Essential Tips For Your Trip To Turkey

Discover The Allure Of Turkiye, A Splendid Destination For Your Next Adventure. Renowned For Its Modernity And Diversity, The Country Boasts Stunning Beaches, Captivating History, And Impressive Greco-Roman And Ottoman Architecture. With Breathtaking Landscapes, Charming Towns, And Welcoming Locals, This Turkey Travel Guide Ensures You're Well-Prepared For An Unforgettable Journey.

Essential Tips For Your Trip To Turkey

Republic Of Turkey Insights

Nestled At The Crossroads Of Asia And Europe, The Republic Of Turkiye Is A Transcontinental Nation With A Unique Blend Of Cultural Influences. Its Capital, Distinct From The Bustling Metropolis Of Istanbul, Is Ankara. While Turkish Is The Official Language, The Script Used Is In The Latin Alphabet, Akin To English. 

Turkiye Proudly Upholds A Secular State Status, Refraining From Endorsing Any Official Religion, Even Though Islam Is The Predominant Faith Practised By The Majority Of Its Populace. This Diversity Underscores The Nation's Rich Tapestry, Where Tradition And Modernity Coexist Harmoniously.

Optimal Timing For A Turkey Visit

Choosing The Right Time To Explore Turkey Is Crucial For A Fulfilling Experience. Below is a summary table for optimal timing to visit Turkey.






Low Season (Off-Season)

December - March

Cool to freezing (< 10°C)

Fewest crowds, budget-friendly travel, mild conditions in Southeast Turkey (Antalya), enchanting snow landscapes in Cappadocia

Cold weather, potential for flight cancellations, some tourist sites closed

Summer Season (Peak Season)

June - August

Scorching (> 30°C)

Ideal for seaside/poolside relaxation, hot air balloon rides in Cappadocia

Overcrowded tourist sites, higher prices, intense heat may hinder sightseeing

Shoulder Seasons (Ideal)

March - May & September - November

Pleasant (15-25°C)

Balance of good weather and manageable crowds, lower prices than peak season

Some variation in weather depending on month, possibility of occasional rain

Sweet Spot Months

April & Late October

Agreeable weather (around 20°C)

Best combination of pleasant weather and less crowded tourist attractions

Slightly higher prices than off-season, potential for occasional rain

Optimal Duration For A Turkey Excursion

Choosing the optimal duration for a Turkey excursion ensures a well-balanced exploration of its diverse cultural and historical treasures.

Trip Duration

Recommended For



At Least 10 Days

Ideal experience

Ample time to explore major highlights, delve into culture, engage in diverse activities

May require sacrificing some destinations or experiences

2-3 Weeks

In-depth exploration

Covers most popular tourist hotspots, allows for leisurely travel, opportunities for off-the-beaten-path adventures

Takes significant time and budget commitment

7 Days

Minimum for a fulfilling trip

Covers key must-sees, offers a taste of Turkey's variety, manageable length for most travellers

Limited time for exploring in-depth or venturing beyond major cities

Must-Visit Destinations

Turkey Boasts An Array Of Captivating Destinations, And While The List Is Extensive, We'll Highlight A Selection Of The Most Renowned Places To Explore.

  • Discovering Cappadocia

Cappadocia, Renowned For Its Otherworldly Landscapes Sculpted From Volcanic Stone, Is A Captivating Destination Offering A Distinctive Experience. The Region Is Adorned With Cave Hotels, Providing A Surreal Stay Amidst Natural Wonders. 

Discovering Cappadocia

Uncover the geological marvels of Cappadocia, where hot air balloon rides offer quintessential moments with breathtaking views. Allocate 2-3 mornings for this enchanting experience to fully embrace the picturesque surroundings.

Choose from accommodation options like the luxurious Arinna Cappadocia, a well-rated mid-range stay at the Local Cave Hotel, or the budget-friendly hostel experience at Dorm Cave by Travellers.

  • Exploring Selcuk For Ephesus

Selcuk, A Charming Small Town, Serves As An Ideal Gateway For Exploring The Ancient Wonders Of Ephesus, A Greco-Roman City With Historical Treasures. Ephesus Boasts One Of The World's Finest Examples Of A Roman Library, Ranking As The Third Largest In Its Heyday. 

Exploring Selcuk For Ephesus

To fully experience the historical richness of Ephesus, it's recommended to stay in Selcuk for at least one night. This allows easy access to the significant archaeological sites, giving you a chance to explore the remnants of the past.

The nearest airport is İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport. Accommodation options include the luxurious Livia Hotel Ephesus (Adults Only), mid-range Celsus Boutique Hotel, and budget-friendly Hotel Urkmez.

  • Experience Alacati

Alacati, Pronounced Aalaa-Cha-Tuh, Emerges As An Enchanting Beachside Town, Exuding A Delightful Blend Of Greek Aesthetics And Turkish Charm. Established By Greek Workers, The Town Is Characterised By Greek Stone Houses, Traditional And Modern Windmills, And Cobbled Streets Adorned With The Vibrant Hues Of Pink Bougainvillaea. 

Experience Alacati

To fully savour the unique atmosphere of Alacati, it's highly recommended to stay overnight. This gives visitors the chance to appreciate the town's picturesque daytime charm, as well as immerse themselves in the vibrant nightlife that unfolds after sunset. 

The nearest airport is İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport. Accommodation options include Biblos Resort Alaçatı for luxury seekers, Sakin Ev for a well-regarded mid-range stay, and Rebetiko Hotel for budget-conscious travellers.

  • Exploring Pamukkale

Pamukkale, A Quaint Town Revered For Its White Terraced Travertines, Is A Captivating Destination Primarily Sought After For Its Unique Spa, Nestled Beside The Ancient City Of Hierapolis. 

Exploring Pamukkale

Pamukkale is a mesmerising sight, with terraces formed by mineral-rich thermal waters cascading down the hillside. But it's not just about natural wonders; the ancient city of Hierapolis, boasting a museum and a splendid Roman theatre, should not be overlooked. The nearest airports are Dalaman and İzmir Adnan Menderes. Hotel Sahin offers superb views, Venus Hotel is a well-regarded mid-range option, and budget-conscious travellers can opt for Melrose Viewpoint Hotel.

  • Istanbul

Situated Across Two Continents, Asia And Europe, Istanbul Seamlessly Blends The Charm Of The Old With The Vibrancy Of The New. As The Former Capital Of Both The Eastern Roman Empire And The Ottoman Dynasty, Istanbul Is Steeped In History, Offering A Plethora Of Attractions. 


Discover Istanbul's mosques, palaces, museums, cruises, spas, nightlife, and markets catering to diverse interests. A 2-3 day stay offers a glimpse, but an extended visit promises a deeper immersion. The nearest airports are Sabiha Gökçen and Istanbul International. Stay at Mest Hotel for great views, Romance Hotel for a mid-range experience, or Hostel Le Banc for a budget-friendly stay in Beyoglu.

  • Exploring Fethiye & Oludeniz

Situated Approximately 4 Hours South Of Izmir And 3 Hours WestOf Antalya Along The Turkish Coast, Fethiye Emerges As A Coastal Haven Surrounded By Heritage Sites, Pristine Beaches With Azure Waters, And Lush Green Hills. Beyond Its Natural Beauty, Fethiye Marks The Beginning Of The Lycian Way, A 540 Km Hiking Trail Renowned For Its Scenic Splendour.

Exploring Fethiye & Oludeniz

Oludeniz is one of the world's top paragliding destinations, offering breathtaking views that make it a must-visit for adventure enthusiasts. The tandem paragliding experience is an exhilarating adventure against a stunning landscape. 

The nearest airport is Dalaman Airport. Yacht Boheme Hotel, Sovalye Hotel, and Heaven Bungalow Fethiye offer diverse accommodation options for a comfortable stay in Fethiye. For those seeking a tranquil staycation or with a car, Perdue Hotel and Nautical Hotel in Faralya (near Fethiye) are excellent choices.

  • Antalya Unveiled

As The Largest City In Southern Turkey, Antalya Beckons With Its Captivating Blend Of Turquoise Coastlines, Ancient Ruins, And A Seaside Waterfall. Positioned As A Hotspot For Tourists, It Stands As One Of The Most Visited Destinations Following Istanbul And Cappadocia. 

Antalya Unveiled

Antalya is a destination that blends natural beauty with cultural heritage, as the ancient ruins add a unique touch to the picturesque beaches. Antalya Airport is the closest airport. For premium accommodations, Casa Sur Antalya is an excellent choice, while Purge Hotels provides a mid-range option and White Garden Hotel offers budget-friendly lodging.

8. Exploring Kas

Nestled Between Antalya And Fethiye, Kas Stands Out As A Delightful Seaside Town, Offering A Charming Blend Of Beaches And Rich Historical Allure. Comparable To Alacati But With An Expanded Array Of Activities, Kas Beckons With Its Picturesque Setting And A Plethora Of Things To Explore. For Those Seeking A Destination That Combines The Allure Of A Cute Town With Opportunities For Beach Relaxation And Historical Discovery, Kas Emerges As An Ideal Choice.

Exploring Kas

Nearest Airports: Antalya Airport And Dalaman Airport

Accommodation Choices: Hotel And Villa Kale Suites, Golden Rose Otelcilik, And Payam Hotel Present Diverse Options For A Comfortable Stay In Kas. 

Travel Plans for Turkey Explained Succinctly

Embarking on a journey through Turkey provides a diverse range of experiences, and crafting the perfect itinerary depends on individual interests and available time. Here are suggested itineraries to serve as a starting point for your Turkish adventure.





Best of Turkey - 10 Days

10 days

Istanbul, Cappadocia, Alacati, Pamukkale & Surrounds, Selcuk/Ephesus

Covers key destinations offering cultural exploration, stunning landscapes, and relaxation.

Turkey 7 Days Itinerary

7 days

Istanbul, Cappadocia, Choose one additional destination

Flexible to your interests, choose between beach towns, ancient ruins, or vibrant villages.

Alternate 10 Days Itinerary

10 days

Istanbul, Cappadocia, Antalya/Kas/Fethiye, Pamukkale & Ephesus

More beach focus with time in the turquoise coast & historical sites.

Turkey 14 Days Itinerary

14 days

Istanbul, Cappadocia, 7-day road trip through Antalya, Kas, Oludeniz/Fethiye, Pamukkale & Ephesus, ending in Izmir

Immerse yourself in diverse landscapes with a scenic coastal road trip.

Acquiring A Local Sim In Turkey

In Turkey, Relying On Wi-Fi Can Be Unpredictable, Making It Advisable To Acquire A Local Sim Card For Added Convenience. You Can Easily Purchase A Sim Card In Cities Or At The Airport Upon Arrival. Several Networks Are Available, Including Vodafone, Türk Telekom, And Turkcell.

When Choosing A Network, It's Recommended To Compare Prices And Select The One That Best Suits Your Needs. Turkcell, In Particular, Is Known For Its Reputable 4g Coverage, Making It A Popular Choice Among Travellers. Having A Local Sim Ensures A Reliable And Continuous Connection, Allowing You To Stay Connected, Access Maps, And Communicate Effortlessly Throughout Your Travels In Turkey.

Travel Safety In Turkey

All The Destinations Highlighted In Our Recommendations Above, Including Istanbul, Cappadocia, Alacati, Pamukkale, Selcuk/Ephesus, And Others, Are Recognized Tourist Hubs In Turkey And Are Considered Safe For Travel.

While Border Areas In Many Countries Can Pose Safety Concerns, It's Unlikely That Your Travels Will Take You Anywhere Near These Potentially Risky Regions.

As With Any Country, There May Be Occasional Minor Thefts And General Security Concerns. However, These Situations Are Unpredictable And Can Happen In Any Destination Worldwide. The Key Is To Remain Vigilant Regardless Of Your Travel Location, Adhering To Basic Safety Precautions To Ensure A Smooth And Enjoyable Experience. 

Transportation Options And Travel Tips To Navigate Turkey

Turkey Offers A Well-Connected Transportation Network, Making It Convenient For Travellers To Explore The Diverse Landscapes Of The Country. Here Are Various Transportation Options To Consider For Your Turkiye Trip:

Transportation Options And Travel Tips To Navigate Turkey

  • Car Rental

A Car Is An Excellent Mode Of Transport For Exploring Turkey, Especially Outside Major Cities. With Plenty Of Car Rental Services Available, The Well-Maintained Roads And Adherence To Traffic Rules Provide A Seamless Driving Experience. Notably, If Your Home Driving Licence Is In English With A Photo, No International Driving Permit Is Required.

  • Flight

Flying Is The Easiest And Most Convenient Way To Travel Within Turkey. With Nearly 50 Cities Having Active Domestic Or International Airports, Flights Are Readily Available. While Not All Routes May Have Direct Flights, Carriers Like Pegasus And Turkish Airlines Offer Affordable Options, Particularly During The Off-Season.

  • Bus

Bus Travel Is A Popular And Cost-Effective Means Of Transportation In Turkey. Intercity Bus Terminals Are Present In Every City, Serving Numerous Companies. Although Bus Journeys Can Be Long, This Mode Of Transport Allows You To Reach Virtually Any Corner Of The Country. Night Buses Are Available, Although They May Not Be The Most Comfortable Option.

  • Train

While Train Travel Is Generally Limited And Slow In Turkey, Improvements Are Underway. High-Speed Trains Connecting Istanbul, Ankara, Konya, And Eskisehir Provide A Faster And More Convenient Option For Specific Routes.

Navigating City Transportation In Turkey

Getting Around Cities In Turkey Is Facilitated By A Range Of Transportation Options Catering To Different Preferences And Needs. Here's A Guide To Navigating City Transportation In Turkey:

  • Tram And Metro

Turkey's Larger Cities, Including Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Bursa, Antalya, Konya, And Gaziantep, Boast Efficient Metro Or Tram Systems. The Tram, In Particular, Is A Fast And User-Friendly Mode Of Transport, Especially In Istanbul, Offering A Convenient Way To Navigate The City And Avoid Traffic.

  • Cab

Metered Cabs Are Readily Available In Cities Across Turkey. Alternatively, You Can Use Ride-Hailing Apps Such As Uber (Available In Istanbul, Izmir, And Ankara) Or Bitaksi (Available In İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Kocaeli, Bursa, Antalya, Muğla, Adana, Mersin, Samsun, And Kayseri) For A Reliable And Convenient Transport Option. It's Advisable To Download These Apps Beforehand For Seamless Travel.

  • Ferry

While Ferry Options Are Limited In Turkey, They Play A Significant Role In Connecting Routes In And Around Istanbul, Serving The Marmara Region. Some Ferry Routes Extend To Destinations Like Bursa, Izmir, And Canakkale.

  • Bus/Dolmus

Big Cities Are Well-Connected By Buses, And Smaller Cities Are Generally Served By Dolmuş (Minibuses). However, The Lack Of Signage Can Make Navigating The System Challenging. Bus And Dolmuş Services Are Prevalent, But Their Availability May Vary In Smaller Towns.

Car Rental In Turkey

Renting A Car In Turkey Is A Straightforward Process With A Couple Of Convenient Options:

  • Pre-Book Online

- Most Platforms Offer The Ease Of Pre-Booking Your Rental Car Online. Alternatively, Consider Utilising The Chat Facility Provided By Hotel Booking Platforms. By Communicating With Your Hotel, You May Secure Competitive Offers On Rental Cars, As We Did In Cappadocia.

  • Things To Know Before Renting A Car In Turkiye

- All Foreign Driving Licences Are Valid If They Have A Photo And Are Written In The Latin Alphabet, Eliminating The Need For An International Driving Permit In Such Cases.

- A Surcharge May Apply If The Pick-Up And Drop Locations For The Car Are Different, So Factor This Into Your Itinerary Planning.

- A Credit Card Is Essential For Hiring A Car, As A Deposit Amount Is Typically Placed On Hold Or Directly Deducted And Later Refunded.

- Traffic In Turkey Follows The Right Side Of The Road, With The Steering On The Left Side Of The Car. Adjusting To This May Take A Day Or Two, Especially When Navigating Slopes In Areas Like Cappadocia.

- Car Rental Companies Usually Require Drivers To Be At Least 21 Years Old And To Have Held Their Licence For A Minimum Of 1 Year. Drivers Between The Ages Of 21-25 May Incur A Surcharge.

- Seat Belts Are Mandatory, And The Use Of A Mobile Phone While Driving Is Prohibited, Unless Utilising A Hands-Free System.

- Always Carry Your Driver’s Licence, Registration Documents, And Insurance Documents, Typically Stored In The Glove Box.

- Inquire About Tolls In Turkey And Consider Obtaining The Hgs Toll System Tag From Your Car Rental Company To Simplify The Toll Payment Process.

- The Maximum Alcohol Limit Permitted Is 0.05%, Applying Only When Driving Alone. It's Crucial To Refrain From Drinking And Driving Entirely.

Turkiye Tourist Visas

Before Embarking On Your Turkish Adventure, It's Crucial To Understand The Visa Requirements, Ensuring A Smooth Entry Into The Country. There Are Two Main Types Of Visas For Turkey: The E-Visa And The Sticker Visa. The Choice Between Them Depends On Your Purpose Of Visit, Nationality, And The Necessary Documents.

  • E-Visa

The E-Visa Is A Single-Entry Visa Available For Passport Holders Of 60 Countries, And Its Eligibility Criteria Vary Based On Nationality And Purpose Of Visit. The Application Process Is Efficient, Taking Only 10 Minutes, And Can Be Completed At Any Time Before Your Travel.

It's Advisable To Apply At Least A Week Prior To Your Trip To Account For Any Unforeseen Circumstances. The E-Visa Fee Is Contingent On Your Country Of Origin And Travel Document Type.

For Indians

Indian Passport Holders With A Valid Schengen, Usa, Uk, Ireland Visa, Or Residence Permit Can Obtain An E-Visa Valid For One Month (Within A 180-Day Period). Conditions Include The Passport Covering The Stay In Turkey, Proof Of Return Ticket, Hotel Reservation, And A Minimum Amount Per Day Of Stay. 

Travel Must Be For Tourism Purposes, And A Valid Supporting Document (Visa Or Residence Permit From Schengen Countries, Usa, Uk, Or Ireland) Is Required. E-Visas Are Not Accepted As Supporting Documents.

  • Sticker Visa

If You Are Not Eligible For An E-Visa, The Sticker Visa Process Is An Alternative, Albeit Requiring More Time And Money. Applications Can Be Submitted Up To 6 Months Before The Trip, And The Maximum Stay Duration Is 90 Days In A 180-Day Period, Available For Single, Double, Or Multiple Entries.

A Sticker Visa Involves Sending Your Passport To The Embassy, And The Visa Is Physically Affixed To Your Passport. Indian Passport Holders, Not Eligible For The Pre-Visa Application, Must Go Through An Authorised Agency. The Application Involves Filling Out Forms, Collecting Documents And Photos, Booking An Appointment, Paying The Visa Fee, And Submitting The Form. Visa Fees Vary, With Additional Service Charges Applicable.

Managing Currency In Turkey

Navigating The Currency In Turkey Involves Understanding The Turkish Lira (Tl Or Try). While Euros Are Widely Accepted, Particularly In Places Like Cappadocia, It's Essential To Carry Turkish Liras For Public Transport, Street Vendors, And Other Local Transactions. Many Establishments Provide A 9-10% Discount For Cash Payments, As It Eliminates Credit Card Fees.

Managing Currency In Turkey

For Indian Travellers, Obtaining Turkish Liras Can Be Done Through The Following Methods:

  • Carry Euros Or Usd

- Euros Are Commonly Accepted, Especially In Tourist-Centric Areas Like Cappadocia.

- It's Advisable To Exchange Euros Or Usd For Turkish Liras In Istanbul For The Most Favourable Rates.

  • Forex Card

- Carrying A Forex Card, Such As The Go Niyo Global Card, Offers Convenience And Cost-Effectiveness.

- Load The Card With Indian Rupees And Withdraw Local Currency From Atms In Turkey With Zero Forex Markup.

- While Each Atm Withdrawal Incurs A Fee, This Option Is Often More Convenient For Travellers.

Tip: Utilise Ziraat Atms For Withdrawals, As They Are Known To Avoid Extra Charges For Transactions.

Planning Your Turkey Travel Budget

Crafting A Budget For Your Trip To Turkey Involves Considering Various Factors That Can Impact Your Overall Expenses. Here Are Key Elements To Keep In Mind:

  • Season Of Travel

Peak Season Tends To Be More Expensive Compared To The Low Season. Prices For Accommodations, Activities, And Flights May Vary Based On The Time Of Year.

  • Booking Timing

The Timing Of Your Booking Can Influence Costs. Booking Early Often Results In More Budget-Friendly Options, Especially During Peak Seasons.

  • Travel Style

Your Travel Style Plays A Significant Role. Opting For Public Transport, Local Cuisine, And Budget Accommodations Can Significantly Reduce Expenses.

  • Destinations Visited

The Destinations You Choose Impact Your Budget. Popular Places Like Cappadocia And Alacati May Have Higher Costs For Accommodations And Activities.

  • Activities Planned

Engaging In Specific Activities, Such As Hot Air Balloon Rides And Guided Tours, Can Contribute To Higher Expenses.

  • Mid-Range Travel Example

For Mid-Range Travellers Seeking Convenience But Mindful Of Costs, A Trip To Turkey Can Cost Around Inr 2.9 Lakhs For Two People. Factors Like Late Booking, Peak Season Travel (June-August), And Opting For Car Rentals Influenced This Cost. Travelling In Different Months And Making Different Choices Could Potentially Bring The Budget Down To Inr 2-2.25 Lakhs For Two People.

  • Budget Travel Example

Travelling In The Shoulder Or Low Season, Staying In Budget Accommodations, Skipping Activities Like Hot Air Balloon Rides, And Using Public Transport Can Result In A More Economical Trip.

High Season 12-Day Turkey Trip Expenditure



International Flights

International Flight Prices Range From Inr 30-50k

Domestic Flights

In Low Season Domestic Flights Can Cost As Low Per Person.


This Was For An E-Visa. Sticker Visa Costs Will Be Higher!


We Mostly Stayed In The Cheaper Category Rooms. At The Same Price, You'll Get Higher Category Rooms In Shoulder/Off-Season

Car Rental

People Have Found Superb Deals On Discover Car Rentals. 


Petrol Prices Are Comparable To That In India.

Attraction Tickets

To Save Some Money And Skip Lines, Get The Turkey Museum Pass If You're Going For 10-12 Days. If You're Going For More Days Or Staying In One Region For A Long Time, You Might Consider Getting Regional Passes.


A Must-Have Spa Experience In Istanbul's Historic Hammams.

Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon Rides Usually Have Relatively Fair Costs And Can Go As High.


Food In Istanbul, Cappadocia, And Alacati Is Not Cheap. You'll Find Cheaper Options In Small Towns Like Selcuk, And Pamukkale And Also In Cities If You Stay Away From Tourist Hubs. Note That Two People Might Be Able To Share One Dish Since Portions Are Large. We Always Ordered Two Mains And It Was A Bit Much For Us To Finish. You Might Also Get Starters (Small Mezze Like Bread And Dips), Cay And Sometimes Even Dessert Complimentary.

Misc Cost

Includes All Cash Transactions We Made - Tips, Souvenirs, Ice Creams, Lemonades, Public Transport, Uber, Etc.

Etiquette Of Tipping In Turkey

In Turkey, Tipping Is Not Obligatory, But It Is Generally Welcomed As A Token Of Appreciation For Good Service. While Tips Are Usually Modest, They Contribute To Acknowledging The Efforts Of Those Who Assist You During Your Travels.

Here Are Some Guidelines For Tipping In Various Situations:

  • Cabs

- Round Up The Fare, And Additional Tipping Is Not Mandatory.

  • Porters In Hotels

- Tipping Porters In Hotels Is Customary, And It Is Recommended To Offer 5-15 Liras Per Person.

  • Restaurants

- In Small Establishments, A Tip Of Around 5% Of The Bill Is Appropriate. For Larger Restaurants, Consider Tipping Between 10-15% Of The Total Bill.

  • Tour Guides

- If You Feel The Tour Guide Provided Exceptional Service, Offering A Tip Of 10-15 Turkish Lira Is Customary.

  • Hamam (Turkish Bath)

- When Enjoying A Traditional Turkish Bath, A Tip Of 10-15% Of The Bill Is Usually Expected.

Culinary Delights Of Turkey

Turkish Cuisine, Deeply Rooted In Ottoman Culinary Traditions Influenced By Eastern European, Central Asian, And Middle Eastern Flavours, Offers A Diverse And Delightful Array Of Dishes. Exploring The Rich Tapestry Of Turkish Food Is An Integral Part Of The Travel Experience. Here Are Some Delectable Dishes To Savour:

Culinary Delights Of Turkey

  • Breakfast

Indulge In A Sumptuous Turkish Breakfast That Boasts A Lavish Spread Of Olives, An Assortment Of Cheeses, Fresh Bread, Butter, Jams, Spreads, And A Steaming Cup Of Black Tea. This Culinary Experience Not Only Satisfies The Taste Buds But Also Showcases The Warmth And Hospitality Of Turkish Culture.

  • Toast With White Cheese

Enjoy A Delightful Breakfast With A Simple Yet Delicious Toast Adorned With Thick White Cheese. The Perfect Fusion Of Textures And Flavours Makes This A Palate-Pleasing Choice To Start Your Day.

  • Menemen

Delight In Menemen, A Turkish-Style Scrambled Eggs Dish Infused With Vibrant Tomatoes And Peppers. This Flavorful And Satisfying Breakfast Option Reflects The Richness Of Turkish Culinary Traditions.

  • Turkish Coffee

Immerse Yourself In The World Of Turkish Coffee – Strong, Aromatic, And A True Delight For Coffee Enthusiasts. Experience The Unique Coffee Culture That Turkey Has To Offer Through This Iconic Beverage.

  • Fresh Orange Juice And Lemonade

Start Your Day With Exceptionally Flavorful And Natural Juices, With Fresh Orange Juice And Lemonade Standing Out For Their Sweetness And Low Acidity. These Refreshing Choices Add A Zing To Your Morning Routine.

  • Cay

Savour Traditional Turkish Black Tea Served In A Tulip Glass, Not Just As A Morning Ritual But Also As A Cultural And Social Experience Enjoyed After Meals. The Tea Represents A Significant Aspect Of Turkish Daily Life.

  • Lunch And Dinner
  • Lentil Soup

Delight In A Hearty Lentil Soup, A Comforting Dish Crafted With Red Or Orange Lentils And An Array Of Spices. This Dish Showcases The Depth And Warmth Of Turkish Flavours.

  • Pide

Indulge In Pide, A Boat-Shaped Turkish Pizza Featuring Slightly Thick Dough And A Variety Of Fillings Such As Meats And Fresh Vegetables. This Culinary Experience Is A Delightful Exploration Of Turkish Taste.

  • Mezze

Explore The World Of Mezze, A Selection Of Delectable Appetisers, Especially Delightful In Coastal Areas. The Diverse And Flavorful Mezze Offerings Provide A True Taste Of Turkish Cuisine.

  • Gozleme

Experience Gozleme, The Turkish Paratha That Offers A Delicious Blend Of Flavours. This Culinary Delight Showcases The Rich And Varied Tapestry Of Turkish Culinary Traditions.

  • Manti

Delight In Manti, Turkish Ravioli Filled With Either Ground Meat Or Vegetables, Served With Garlic Yoghourt, Spicy Butter, And Tomato Sauce. This Satisfying And Savoury Dish Reflects The Artistry Of Turkish Cuisine.

  • Borek

Savour Borek, A Flaky Savoury Pastry Filled With Options Like Potato, Spinach, And Cheese. This Comforting Culinary Experience Adds To The Richness Of Turkish Gastronomy.

  • Testi Kebab/ Pottery Kebab

Immerse Yourself In The Unique Flavours Of Testi Kebab, Where Meat Or Vegetables Are Slow-Cooked In An Earthen Pot. This Must-Try Experience In Cappadocia Provides A Glimpse Into The Traditional Cooking Methods Of Turkey.

  • Lahmacun

Indulge In Lahmacun, The Crispy Flatbread Adorned With Seasoned Minced Meat. This Flavorful Street Food Captures The Essence Of Turkey's Diverse And Vibrant Food Culture.

  • Desserts
  • Helve

Delight In Helve, Turkish Halva With A Drier Texture Compared To Indian Halwa But Equally Delicious. This Sweet And Nutty Treat Is A Perfect Ending To A Turkish Meal.

  • Baklava

Indulge In Baklava, The Rich And Syrupy Pastry Filled With Chopped Nuts. Best Enjoyed With A Dollop Of Fresh Cream, Baklava Offers A Decadent And Sweet Culinary Experience.

  • Kunefe

Experience Kunefe, A Unique Dessert Featuring Shredded Pastry Soaked In Syrup And Layered With Special Cheese, Nuts, Or Clotted Cream. This Delightful Blend Of Textures And Flavours Adds A Sweet Note To Your Turkish Culinary Journey.

Navigating The Language Barrier In Turkey

While Travelling In Turkey, You May Encounter A Significant Language Barrier, As The Majority Of The Population Speaks Only Turkish. 

Although Individuals In The Tourism Industry, Such As Hotel Owners And Guides, May Be Familiar With English, Many Workers In Various Establishments Might Not Be Proficient In The Language. To Overcome Potential Communication Challenges, Consider The Following Tips:

  • Utilise Translation Apps

Keep The Google Translate App Handy, And Download The Turkish Language For Offline Use. Familiarise Yourself With The App's Features Before Your Trip.

  • Learn Basic Turkish Phrases

Acquaint Yourself With Some Essential Turkish Words And Phrases To Facilitate Basic Communication. This Effort Can Enhance Your Interactions With Locals.

  • Offline Language Resources

As Turkish Is Written In The Latin Script Like English, You May Gradually Pick Up On Some Words During Your Stay. Nevertheless, Having Offline Language Resources Can Be Invaluable, Especially In More Remote Areas.

  • Cultural Sensitivity

Embrace Cultural Sensitivity And Patience In Communication. Non-Verbal Cues, Gestures, And A Positive Attitude Can Bridge Gaps In Understanding.

Avoiding Political Discussions In Turkey

It Is Advisable To Refrain From Engaging In Political Discussions In Public Places While In Turkey. The Local Population Often Holds Strong Political Views, And Such Conversations Can Potentially Lead To Offence Or Discomfort. 

Additionally, It's Important To Be Aware That Turkish People Have A Deep Admiration And Respect For The First President Of Turkey. Therefore, Discussions Related To Ataturk Should Be Approached With Sensitivity, As They Can Be Emotionally Charged For The Locals. 

To Ensure A Respectful And Harmonious Interaction, It's Best To Steer Clear Of Political Topics And Focus On Enjoying The Rich Cultural Experiences That Turkey Has To Offer.

Appropriate Attire In Turkey

In Turkish Cities, The Dress Code Is Generally Modern And Diverse, Allowing Individuals To Wear A Wide Range Of Clothing Styles. Even In Coastal Areas, There Is Considerable Flexibility In Attire, With Women Often Opting For Strappy Dresses And Shorts.

It's Important To Note That While Larger Cities Are More Liberal In Terms Of Dress, Smaller Towns May Have A More Conservative Approach, Similar To Cultural Norms In India. When Visiting Mosques Or Conservative Areas, Women Are Advised To Carry A Scarf To Cover Their Heads. Both Men And Women Should Wear Clothing That Covers The Shoulders And Knees On Such Occasions.

As A General Guideline, It Is Recommended For Women To Wear Either A Strappy Dress Or Top That Is Long Enough To Cover The Knees Or A Half/Full Sleeve Dress That Leaves The Knees Exposed. Adhering To These Considerations Ensures Cultural Sensitivity And Respect For Local Customs During Your Time In Turkey.

Essentials To Pack For Travelling To Turkey

When Preparing For A Trip To Turkey, Packing Essentials Is Crucial For A Smooth And Enjoyable Journey. Here's A Concise Guide Highlighting Key Items To Ensure You're Well-Prepared For Your Travels.

  • International Travel Adaptor: Turkiye Uses Type C And F Plugs With A 230v Supply Voltage And 50hz Frequency. It's Advisable To Carry An International Travel Adaptor.
  • Swimsuit: Essential For Beach Visits And Pool Activities.
  • Scarf: Useful For Covering Your Head In Religious Places.
  • Hat: Particularly Important During Summer To Shield Yourself From The Intense Turkish Sun.
  • Sunglasses: A Must-Have Accessory For Sun Protection.
  • Sunscreen: Opt For A Reef-Safe, Skin-Safe Sunscreen Containing Non-Nano Zinc Oxide And/Or Titanium Dioxide.
  • Sweater/Jacket: Even In Summer, A Light Jacket Is Recommended For Early Mornings In Colder Regions Like Cappadocia. For Winter Travel, Pack At Least Two Layers (Jacket + Sweater) For The Chilly Temperatures.
  • Comfortable Shoes: Considering The Amount Of Walking Involved, Choose Comfortable Walking Shoes With No Heels.
  • Insta 360 X3 Or Long Selfie Stick: Useful For Capturing Shots, Especially During Hot Air Balloon Rides.
  • Basic Toiletries: Carry Your Own Shower Gel, Shampoo, Conditioner, And Lotion, As Hotel Toiletries May Not Always Meet Your Preferences.
  • Wet Bag: A Plastic Bag Or Wet Bag Can Be Handy For Storing Wet Swimsuits.
  • Waterproof Mobile Cover Or Gopro: Essential For Protecting Your Devices During Water-Related Activities And Capturing Underwater Shots.

Book Recommendations For A Trip To Turkey

Turkey Boasts A Rich History, And Delving Into Books About The Country Can Enhance Your Travel Experience. Consider Reading At Least One Of The Following Titles Before Your Visit:

  • Istanbul

City Of Majesty At The Crossroads Of The World (Thomas F. Madden): This Comprehensive History Of Istanbul Spans From Byzantium And Byzantium Constantinople To Ottoman Constantinople And Present-Day Istanbul. Reading This Book Can Bring The City's Sights To Life During Your Visit.

  • Ataturk

The Biography Of The Founder Of Modern Turkey (Andrew Mango): This Biography Explores The Life Of Ataturk, The Founder Of Modern Turkey, Covering The Fall Of The Ottoman Empire To The Rise Of The Republic And Ataturk's Role In Shaping The Country.

  • Istanbul

Memories And The City (Orhan Pamuk): A Portrait Of Istanbul By The Renowned Novelist Orhan Pamuk, This Book Not Only Captures The Essence Of The City But Also Provides Insights Into The Author's Own Life Within Istanbul.


Is Turkey A Safe Travel Destination?

Yes, Turkey Is Generally Considered Safe For Tourists. Popular Tourist Destinations Are Well-Visited And Have A Low Crime Rate. However, It's Advisable To Exercise Usual Precautions And Stay Vigilant, Especially In Crowded Places.

What's The Best Time To Visit Turkey?

The Best Time To Visit Turkey Is During The Spring (April To June) And Autumn (September To November) When The Weather Is Pleasant. Summer (July And August) Can Be Hot, Especially In Coastal Areas, And Winter Can Be Chilly, Particularly In Central And Eastern Regions.

Do I Need A Visa To Visit Turkey?

Yes, Most Visitors To Turkey Require A Visa. You Can Obtain An E-Visa Online For Short Stays, And It's Advisable To Check The Official Website For The Most Up-To-Date Information On Visa Requirements.

What's The Local Currency In Turkey?

The Local Currency Is The Turkish Lira (Try). It's Recommended To Carry Some Cash, Especially In Smaller Towns, Although Credit Cards Are Widely Accepted In Major Cities.

How Is The Transportation System In Turkey?

Turkey Has A Well-Connected Transportation System, Including Flights, Buses, Trains, And Rental Cars. Domestic Flights Are Common For Longer Distances, And Buses Are A Popular And Affordable Mode Of Transport.


Apply for Turkey visa:

  • Online Application: Fill out the visa application with your passport details.

  • Payment: Use a credit card to make an online payment.

  • Email Confirmation: After payment confirmation, your visa will be emailed to you.

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