Top 15 Dining Destinations in Istanbul for 2024

Istanbul, a city where history and culture intertwine with culinary delights, is a paradise for food enthusiasts. In 2024, Istanbul continues to be a hub for gastronomic experiences, offering a blend of traditional flavors and modern culinary techniques. Here's a guide to the top 15 dining destinations in Istanbul, ensuring you savor the best of this vibrant city.

dining destinations in Istanbul

1. Delicious Kebaps at Şehzade Cağ Kebap

Şehzade Cağ Kebap

  • Cuisine: Famous for its Cağ Kebap, a Turkish specialty of slow-cooked lamb with yogurt and spices.
  • Experience: Enjoy kebabs carved from meat roasted over coals, served with flatbreads, salad, and creamy yogurt.
  • Location Challenge: Hidden in the backstreets, but worth the search for an authentic taste.

2. Pandeli Restaurant: A Culinary Gem

Pandeli Restaurant

  • Location: Inside the Egyptian spice bazaar, Fatih, Istanbul.
  • Heritage: A Michelin-starred restaurant with a history dating back over a century, founded by Pandeli, a Greek immigrant.
  • Celebrity Spotting: A local favorite known for its authentic dishes, frequented by celebrities.

3. Sip and Savor at Corner Irish Bar, Taksim Square

Location and Ambiance: Situated in the heart of Istanbul's bustling Taksim Square, the Corner Irish Bar is a lively spot that seamlessly blends the charm of an Irish pub with the vibrant energy of Istanbul. Its interior is a cozy mix of classic wood-paneling and modern decor, creating an inviting atmosphere that's perfect for both tourists and locals.

Corner Irish Bar, Taksim Square

Cuisine and Specialties: While offering a range of international pub fare, the Corner Irish Bar doesn't shy away from incorporating Turkish flavors into its menu. Expect to find a variety of appetizers, hearty mains, and a selection of beers and spirits. The place is renowned for its live music nights and vibrant ambiance, making it an ideal spot for a casual evening out.

Why Visit: Its central location makes it a perfect spot to unwind after a day of exploring Istanbul. The bar's friendly atmosphere and mix of cuisines cater to a wide range of tastes, making it a unique dining and socializing experience in the city.

4. Sultan Palace Cafe & Restaurant in Sultanahmet

Setting and Vibe: Nestled in the historic district of Sultanahmet, Sultan Palace Cafe & Restaurant offers a dining experience surrounded by Istanbul's rich history. The restaurant boasts an elegant setting with a decor that reflects the grandeur of the nearby palaces and mosques.

Sultan Palace Cafe

Culinary Experience: Specializing in traditional Turkish cuisine, the menu features an array of classic dishes prepared with a modern touch. From succulent kebabs to an assortment of mezes, each dish is crafted to offer a true taste of Turkish culinary heritage. The restaurant also offers stunning views of the city's iconic landmarks, adding to the dining experience.

Ideal For: Those looking to enjoy a meal in a more refined setting, with the added benefit of being close to many of Istanbul's major historical sites. It's a great spot for a romantic dinner or a peaceful meal with family and friends.

5. Lale Lokantasi: A Taste of Turkish Cuisine

Atmosphere and Decor: Lale Lokantasi presents a charming blend of traditional and contemporary Turkish design. The restaurant's warm and inviting ambiance makes it a welcoming spot for all diners.

Lale Lokantasi

Menu and Specialties: Here, the focus is on serving classic Turkish dishes with a twist. The menu is a celebration of Turkey’s diverse culinary regions, offering everything from rich stews and grilled meats to fresh salads and seafood. The restaurant prides itself on using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to create authentic and flavorful dishes.

Why Visit: Perfect for those who appreciate traditional Turkish cuisine but are also looking for something a little different. It's a great place to experience the depth and variety of Turkish cooking in a cozy and elegant setting.

6. Eleven Brothers Kahvalti & Muftak Cafe in Besiktas

Concept and Location: Located in the lively neighborhood of Besiktas, Eleven Brothers Kahvalti & Muftak Cafe is a quaint and charming cafe known for its exceptional breakfast and brunch offerings. The cafe has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, making it a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Eleven Brothers Kahvalti

Breakfast Specialties: As the name suggests, the cafe specializes in Turkish breakfast and brunch dishes. The menu features an array of options, from traditional Turkish breakfast platters with cheeses, olives, and bread to more contemporary dishes like omelets and pancakes. The cafe also serves a variety of coffee and tea selections to complement the meals.

Why It Stands Out: It's the perfect spot for a leisurely morning or afternoon, enjoying a sumptuous breakfast in a casual yet vibrant setting. The cafe's dedication to quality and its warm, inviting atmosphere make it a must-visit for breakfast enthusiasts.

7. Betro Burger: Burger Bliss in Besiktas

Vibe and Setting: Betro Burger in Besiktas is a trendy and modern burger joint that stands out for its creative take on the classic American burger. The ambiance is casual and contemporary, with an urban flair that appeals to a younger crowd as well as families.

Betro Burger

Cuisine Highlights: Known for its gourmet burgers, Betro Burger offers a variety of unique and delicious options. Each burger is made with high-quality ingredients and has a distinct flavor profile, catering to both traditional and adventurous palates. They also serve a selection of sides, craft beers, and soft drinks to complement the meal.

Why Visit: If you’re craving a high-quality, flavorful burger in a lively and modern setting, Betro Burger is the place to be. It’s perfect for a casual lunch or dinner where you can indulge in some of the best burgers Istanbul has to offer.

8. Karadeniz Doner Asim Usta: Doner Delights in Besiktas

Ambiance: This is a no-frills, traditional eatery in Besiktas known for serving some of the best doner kebabs in Istanbul. The atmosphere is bustling and unpretentious, focusing solely on the food and the culinary experience.

Karadeniz Doner Asim Usta, Besiktas

Specialties: The doner kebabs here are renowned for their flavor and quality. Prepared with expertly seasoned meat that's roasted to perfection, each serving is a testament to the culinary skills of Asim Usta (the master chef). The menu may be limited, but it excels in what it offers.

Reason to Visit: For an authentic taste of one of Turkey’s most beloved street foods, Karadeniz Doner Asim Usta is a must-visit. It’s ideal for a quick, satisfying meal that truly represents the heart of Turkish cuisine.

9. Wama’s: Taksim's Flavorful Fare

Concept and Location: Located in the vibrant district of Taksim, Wama's offers a fusion of various cuisines in a modern and eclectic setting. The restaurant has a lively atmosphere, making it a great spot for both locals and tourists.

Wama’s, Taksim

Culinary Experience: Wama's menu is diverse, incorporating elements from different global cuisines while maintaining a touch of Turkish influence. This place is ideal for those looking to try something different and enjoy a fusion of flavors.

Why Visit: Its central location and innovative menu make Wama’s an excellent choice for diners seeking a cosmopolitan dining experience in Istanbul. The restaurant’s energetic vibe is perfect for a fun and memorable meal.

10. Esmer Cafe & Restaurant: Tantalizing Tastes in Taksim

Setting and Ambiance: Esmer Cafe & Restaurant in Taksim offers a relaxed and friendly environment. The decor is a blend of traditional and modern, providing a comfortable setting for meals and drinks.

Esmer Cafe & Restaurant, Taksim

Menu: The restaurant serves a wide range of dishes, from Turkish classics to international cuisine. Whether you’re in the mood for a light snack or a hearty meal, Esmer has something to suit every palate.

Ideal For: This is a great spot for both tourists and locals looking for a versatile dining option in Taksim. It’s equally suitable for a casual lunch, a leisurely dinner, or just to unwind with a drink.

11. Salt Bae Burger at Galataport, Karakoy

Concept and Fame: Part of the famed chef Nusret Gökçe's (aka Salt Bae) culinary empire, Salt Bae Burger in Galataport, Karakoy, is a trendy spot known for its gourmet burgers. The restaurant reflects the chef's signature style and flair.

Salt Bae Burger, Galataport, Karakoy

Specialties: The menu features a variety of unique and flavorful burgers, each prepared with high-quality ingredients and a distinctive twist. The restaurant also offers a selection of sides, beverages, and desserts.

Why Visit: For a taste of celebrity chef-driven cuisine and a chance to experience one of Istanbul’s most fashionable dining spots. It’s a perfect choice for those looking for a stylish and contemporary burger experience.

12. Nevizade Kadir’in Yeri: Taksim's Hidden Gem

Location and Atmosphere: Situated in the lively Nevizade area of Taksim, Kadir’in Yeri is a vibrant and authentic Turkish tavern. The ambiance is bustling and energetic, reflecting the spirited nightlife of Istanbul.

Cuisine and Specialties: This place is renowned for its traditional Turkish mezes and grilled dishes. The menu offers a wide variety of flavors, perfect for sharing and trying different local specialties. The tavern is also known for its selection of Turkish raki and wines.

Why Visit: It's an ideal spot for those looking to dive into the local dining culture, especially in the evenings when the area comes alive with music and chatter. It's a great place to enjoy a meal with friends while soaking up the lively atmosphere of Taksim.

13. Adana Ocakbasi in Sisli: A Grilled Delight

Ambiance and Setting: Located in the heart of Sisli, Adana Ocakbasi is a traditional Turkish grill house known for its warm and welcoming environment. The restaurant's decor is simple yet cozy, focusing on the culinary experience.

Adana Ocakbasi, Sisli

Cuisine Highlights: Specializing in Adana kebabs and other grilled meats, the restaurant prides itself on its authentic flavors and quality ingredients. The menu also includes a variety of mezes and traditional Turkish dishes.

Reason to Visit: For lovers of Turkish barbecue, Adana Ocakbasi is a must-visit. The restaurant offers an authentic ocakbasi (grill) experience, complete with delicious food and traditional Turkish hospitality.

14. Hocapasa Pidecisi in Fatih: Pide Perfection

Concept and Location: Nestled in the historic Fatih district, Hocapasa Pidecisi is a beloved local eatery specializing in pide, often referred to as Turkish pizza. The setting is casual and unassuming, focusing on the food rather than the frills.

Hocapasa Pidecisi, Fatih

Specialties: The restaurant offers a variety of pides with different toppings, ranging from simple cheese and herbs to more elaborate combinations with meats and vegetables. Each pide is freshly baked and served piping hot.

Why It Stands Out: This is the place to go for an authentic taste of one of Turkey’s most popular comfort foods. The eatery’s focus on fresh ingredients and traditional methods makes it a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

15. Borsam Tasfirin in Kadikoy: A Baking Wonderland

Vibe and Setting: Borsam Tasfirin, located in the vibrant Kadikoy district, is a quaint bakery known for its traditional Turkish bread and pastries. The atmosphere is simple and welcoming, inviting patrons to enjoy a quick bite in a laid-back environment.

Borsam Tasfirin, Kadikoy

Culinary Delights: The bakery is famous for its freshly baked bread, lahmacun (Turkish flatbread with toppings), and a variety of savory and sweet pastries. The items are made with traditional recipes, offering a genuine taste of Turkish bakery goods.

Why Visit: Ideal for those seeking a casual and authentic Turkish bakery experience. Borsam Tasfirin is a great spot to grab a quick and satisfying snack or meal while exploring Kadikoy.

Other Culinary Adventures in Istanbul

Istanbul offers a plethora of culinary experiences beyond the traditional restaurant setting. Here are some additional foodie experiences to consider:

  1. Street Food Tours: Explore Istanbul's vibrant street food scene with guided tours that take you through hidden alleys and bustling markets. Try local favorites like simit, balık-ekmek (fish sandwiches), and kokoreç (spiced lamb intestines).
  2. Cooking Classes: Participate in cooking classes to learn how to prepare traditional Turkish dishes. These classes often include a market visit to choose fresh ingredients.
  3. Bosphorus Dinner Cruises: Enjoy a meal while cruising along the Bosphorus. These cruises offer stunning views of the city's skyline and a unique dining experience.
  4. Tea and Coffee Houses: Visit traditional tea gardens and historic coffee houses. Turkish tea and coffee are integral to the local culture, and these establishments often have a rich history.
  5. Local Food Markets: Explore local food markets like the Spice Bazaar or Kadıköy Market to experience the vibrant local produce and artisanal foods.
  6. Dessert and Sweet Shops: Indulge in Turkish desserts at renowned sweet shops. Baklava, Turkish delight, and künefe are must-tries.
  7. Wine Tasting: Experience Turkey's emerging wine scene with a tasting session, particularly in neighborhoods like Cihangir and Kadıköy.

Must-Try Dishes in Istanbul

When in Istanbul, immersing yourself in the local cuisine is a must. Here’s a list of dishes and culinary delights you should not miss:

  1. Kebabs:Try various types of kebabs, including İskender, Adana, and Urfa. Each region has its own style and flavor.
  2. Meze Platters:Enjoy a selection of mezes (small dishes) like hummus, muhammara, dolma, and more, typically served with raki.
  3. Turkish Breakfast: Experience a traditional Turkish breakfast with cheeses, olives, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, jams, honey, and clotted cream.
  4. Seafood: Relish fresh seafood dishes, especially in areas near the Bosphorus, like fish stew, grilled fish, and calamari.
  5. Turkish Delights and Baklava: Savor the famous Turkish sweets, including a variety of baklava and Turkish delights.
  6. Lahmacun and Pide:Try lahmacun (Turkish pizza) and pide, a boat-shaped flatbread with various toppings.
  7. Döner and Köfte: Don't miss the döner (rotisserie meat) and köfte (meatballs), popular street food options.
  8. Stuffed Mussels (Midye Dolma):A popular street food, these mussels stuffed with aromatic rice are a unique and flavorful treat.
  9. Turkish Tea and Coffee: Conclude your meals with traditional Turkish tea or coffee, each having its unique preparation and serving style.

Each of these culinary experiences and dishes offers a glimpse into Istanbul’s rich gastronomic heritage, reflecting the city's history and cultural diversity. Whether you're wandering through bustling markets, enjoying a leisurely meal at a café, or participating in a cooking class, Istanbul's food scene is sure to leave a lasting impression.


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