit platters, and an atmosphere of pure delight. Don't miss this opportunity to welcome 2024 with opulence and lasting memories. Dress your best and be part of this exclusive celebration!


In conclusion, unlock the wonders of Istanbul's Bosphorus Strait with our expertly curated guide to the best cruise tours in 2024. Whether you crave the thrill of a Black Sea adventure, the romance of a luxury sunset cruise, the gastronomic delights of a two-continent food tour, or a comprehensive city exploration, we've tailored options to match every traveler's style and budget.

Seize the opportunity to make your 2024 New Year's Eve truly special by joining the exclusive celebration on a luxurious yacht, promising an evening of opulence and unforgettable moments. Don't miss out – dress to impress and welcome the new year in style with a Bosphorus experience that transcends expectations. Book your adventure now!


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