Travel Routes from Istanbul to Fethiye

Discover the ideal routes between Istanbul and Fethiye, Turkey's gems. Covering approximately 542 km (337 miles), explore various transportation options tailored to your preferences. Whether by land, air, or sea, find the perfect journey to witness the beauty and ancient ruins of Fethiye.

Travel Routes from Istanbul

Travelling from Istanbul to Fethiye

Istanbul, rich in history and culture, offers various transportation options for swift and convenient journeys, whether exploring the city's wonders or heading to its bustling airports.

  • Air Travel for Swift Journeys: The fastest route from Istanbul to Fethiye is a domestic flight, ensuring a time-efficient journey. Air travel is optimal for those seeking a quick and direct connection between these two destinations.
  • Cost-Effective Option with Direct Bus: Opting for a direct bus presents a cost-effective alternative for travellers. While not as fast as air travel, buses offer a budget-friendly choice, with ticket prices influenced by factors such as fluctuating Turkish Lira and seasonal deals.
  • Scenic Road Trip by Car: A road trip by car is the optimal choice for those seeking a scenic adventure. The route from Istanbul to Fethiye promises picturesque landscapes and the freedom to explore at your own pace, although there is no direct train connection.
  • Major Airports in Istanbul: Istanbul accommodates two major airports – Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Gokcen on the Asian side. Both serve as vital hubs connecting Turkey to cities worldwide, providing convenient options for air travellers.
  • Charm of Fethiye with Diverse Attractions: Fethiye, nestled in the Dalaman region, boasts the historic Lycian way, stunning beaches, nature's beauty, and delectable cuisine. Whether motivated by sightseeing or airport travel, Fethiye offers a charming destination with diverse attractions.
  • Seamless Journeys with Transportation Variety: Istanbul's diverse transportation options ensure seamless and enjoyable journeys to and from Fethiye. For detailed routes and navigation, Google Maps serves as a valuable tool to plan and enhance the overall travel experience.

Air Travel from Fethiye to Istanbul

Opting for air travel is the most convenient and efficient choice when traversing the distance from the picturesque Fethiye to the vibrant city of Istanbul, seamlessly bridging the gap between these two enchanting Turkish locales.

Air Travel from Fethiye to Istanbul

  • Accessing Dalaman Airport from Fethiye

The journey commences by making your way to Dalaman Airport, which is approximately an hour's drive from Fethiye. The Havas shuttle bus provides a cost-effective and accessible option, with multiple daily services in both directions. Private transfers or taxis are alternative transportation choices.

  • Direct Flights with Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines

Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines offer approximately 3-4 daily direct flights, efficiently connecting Fethiye to Istanbul. These flights land at either Istanbul Airport on the European side or Sabiha Gokcen on the Asian side, with a flight duration of approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes.

  • Transportation Options Upon Arrival in Istanbul

Upon arrival in Istanbul, the convenience continues with the availability of HavaIst shuttle buses ready to transport passengers to their desired destinations. Efficient alternatives such as the Metro or taxis offer flexibility for navigating the bustling cityscape of Istanbul.

  • Seamless Bridge Between Beach Holiday and Cultural Exploration

Whether embarking on a beach holiday in Fethiye or immersing yourself in the cultural tapestry of Istanbul, air travel provides a seamless bridge between these two distinct yet enchanting Turkish locales.

Driving from Fethiye to Istanbul

For road trip enthusiasts, driving from Fethiye to Istanbul offers a viable albeit time-consuming option, allowing travellers to explore diverse landscapes and picturesque terrain along the approximately 9-hour journey via the O-5 road.

Driving from Fethiye to Istanbul

  • Scenic Journey on 0-5 Road: The 0-5 road serves as a major route connecting the south coast with key cities like Izmir, Bursa, and ultimately, Istanbul. The journey provides opportunities to witness scenic vistas, and the relatively straightforward navigation makes it accessible for travellers.
  • Tolls and Electronic System: Tolls are part of the journey, and ensuring coverage through the electronic system with your rental car company is advisable. This helps streamline the toll payment process during the road trip.
  • Flexibility for Detours: The road trip allows for flexibility in the itinerary, providing travellers with the chance to detour to destinations like Izmir or Bursa, adding an extra layer of exploration to the journey.
  • Traffic Challenges in Istanbul: As the journey approaches Istanbul, approximately an hour away from the city centre, travellers should be prepared for renowned Istanbul traffic. This factor can cause delays, occasionally bringing movement to a near halt. Patience is key as you navigate through the intricate dance of vehicles in this bustling metropolis.
  • Unique Blend of Adventure and Urban Navigation: Despite potential traffic challenges, the drive from Fethiye to Istanbul offers a unique blend of adventure and urban navigation. It becomes an option for those who appreciate the journey as much as the destination, providing a memorable road trip experience.

Travelling by Bus from Istanbul to Fethiye

Opting for a bus journey stands out as the final but personally favoured option for those making the trip from Istanbul to Fethiye. Multiple reputable long-distance coach companies facilitate this route, with Pamukkale, Kamil Koc, and Metro being the primary operators.

To secure your seat on the bus, you have the convenience of booking online or visiting either the Istanbul or Fethiye bus station. It's advisable not to postpone ticket purchases until the day of travel, as the demand for seats on these Istanbul-bound buses tends to be high across all bus companies.

Allowing for potential traffic variations, the bus journey typically spans 9.5-10 hours, with intermittent stops along the way. Despite the duration, these buses prioritise passenger comfort, offering amenities such as entertainment systems, WiFi, and refreshments. 

The journey itself becomes a part of the experience, providing a relaxed and enjoyable means of connecting two distinct Turkish destinations. Whether you relish the scenic views, appreciate the comfort of the journey, or simply prefer the communal aspect of bus travel, this option ensures a convenient and pleasant connection between Istanbul and the charming town of Fethiye.


What is the quickest way to get from Istanbul to Fethiye?

The fastest way is to fly. There are regular, direct flights from Istanbul to Dalaman Airport which takes 1 hour 20 minutes. Fethiye is about an hour drive from Dalaman Airport.

How can I travel by bus between Istanbul and Fethiye?

Buses run frequently between the two cities. Total bus journey takes around 11 hours directly. Some buses are overnight with lie-flat seats. Check Metro or Kamil Koç bus lines.

Is driving my own car an option?

Yes, you can rent a car and drive from Istanbul to Fethiye. It is an 8 hour drive covering around 800 KM across Turkey along highway D550 and D400. Tolls apply on sections.

What’s the train route like between the two cities?

Currently there is no direct passenger train. You have to go Istanbul-Denizli by train (20 hours), then bus Denizli-Fethiye (4 hours). Not very convenient.

Are there ferries available?

Yes, weekly ferries operate between Istanbul and Fethiye during the summer season. Journey is around 36 hours across the Sea of Marmara and the Aegean Sea. Popular with travellers on a budget.


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