Why is Turkey so popular with tourists?

Turkey is a fascinating destination that straddles the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Its rich history, vibrant culture, scenic beauty, and hospitable people make it a popular tourist attraction worldwide. Here's an in-depth look at why Turkey continues to draw millions of tourists each year.

Turkey so popular with tourists

Historical Significance

Ancient Civilizations and Archaeological Wonders

Turkey has been the cradle of multiple civilizations, making it a treasure trove for history and archaeology enthusiasts. It has some of the most important archaeological sites in the world, including the ancient cities of Ephesus, Troy, and Pergamon. Not to mention the Hagia Sophia, which stands as a testament to Byzantine architecture.

Ancient Civilizations

Rich Ottoman Heritage

Turkey's Ottoman heritage is evident in its historic sites. Istanbul, the former capital of the Ottoman Empire, boasts splendid examples of Ottoman architecture, including Topkapi Palace and the Blue Mosque.

Ottoman Heritage

Unique Geographical Features

Bosphorus Strait and Two Continents

Straddling Europe and Asia, Turkey offers a unique blend of Eastern and Western cultures. Istanbul, divided by the Bosphorus Strait, is the only city in the world located on two continents. This geographical marvel provides breathtaking views and unforgettable ferry rides.

Bosphorus Strait and Two Continents

Natural Wonders

Turkey's diverse landscapes are home to a multitude of natural wonders. The lunar-like landscape of Cappadocia, with its fairy chimneys and underground cities, is surreal. The terraces of Pamukkale and the mountains of Antalya provide other examples of the country's remarkable natural beauty.

Natural Wonders

Vibrant Culture and Cuisine

Vibrant Culture and Cuisine

Diverse Traditions

Turkish culture is a fascinating blend of ancient traditions shaped by various civilizations that have thrived in the region over the centuries. Turkish music, dance, and art offer a unique cultural experience for tourists.

Gastronomic Delights

Turkish cuisine is renowned worldwide for its rich flavors. Whether it's the famous Turkish kebabs, the sweet Baklava, or the traditional Turkish tea and coffee, the country offers a wide variety of tastes that appeal to all food lovers.

Warm Hospitality

Turkish people are known for their warmth and hospitality. Visitors often feel welcomed, and the friendly interactions with locals significantly enhance the travel experience.

Affordable Travel

Compared to many Western European countries, traveling in Turkey is quite affordable. From budget accommodation to reasonably priced meals and public transportation, Turkey offers good value for money, making it an attractive destination for all types of travelers.

In conclusion, Turkey's popularity among tourists is well-deserved. Its unique blend of history, culture, natural beauty, gastronomy, and affordability offers something for everyone. Whether you're a history buff, a nature enthusiast, a food lover, or simply looking for a new travel adventure, Turkey promises a memorable experience.

Exploring the Allure of Turkey: A Tourist Perspective

The Turkish government, in an ambitious pursuit, aims to draw in 75 million tourists by 2023. Despite the widespread appeal of the nation, accomplishing this goal may prove challenging. To understand the country's magnetic pull, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Turkey conducted a comprehensive survey. This study aimed to decipher the reasons behind people's desire to explore Turkey, examining travellers' nationality and purpose of visit. The analysis enabled the authorities to grasp the preferences of different tourist groups, shedding light on the areas requiring attention to prepare for future tourism growth.

Insights from the Survey

Insights from the Survey

Russian Travellers' Affinity for Turkey

Predominantly, Russian tourists are enticed by Turkey's sun-soaked beaches, offering a respite from their harsh winter months, which can plummet to -10 to -30 degrees Celsius, especially in the northern regions. Statistics show that in 2017 and 2019, the majority of tourists to Turkey hailed from Russia. The Turkish government recognizes this trend, and proactively caters to Russian tourists. For instance, Turkey waives visa requirements for Russian visitors, and many of the popular Turkish resorts employ Russian-speaking staff.

The Attraction for British Tourists

British tourists constitute a significant proportion of total visitors to Turkey. The southern Mediterranean coast of Anatolia is particularly popular among them, while the country's economical prices and historical cities also draw British travellers. However, unlike Russians, British tourists need a visa to enter Turkey. To simplify the process, the UK participates in Turkey's e-visa system, which enables online applications, eliminating the need for an embassy or consulate visit.

German Visitors and Their Preferences

Germany, as Europe's economic stronghold, features prominently in Turkey's tourism survey. German tourists appreciate Turkey's warm hospitality, the quality of services, and the country's geographical proximity. For them, safety, cultural activities, and cities such as Istanbul, Mugla, and Antalya are crucial attractions. As for visa regulations, Germans can enjoy visa-free entry for trips shorter than 90 days; for more extended stays, a visa is necessary.

Tourists from Arabic Countries

Middle Eastern and North African tourists find delight in Turkey's culinary offerings and shopping centres. The shared religious beliefs and cultural similarities make them feel at home, reducing the need for guides. The summer months, from June to September, witness an influx of Arabic tourists, escaping their home countries' extreme heat. In efforts to encourage tourism from these regions, Turkey includes many of these countries in its visa-free travel system.

Turkey's E-Visa Application


Turkey's electronic visa system is a modern solution that simplifies the application process for eligible travellers. This online system, compared to traditional paper-based applications, offers convenience and efficiency. For example, UK citizens can easily apply for their Turkey visa online, contributing to Turkey's popularity as a tourist destination. Studies confirm that an accessible visa application process correlates positively with increased tourism. Aware of this, Turkey has made considerable efforts to streamline its visa system over the years, enhancing its appeal to international visitors.


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