Turkey Waiting to Welcome Brits on Holiday Opens up in May

Turkey Waiting to Welcome Brits on Holiday Opens up in May

Turkey has planned to give a warm welcome to Brits this summer. The UK holidaymakers will be able to visit Turkey as soon as the travel restrictions are lifted, without needing any vaccination passport. The government will also review the requirement of Negative PCR Testing from travellers in April. Following Turkey’s strategy, we can foresee the influx of sun-seeking British entering Turkey this early summer.

Foreign Minister Mehmet Ersoy has officially confirmed that UK tourists can come to Turkey without having any vaccination proof. Turkey’s government has backed its decision by concocting several plans and strategies for ensuring health safety. The minister indicated that they have been working with the British authorities to ensure the world-class border processes in place, such that travelling throughout Turkey remains low-risk.

 Turkey has also experienced a successful vaccine roll-out so that the Turkish people are safely vaccinated before the British tourist arrives in the summer. People working at hotels and tourism facilities occupy a high priority for the jab.

If visitors require to produce a negative PCR test, the testing of homebound tourists will take place in many hotels, specific for this purpose. PCR tests are now available on the price as low as 30 euros. 

Turkey has also set an optional insurance package for the arriving holidaymakers priced at a low rate of 12 euros. This package covers Covid-Related expenses such as medication, treatment and emergency care.

The Turkish government seems to be impressed and satisfied by the UK vaccination programme, as it requires no vaccination evidence from British visitors. The vaccine programme is rapid, impressive and rolling out to the whole population. A significant portion of Brits will be vaccinated by early summer this year.

In April, Turkey will also reassess whether visitors should continue to present the negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of their departure, or the government may eliminate this requirement after evaluating the health conditions.

Turkey was truncated from the UK’s travel corridor list last October. Now Turkey is all set to welcome back the Brits as UK travel restrictions open up in May. Turkey has done everything to ensure safety measures. The government is making the strategies leading to the revival of its ailing tourism industry. 

In 2019, over 2.5 million British holidaymakers visited Turkey. Turkey has liberated the British visitors from bringing vaccination proof, however in contrast, Greece and Cyprus have also announced to allow British holidaymakers to enter the territory for spending holidays, but only those who are vaccinated.
Currently, all UK holidays are illegal, though the government expects to allow international travel from 17 May.


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