Turkiye Burslari Scholarship 2021-2022

Turkiye Burslari Scholarship 2021-2022

Turkiye Burslari announced the Turkey Government Scholarship for the years 2021-2022. International students can grab the opportunity to study Undergraduate courses, Masters, Ph. D. programs on top universities of Turkey all-expense paid. The country also has a separate program for Success Scholarship, KATIP, and Research Scholarship.

Burslari Scholarship is an international caliber scholarship program funded by the government of Turkey. The country commits to provide an exceptional education to outstanding international students that meet their criteria for the program. Applications are open from January 10th to February 20th of 2021.

Universities in Turkey prepare a suitable curriculum for each course. They aim to attract more foreign applicants to try their new education scheme. They also plan to reward first-rate students each school year, depending on the program's policy. In addition to that, Turkey also aims to strengthen cultural ties with other countries and normalize a diverse environment within their universities. The country targets to host two hundred thousand international students by 2023.

Turkish universities only have two semesters during the fall and spring seasons. Summer programs may vary, depending on the university curriculum in each course.

In the present time, international students take advantage of these opportunities to leverage their careers. They focus on skill enhancement, collaboration, public speaking, and mastering leadership as they move one step forward on their preferred vocation. Students all over the world can apply to see their eligibility. They can choose from the list of courses available for undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degrees. For the past years, educational attainment has been one of the prerequisites of job seekers around the world.

Important Notice: Turkey changes some mechanics on scholarship applications due to a high number of applicants. The candidates have to submit a one-page document for the initial screening. After a thorough evaluation of the committee members, successful candidates will receive an invitation. They can proceed with uploading necessary documents in the portal once they receive the invite. Successful applicants will get a Turkey Student Visa, admission letter from Turkish University, and Scholarship Award Certificate. Know about Turkey visa information

Inclusion of Turkey Burslari Scholarship

The Turkey Government included premium features on the Burslari Scholarship. Inclusions got taken into consideration to make decision-making easier for international students. All of it is highly beneficial to those who will seize the chance and get qualified.

  • No accommodation fees – Turkey Universities cover the dormitory charges for all eligible international students. They aim to eliminate the additional expenses of the students by including their accommodation into scholarship funding. The offer sounds appealing and very considerate, especially to students in a tight rein budget. If the students do not want to stay in dormitories, they are free to choose their preferred location, but they have to shoulder their accommodation expenses.
  • Tuition fees are free – Some scholarships only cover a portion of student tuition. It is not the same case for the Burslari Scholarship. The program assures one hundred percent coverage of tuition fees. The goal is to free the students from the burden of money.
  • Health Insurance – Eligible international students will get their health insurance among the practical benefits of being a scholar. It is not usually part of the scholarship program, especially for non-native students. Turkey made sure to fill that gap and get the student's wellness covered by public health insurance.
  • Travel Expenses get covered – Eligible international students will get their roundtrip tickets for free. The program will cover their entry ticket going to Turkey along with their student visa. They will get their departure ticket once they finish their studies in Turkey. In case that students bought their tickets, the government will reimburse the full amount.

Important Notice: The University of Turkey teaches using the Turkish language in most courses. Several universities are offering the same program in English. Candidates who want to avail of these programs have to get a language certificate to prove proficiency. Candidates may look for language instruction during the selection program in the portal. Successful applicants who did not obtain C1 Turkish Proficiency have to take a one-year Turkish Language Course.

These are the following coverage per educational degree:

Undergraduate Program Inclusion

Applicants for undergraduate programs should submit their application directly to their preferred university in Turkey as requirements may vary. 

  • ₺800 per month allowance
  • Free tuition 
  • Free health insurance
  • Free accommodation in Turkey Universities dormitory
  • Free one year Turkish Language course 
  • University Placement Program
  • One-time return flight ticket

Masters and Doctoral Program Inclusion

A Master's Degree consists of two types. The non-thesis program requires the completion of a semester project with a minimum of ten courses.

Candidates for Doctorate Programs must have a Master's degree. It is mandatory to complete their thesis and proficiency exam. Doctorate programs consist of at least seven courses, and the completion period may take four to eight semesters. Candidates for Specialization in Medicine Programs should pass their DUS or TUS tests.

  • Masters: ₺1100 per month allowance 
  • Doctoral: ₺1600 per month allowance 
  • Free tuition 
  • Free health insurance
  • Free accommodation in Turkey Universities dormitory
  • Free one year Turkish Language course
  • University Placement Program
  • One-time return flight ticket

Short Courses Program Inclusion

  • Research Scholarship Program up to three to ten months with ₺3000 monthly allowance

One-year Success Scholarship Program Inclusion 

  • Bachelor: ₺450 per month allowance
  • Master: ₺600 per month allowance
  • Doctoral: ₺900 per month allowance 

Turkish Culture and Language Programs

  • ₺2000 monthly allowance
  • Turkish Language Programme for Academicians and Public Officials up to eight to ten months
  • Free accommodation in Turkey Universities dormitory
  • Free Turkish Language course
  • One-time return flight ticket

Eligibility For Turkey Burslari Scholarship

Turkey Scholarship assessment will lean on the track of academic success and professional credentials of the applicant. Applications must be made individually by visiting www.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr. There will be a series of screening and evaluations to mitigate the number of candidates according to their eligibility. The process will consist of a preliminary assessment, shortlisting, interview, and final selection of candidates

Successful applicants will receive a phone call from the committee to confirm the documents they sent. Candidates will have to go to the Embassy of Turkey for an interview, and results will reflect on the portal afterward. The candidate will also receive an email that indicates a successful qualification for Turkey Burslari Scholarships

Important Reminder: Applications do not ask for payment. Be wary of any third-party institutions or persons who entice aspiring candidates to get a scholarship at a discounted rate. 

Candidates must comply with the following criteria:

  • Candidates must be a graduate student before September 2019
  • Applicants for an undergraduate degree must not be born before January 1998
  • Applicants for a Master's degree must not be born before January 1989
  • Applicants for Ph.D. must not be born before January 1983
  • Applicants for the Research program must not be born before January 1974
  • 70% of the mark is mandatory for undergraduate program
  • 75% of the mark is mandatory for Master's and Doctoral
  • 90% of the mark is mandatory for Medical School programs, such as Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry
  • Citizens of Turkey or people who acquired Turkish citizenship before are not eligible for this program. Students studying in the country are also not eligible for Burslari Scholarship 
  • Applicants must submit supporting documents online

Requirements For Turkey Burslari Scholarship

Applicants must complete all the requirements for the scholarship. Submission is a hundred percent online procedure, and the candidate must ensure that all documents are authentic. Applicants will have the option to choose their preferred university in Turkey. They also have the liberty to choose among the twelve programs included in the portal. 

These are the following documents they need to submit for Burslari Scholarship:

  • A valid passport
  • Recent digital photograph of the candidate
  • Certificate of Degree or Diploma
  • Associate Degree or Diploma
  • Middle School Certificate
  • Academic Transcript of Records
  • High School Certificate or Baccalaureate Grade
  • Certificate of GAT, GMAT GRE, TOEFL, or IELTS are optional
  • Any other Educational Certificate indicating cumulative GPA
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Final Grades (latest compilation of grades)
  • Certificate of Employment are optional
  • University Entrance Exam Result (if applicable)
  • International Exam Result  (if applicable)
  • Research proposal (applicable for Ph.D.)

Turkey Burslari Scholarship Academic Calendar

January 10th: Applications Open – Undergraduate and Postgraduate

February 2nd: Start of Evaluation Process – Undergraduate and Postgraduate

February: Start of Interview Period – Undergraduate and Postgraduate

March: 1st Period Applications Close – Research

March: 2nd Period Applications Open – Research

April: 1st Period Announcement of Results – Research

April: End of Evaluation Process – Undergraduate and Postgraduate

May: 2nd Period Applications Close – Research

June 30th: End of Interview Period – Undergraduate and Postgraduate

June: 3rd Period Applications Open – Research

July: 2nd Period Announcement of Results – Research

July: Announcement of Results – Undergraduate and Postgraduate 

July: Start of Scholarship Agreement and Visa Procedures – Undergraduate and Postgraduate

July: End of Scholarship Agreement and Visa Procedures – Undergraduate and Postgraduate

August: Start of Travel of International Students to Turkey and Beginning of the Academic Year – Undergraduate and Postgraduate

September: End of Travel of International Students to Turkey and  Beginning of the Academic Year – Undergraduate and Postgraduate

September: 3rd Period Applications Close – Research

September: 3rd Period Announcement of Results – Research

October: 4th Period Applications Open – Research

October: Applications Open – Success Scholarships

October: Start of Evaluation Process – Success Scholarships

October: Applications Close – Success Scholarships

November: End of Evaluation Process – Success Scholarships

November: Announcement of Results – Success Scholarships

November: 4th Period Applications Close – Research



Apply for Turkey visa:

  • Online Application: Fill out the visa application with your passport details.

  • Payment: Use a credit card to make an online payment.

  • Email Confirmation: After payment confirmation, your visa will be emailed to you.

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