Embassy and Consulate of Turkey

This section consists of a comprehensive list of all foreign Turkey’s embassies and consulates all around the world. Ranging from different continents, from Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia to America. Each of the embassies or consulates listed below contains the names of the embassy or the consulate with the locations in those countries. The list is distributed with different locations of Turkish Embassy and Consulate in most parts of the world. You can locate the Turkey Embassy or consulate nearest to you, using this list.

In total, we have about 124 Turkish embassies, about 165 Turkish consulates, and a representative office on the list. However, you might wonder – what’s the difference between an embassy and a consulate. First of all, the Embassy is a representative headquarter of a country in another foreign country. Whereas, a consulate is a subordinate office to the country’s embassy in a foreign country. It can also have been seen as the diplomatic office of the consul. The head of an embassy is usually the Ambassador. And the head of the consulate is usually a Consul. But he or she answers to Ambassador.

However, you can connect with any of the Turkish embassy or consulate in any of the foreign countries, using the list below. To get more information as regards any of the Turkish embassy or consulates, please kindly click on any of them. Clicking on them will lead you to a new page where you will see the full contact details and complete information of the embassy or consulate in question. In addition to the Turkish embassies and consulate, we have a Turkish representative office located in Taipei, Taiwan. However, this is still part of the list. Please go through carefully, hope you find the information you are looking for.

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