Top Airlines Globally for Flying Families

Top Airlines Globally for Flying Families

Flying with kids is made easier by airlines prioritising family comfort offering amenities like lie-flat seating and organic kid-friendly meals. International airlines typically offer early boarding, while full-service carriers provide bassinets and kid-friendly entertainment on long-haul flights. Discover our selection of airlines providing top services for families travelling with children.




British Airways & Virgin Atlantic

Special infant seats

Up to 12.5 kg/11 kg infants; no extra seat needed

Air New Zealand


Lie-flat space in economy for young children

Turkish Airlines

Attentive crew

Warm hospitality & active engagement with children


Priority lanes at security

Time-saving & reduces stress for families

Korean Air

Child amenity kits & attentive service

Fun for kids & support for parents

Air France

Organic kids' meals & improved service

Healthy options & friendly crew


Affordable & exceptional service

Budget-friendly & caters to diverse needs

Innovative Economy Seating Solution for Families by Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand introduces a creative solution for families travelling with young children, presenting an alternative to portable fly beds. The airline offers the unique feature of booking a Skycouch, comprising a row of economy-class seats with adjustable footrests. These footrests can be raised, expanding the seating area and providing a comfortable, lie-flat space for smaller children. This innovative design caters to younger passengers and accommodates larger children and adults, allowing them to stretch out across multiple seats for added relaxation.

While initially introduced by Air New Zealand, several other airlines have adopted this innovative seating concept on specific flights. Among them are Azul (Brazil), Air Astana (Kazakhstan), Air Austral (France), and All Nippon Airways (Japan), extending similar lie-flat economy seating options to families for a more comfortable journey.

Airline Options for Infant Travel (British Airways and Virgin Atlantic)

Finding suitable seating arrangements can be challenging when travelling with infants aged 7 to 24 months. While most airlines provide lie-flat infant bassinets, they are typically only available for babies up to six months old. This poses a dilemma for parents travelling with older infants. 

However, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic offer special infant seats with five-point harnesses, accommodating babies up to 12.5 kg (27.5 lbs) and 11 kg (24.25 lbs), respectively. This ensures parents can travel comfortably without purchasing an extra seat for their child.


Weight Limit (kg)

British Airways


Virgin Atlantic


(Lufthansa) Exceptional Airport Experience for Travelers

Discover how Lufthansa elevates the airport experience for travellers, particularly at its major hubs, Frankfurt and Munich Airports, offering family-friendly services that cater to passengers of all ages. Below are some elaborate advantages of the airline : 

  • Priority Lanes for Families: Lufthansa offers priority lanes at major airports like Frankfurt and Munich, reducing wait times at security checkpoints and easing travel stress for parents with children.
  • Family-Friendly Amenities: Although lacking sky couches or specialised infant seats, Lufthansa provides themed playgrounds, colouring books, and puzzles at information desks, keeping children entertained during layovers.
  • In-Flight Experience: Lufthansa ensures a pleasant flight for children with entertainment channels, amenity kits, and special meals designed for younger passengers, enhancing comfort and enjoyment during travel.
  • Enhanced Layover Experience: Travellers appreciate Lufthansa's family-friendly airports, where children can stay entertained and parents can relax, making layovers more enjoyable for families.

Korean Air excels in attentive family services.

Focusing on attentive family services, Korean Air sets the standard for a comfortable and stress-free travel experience, catering to the needs of passengers of all ages.





Child amenity kits

- Include appropriately sized headphones for children. - May also contain other age-appropriate items like colouring books, toys, or blankets. (Information not explicitly stated but common for airlines offering amenity kits)


Attentive flight attendants

- Offer assistance to families with young children. - May watch over children when parents need to use the restroom or face other situations requiring them to step away temporarily.


Enhanced travel experience for children

- Headphones allow them to enjoy in-flight entertainment comfortably. - Amenities provide entertainment and keep them occupied.


Reduced stress for parents

- Attentive service provides peace of mind and lets parents relax knowing their child is being looked after. - Makes solo travel with young children more manageable.

(Jet2) Exceptional Service and Family-Friendly Affordability

Jet2, the British low-cost carrier, challenges the notion that only full-service airlines can provide child-friendly services. Praised by families for its outstanding family-centricapproach, Jet2 has garnered rave reviews for its exceptional service. A Britain-based academic has had remarkable experiences flying solo with two kids on Jet2 flights, praising the airline's support and assistance. She emphasises their wonderful helpfulness, particularly as a disabled person.

Jet2's dedication to families goes beyond affordability, offering attentive assistance and accommodating services tailored to children's and parents' needs, regardless of their circumstances. This budget-friendly airline demonstrates that delivering an outstanding family travel experience is achievable for all carriers, setting a standard for other low-cost airlines to emulate.

Leading Airline for Family Travel (Turkish Airlines)

Turkish Airlines is an excellent choice for families travelling with children, earning high praise. The airline provides various amenities tailored to kids, but what truly distinguishes it is its crew's warm and attentive attitude toward young passengers. They consistently go the extra mile to ensure children are comfortable and entertained throughout the flight. Moreover, Turkish Airlines staff are renowned for assisting parents, whether supervising children during restroom breaks or meal times. Additionally, the airline's crew actively acknowledges and engages with children, making the travel experience enjoyable for families.

(Air France) Leading the Way in Remarkable Enhancements

Air France has significantly improved in recent years, particularly its efforts to accommodate families with young children. Juliet Perrachon, a French-American mother of two based in New York, recalls feeling less than welcomed on previous Air France flights when her children were younger. 

However, the airline has since made notable strides in enhancing its services, with the crew now exhibiting friendliness and helpfulness towards children. The founder of Inflight Feed, an online guide to aeroplane food, also commends Air France for providing organic kids' meals for children aged two to six on flights departing from Paris, a distinctive offering compared to many other airlines.


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