Updated Entry Requirements to Turkey as of March 2022


Update Jun 01, 2022:

With the decision of the authorities of the Republic of Turkey as of 01.06.2022,

We know that many of you have been waiting to travel to Turkey until all restrictions are lifted. so guess what? Finally, we have great news for you. And this time there are no more restrictions to come to Turkey. So finally, you can enter easily. You
don't need to show Entry / Health form (HES code), PCR test, antigen test, or even vaccination certificate. So we don't require that now to visit Turkey, you can come freely to this country.

Update March 2022:

And finally, after two years of waiting for these new requirements, We can tell you that we feel so happy because finally, and this is for everybody. Finally, we can start traveling as before the pandemic, which is something that probably most of us have been waiting for, and well, let's go straight to the points because I'm sure you will want to know about the new requirements.

Now let's start with the first point:

Know about what requirements or what things you're going to need in order to enter Turkey, these new decisions are taken by the government, having taken place as of March 4th, 2022.

I don’t know if you remember or if you ever read one of our previous content about Requirements for Travelling to Turkey 2022 that were needed in order to enter Turkey in the past month.

Actually, there was a different hypothesis, like depending on your nationality, you were needing a PCR test or even quarantine or such things. Well, now everything has changed. So now,  it will be quite, quite easy for everybody. And I am so happy about these because also I know many of you were waiting for this decision to come to Turkey, especially if you were coming from countries like South Africa, Bangladesh, Nepal, and some others.

Now pay attention to this one, it doesn't matter where you are coming from. If you're coming from Egypt, Mexico, The US, the UK, Nepal, Bangladesh, South Africa. This is for every country, every nationality. So pay attention and take notes to all of those passengers arriving in Turkey. 

Form for Entry to Turkey:

All travelers must fill out a form for entry into Turkey. Turkey has introduced a new health declaration form to help stop the spread of COVID-19. All persons travelling to Turkey will now have to fill out a Form for Entry to Turkey before entering the country. The form must be filled in within the last 72 hours before travel.

Vaccine Certificate:

If you already have your two doses of any COVID vaccine, then you are free to enter Turkey only by showing your vaccination certificate. It just makes sure that the second dose of your vaccination has passed at least 14 days before you arrived in the country. Remember that also in Turkey, there are no restrictions about what vaccinations are accepted and which ones aren't as in many other countries, especially in the European Union, or even in the US.

As long as you have your vaccination, it doesn't matter. You can enter with any, and that counts Sinovac, Phizer, and all of the others. By the way, if you have the Johnson and Johnson, which I know is only one dose and that one I think, they are putting it in the U.S. It's enough with that one as well. You don't have to have another second shot. One shot of Johnson and Johnson is more than enough.

Document Issued Stating That you have had COVID:

Hypothesis number two will be that in case that you already had COVID-19 in the past, then it is more than enough for you to show one document issued by the relevant authorities, in your country, stating that you already had COVID-19. And that, of course, you already cured.

PCR Test:

A third hypothesis, And the last one in case you don't have a vaccination certificate that you haven't had COVID-19 in the past, then it's more than enough for you to show a PCR test or a rapid antigen test. In case you want to show the PCR test, just make sure that it is not more than 72 hours before you board or enter the country. So you need to do it within the last 72 hours before boarding your plane.

And in case you want to go for the rapid antigen test, it shouldn't be more than 48 hours before you enter the country. So just make sure that it will be within the last 48 hours.

And remember this, even though we try to clarify that you need this, this, or that, we still have many people asking us: Do I still need PCR tests?

If I have my vaccination, well, no. It is one or another. So please pay attention to these and take notes. If you have your vaccination, then you don't need the PCR test but you don't have the vaccination, then you need a PCR test, but you don't need both. we are going to leave the official link of Turkish airlines
 https://www.icisleri.gov.tr/81-il-valiligine-pcr-testi-ve-hes-koduna-iliskin-genelge-gonderildi Here you're going to be able to find the updated requirements to enter Turkey.

Passengers Under the Age of 12, PCR/Antigen Test Or vaccination certificate No needed:

Remember that passengers under the age of 12, do not need to have a PCR test, antigen test, and also they don't need to show a vaccination certificate either. And all of the requirements that we just mentioned, such as PCR tests, the vaccination, and whatever.

Requirements do not Apply for Transit Passengers:

These do not apply for passengers who are just in-Transit, because if they are not leaving the airport, then it's not necessary to show all of these requirements. And if you are in need of a PCR test before you leave Turkey, because maybe in your country, they are requesting it from you then you don't really have to worry because you will be able to find that mostly everywhere in the city.

For example, you can also ask about your accommodation or hotel where you're staying at. Most of the time, they know reliable places where they can go directly to your hotel and do it right there. Also, there are many places in Sultanahmet, in Taksim on Istiklal street, where they are giving the PCR tests.

PCR Test Cost Between 150TL - 400TL Max. (10USD - 27 USD)

They shouldn't cost more than 400 Turkish Liras. I wouldn't pay more than that because right now they are between 150 to 350, 400 Turkish liras even, you can also go to any private hospital. And you just asked for the PCR test. You pay, you, give you your passport and that's it. You are going to be able to do it. And the other option is, of course, doing it directly at the airport. Remember that at the airport, there is also one section where you can have where can get the PCR test. They're open 24/7. And even if you don't need an appointment either you can easily get it. And also I'm going to leave the official link where you can check all the information for the PCR tests. Of course, you just need to arrive earlier at the airport so you can get it on time before your flight.

So let's start with the Second point as of March 2nd, 2022.

No Masks Compulsory Outdoors and Indoors:

Finally, the Turkish government has established that no masks are compulsory, outdoors and indoors in theirs will be only compulsory in case the place is really crowded and the ventilation is not good enough. So for example, if you go visit a museum or even a restaurant, if it's mostly empty or even people are following the social distancing, then it's okay not wearing a mask. It is all up to you on the street. You don't have to wear it any anymore. 

Masks are still compulsory in Public Transportation:

but of course, in public transportation especially if it is way too crowded, then it is still compulsory but at least outdoors finally, we can breathe. But let me tell you that for many months,  people on the streets were not following these rules anymore. They just had to make it official or to announce it officially. But actually, if you, when you were going outside on the streets, most of the people were not following this rule anymore, but if you are going to the airport there, you must wear it still inside the airport. And during the flights.

HES Code In Turkey - Domestic Travelling:

This is about the famous HES code. Let me tell you that this requirement about having the HES code is not requested from anybody any longer. And even if some of you have already filled the entry form to Turkey, you might have realized that when finished filling it, you are not automatically generating the HES code. And this is because the country already lifted that requirement. So you will not need it any longer. And even they are not requesting the HES code to enter.

For example, to malls, museums, pools, Turkish baths, and even domestic traveling. So don't worry in case you don't know what to do when your HES code is not appearing or is not being generated after you're filling in the entry form to Turkey, don't worry if you don't receive it, this is the main reason why you are not getting it anymore because this requirement has been already lifted. So even if you have seen one of the HES codes on the Istanbul card, which is the card that we use for public transportation in Istanbul, then you don't have to link it anymore. So what you have to do is basically you need to buy your Istanbul card, top it up, and that's it. You are ready to go and use it. 

All Museums, Attractions, Restaurants, Nightclubs, Bards are Open:

Many people have been asking us about the restaurants, museums, and any other attractions If they are fully operating. Let me tell you that, yes, you don't have to worry at all, because since many months ago, everything has been back to mostly normal times. So even nowadays you will find almost everything open, not mostly, actually, everything is open, even nightclubs, pubs, bars, and such places, also pools, Gyms, and even Turkish baths. So you can come and enjoy and visit as many places as you want. So these are the most important rules that you need to follow. When you are already in Turkey.



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