Turkish Citizenship

Every individual prefers a progress-inclined and safe place to call home. And, because Turkey enjoys economic growth, security, infrastructure, and progress generally, it's now a dream location for lots of people. Additionally, it depicts a strong root that supports both the European Renaissance and developed countries.

Moreover, the stringent respect for neighboring rules and freedom of ideas breeds goodwill and safety for residents. With the significant transition on all fronts over the years, it has become a top spot for people who are seeking a good life and decent financial investments. Then, the question that comes to mind is; why reside in a place of multiple opportunities as a foreigner without acquiring citizenship rights? or Do I need visa for Turkey? Hence, the need for and rise in applications for Turkish citizenship.

Turkish Citizenship and its Process

Now, a lot of people seem not to realize the streams of benefits attached to obtaining Turkish Citizenship. But, to bring you up to speed on that, here are some highlighted benefits below:

  • High quality of life.
  • No declaration of assets
  • Safe environment
  • Accessibility to Turkish cuisine
  • Free movement to several countries across Europe, Central America, Asia, Africa, and South America
  • Excellent second citizenship option for third-world countries
  • No minimum stay issues
  • Excellent for the family as your partner and kids below 18 years can as well apply for Turkish citizenship
  • The Turkish government recognizes dual citizenship. So you need not forfeit your citizenship.

Like every other country, there are laws and regulations guiding citizenship in Turkey. These laws are referred to as Turkish Citizenship Law.

Overview of Turkish Citizenship Law

The law is split into parts with sub-sections. Below is an overview of the law.

Part One

Objective- To define the procedures and principles as regards proceedings for acquisition and loss of Turkish Citizenship. 

Scope- The law covers regulations of the principles binding acquisition and loss of Turkish citizenship, plus the procedures involved in the implementation of citizenship services. 

Definition of Terms:

Ministry- Ministry of Interior

Turkish Citizen- anyone who has acquired citizenship bonds with the Republic of Turkey

Alien- anyone who has no citizenship ties with the Republic of Turkey.

Part Two

Acquiring Turkish Citizenship 

  • Ways of Acquiring Turkish Citizenship
  • Conditions Necessary for Application
  • The Exceptions in obtaining Turkish Citizenship

Part Three

Lossof Turkish Citizenship

  • Ways of losing Turkish Citizenship by the decision of necessary authorities
  • Renunciation of Turkish Citizenship
  • Documents for renunciation of Turkish Citizenship
  • Validity and possible consequences of renunciation of Turkish Citizenship
  • Revocation of Turkish Citizenship

Part Four

Common Provisions

  • Proof of Turkish Citizenship
  • Authority to treat citizenship proceedings
  • Request for documents and information
  • Correction of mistakes of facts
  • Withdrawal of Citizenship decision

Part Five

Miscellaneous Provisions

  • Citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
  • Multi Citizenship
  • Service Cost of Citizenship Proceedings
  • Regulations

Generally speaking, every applicant for Turkish Citizenship must meet the following requirements for consideration;

  1. Be of a matured age in accordance to his/her nation's policy or Turkish law if stateless( This is usually 18 years of age)
  2. Must have been living in Turkey for 5 years, with no interruptions before the application date.
  3. Take proven actions to show intents of settling in Turkey
  4. Must be free from whatsoever diseases that can pose danger to the general public
  5. Be reliable and responsible
  6. Be able to communicate in Turkish at least, basic level.
  7. Have a source of income to cater to daily activities
  8. Must not be any form of threat to the general populace and national security

Turkish Citizenship Test

It is necessary to be above 18 years of age before applying for Turkish citizenship. During the application process, the necessary documents as stated in the Turkish Citizenship Law have to be submitted. Afterward, your foreign citizenship number is received and properly documented in the data bank.

The required documents have to be duly approved and translated by the Turkish Translation and Notary Public, and this process may span for a couple of months.

As regards birth cases, the common rights of citizens by birth are duly protected by the Republic of Turkey Law. A child born in Turkey or overseas and whose parents are legitimate Turkish citizen (s) is considered a Turkish Citizen by birth. All regulations and rights are granted to the child on all fronts. 

Foreign Investors may show interest in adding to the Turkish economy and gain citizenship via investments by investing $500,000 in banking according to the 2018 Turkish Citizenship Law.

Also, marriage cases are properly dealt with. Foreigners who stay married to Turkish nationals for three years, in a healthy relationship can file in their applications for Turkish Citizenship. However, other laws are attached.

Moving further, there are several legitimate ways of acquiring Turkish Citizenship;

  • Turkish Citizenship by Investment 2021

In the light of the recent amendment in law on September 18, foreign investors who meet any of these conditions can acquire Turkish Citizenship rights, including their families;

Option A: Investment in real estate properties should be $250,000 minimum(or Turkish Lira equivalent) as against the previous condition of $1,000,000, with the condition that it must not be sold out for three years.

Option B: Minimum investments in the Turkish banking sector for 3 years is $500,000, or equivalent in Turkish Lira.

Option C: Investors in shares capitals must make a minimum of $500,000 and the investment will be duly confirmed by the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

Option D: Foreign investors can acquire Turkish Citizenship via government bonds and purchased bills. But, the holding condition is for 3 years and such investment must be verified and approved by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.

Option E: Investments in venture capital stock funds or investment trusts for $500, 000 can earn foreign investors a right to Turkish Citizenship.


There are intents of an increase in the minimum amount of payments owing to public pressure. It's duly recommended that interested investors hasten up in filing their applications for Turkish Citizenship.

Things You Need to Know About Turkish Citizenship by Investments

E-2, a Shortcut to the United States

Acquiring Turkish citizenship provides an easy and cost-effective pathway to the United States. As a citizen of Turkey, you are qualified for the United States E-2 Investor Visa, all thanks to the memorandum of understanding between the two countries.

Easy Access to European Countries

The Turkish passport via investment in real estate is now added as a supplement in the package alongside a residence permit to European countries. This comprehensive package permits visa-free entry to Europe.

Simple Requirements

The requirements are not neck-breaking;

  1. The investment must be kept for 3 years, minimum.
  2. Minimum residency isn't given in Turkey
  3. Wealth declaration not mandated
  4. No test of language proficiency 
  5. Dual citizenship is permitted

What makes Turkish Citizenship by investment so prominent?

No doubt about it, E-2 is the answer. The E-2 visa is a non-immigrant visa and it gives foreigners free access or entry into the United States, to stay and work,  by investing in a business in the United States(about $100,000).

Having a Turkish passport gives you the chance to file your application for an E-2 investor visa. Whereas, Indian or China passports don't grant this opportunity. E-2 investor visa gives you the privilege of enjoying the advantages opened to American green card holders.

Application Process for Turkish Citizenship

1 MONTH: Visit the country, checkout and pick properties, get your tax number, create a bank account, move the investment funds to the account(Turkish account).

2 MONTHS: Purchase the property.

2 MONTHS: Obtain all the necessary documents and send in your residency application.

3 MONTHS: Obtain the required documents for citizenship and send in your application.

6 MONTHS: Obtain your Turkish ID card and passport

7 MONTHS: Send in your application in Istanbul 

8 MONTHS: Obtain your residence permit(Latvian)

Documents needed for Turkish Citizenship by Investment Application

In no particular order;

  1. Valid passport
  2. Certificate of birth
  3. Passport-size photographs(4) of every of your family member
  4. Application Form
  5. Residence permit/tourist visa indicates on your passport

If applicable;

  • Turkish ID and home address of relatives residing in Turkey
  • Valid documents showing your relationship with your partner and kids
  • Appraisal report
  • Receipt showing payment of $250,000, the minimum amount for real estate investment(issued by the bank)
  • Title deed

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. How do I determine the exchange rate?

A: The Tapu office does the calculation using the Turkish Central Bank selling rate.

2. How long does this process take?

A: 2-6 months

3. Do country restrictions apply to Turkish Citizenship via investment?

A: No country restrictions other than the fact that nationals from Syria are not permitted to buy real estate in Turkey.

4. Is it possible to apply for Turkish Citizenship without visiting?

A: Of course, you can, by granting power of attorney to your legal representative to do the job. But, you'd need to visit once in a while for some stuff like signing documents, thumbprinting, and so on. Also, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, registration for citizenship can be done at consulates abroad while other protocols are done by the lawyer in Turkey.

5. Any quotas for Citizenship via investment?

A: Not at the moment

6. Do I have to open a Turkish bank account for investment?

A: Yes, it is advised as it's better to have it in your name to avert unnecessary payment issues

  • Turkish Citizenship by Marriage

The recent conditions of citizenship by marriage are way simpler and of more benefits compared to previous ones. For example, the problem of citizenship going through the husband as Turkish and wife as a foreigner has been solved in the last decade. 

Also, some decades ago, when a foreigner(male) gets married to a Turkish lady, there was no option or chance of acquiring Turkish citizenship for him. But, as of now, this gender discrimination has been abolished concerning the new act on Turkish Law.

Similarly, dual citizenship rights need not be forfeited any longer. Below are the requirements for citizenship by marriage;

  1. Healthy Union: The couple must live under the same roof in peace and tranquility
  2. Validity: Marriage, done in Turkey or overseas must be duly recognized by the government 
  3. Morality: Simply put, no prostitution, smuggling, and other whatnots.
  4. The couples must not be a public threat in any way
  5. Duration: The marriage has to be a minimum of three years old before any application is received


If you get married overseas, you are meant to notify the Turkish government through any consulate close to you. Better still, get married in a consulate for it to be easily recognized by the Turkish Government.


This refers to obtaining the citizenship of the Turkish parents (mother and/or father) with whom the person is related to my ancestry. For the child to acquire Turkish Citizenship by ancestry, you only need one of the parents to be a Turkish citizen. It doesn't matter if one is a foreigner at the time of birth or the child was born in another country.


By the Turkish Citizenship Law, 2009, an individual can acquire Turkish citizenship by descent (Turkey 20009, Art. 6).

To bring more clarity into the situation, as regards Turkish citizenship by descent, the following are excerpts from the law;

  • An individual or child born of a Turkish woman or by a father who is a Turk, in the bond of marriage, irrespective of the place of birth(Turkey or overseas) is a citizen of Turkey.
  • An individual or child born by a Turkish woman and a man who is a foreigner, out of the marriage vows, is also a Turkish citizen.
  • A child born by a father (Turkey citizen) and a foreign mother, out of marriage bonds is a Turkish citizen as long as the principles and proceedings stating the establishment of descent are fulfilled.

The word "Ottoman" is a very old, and historically adopted name for Osman I, the creator of the Ottoman Empire. However, the Turkish translation for Ottoman initially depicted the followers of Osman in the 14th century. And there are lots of very ineresting facts about Turkey which everybodys loves when they first time visit this amazing country. 

Looking at it from the Western Europe angle, the Turkish Empire, Turkey, and the  Ottoman Empire are three different words that were interchangeably used. But, the word, Turkey, was prominent both in legal and informal settings. However, the contradictions were put to an end when the Turkish government, based in the capital, Ankara, picked Turkey as the official name.

This brief recall of historical overview is to educate and notify that the Ottoman Empire was in a way linked to Turkey and as such, Turkey Citizenship by descent Ottoman is considered. However, to acquire Turkish citizenship via this process, you require solid evidence to back up your ancestral claim. And show that your ancestors were not stripped out from citizenship for whatsoever reason.

You may need to search the Ottoman archives if any historical proof of linkage wasn't registered on the Turkish Government database.


Application for a residence permit is advisable if you desire to start a business

or acquire a property in Turkey. No minimum investment, just proof of ownership of property, or starting a business and good financial backup.

The permit is released for a two-year duration. But, it can be extended if you're still running the business or have direct ownership of the property, live for about 6 months in Turkey, and you're faithful to tax payment.

Besides applying for long-term residency after eight years of residing legally in Turkey, you can opt-in for citizenship rights. All you need is to provide evidence of bonds to the country, no dangerous disease that poses threat to public health, no criminal record, and put in for an interview for proof of proper language communication.

To sum it all up, there has been a rise in applications for Turkish Citizenship. But, the above-mentioned ways can be followed to acquire the rights and due attention should be paid to the Turkish Citizenship Law. As your Man-Friday, we await your success stories, always have been, always will be.


Apply for Turkey visa:

  • Online Application: Fill out the visa application with your passport details.

  • Payment: Use a credit card to make an online payment.

  • Email Confirmation: After payment confirmation, your visa will be emailed to you.

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