Turkey e visa Easier and Quicker Way to Get

Turkey e visa easier and quicker way to get

Turkey is one of the tourist destinations for those who want to travel to places with Islamic nuances, especially during the month of Ramadan. Located on two different continents, this has earned Turkey the nickname of a country with a thousand flavors. The states which are located on the European continent are known as Thrace, and the states on the Asian continent are called Anatolia. If you want to travel to Turkey, there are several requirements that you must have so you will be qualified enough to have a Turkish visa. A visa is an official document issued by a country as a sign of permission for a person to enter the territory of the destination country. The data listed on the visa is usually the country of destination, destination of arrival, and validity period.

Do I need a visa if I want to go to Turkey?

If you want to visit Turkey, then you must have a Turkey Visa. However, not all citizens of other countries need a visa to visit Turkey, citizens of Turkey and Northern part of Cyprus are the examples of citizens who do not need a visa or any kind of permit to go to Turkey. Whether or not a visa is needed when visiting a country is usually based on the country that issued your passport, the type of passport you have, or both of these reasons.

The types of visa that I can get according to my needs

There are several types of visas that are valid in Turkey. If you want to visit Turkey for the purpose of tourism, business or trade, seminars or conferences, festivals or exhibitions, arts and sports activities, or a visit to Northern Cyprus then the type of visa you need is a Turkish Tourist or Business Visa.  If you are a student or want to do something related to education, then you need to apply for a Turkey Student Visa. Unlike the Turkish Work Visa, which you can apply for your main purpose to Turkey to do work, if you are a sportsman, artist, or journalist.

How do I get a visa to go to Turkey?

After knowing if you need a visa to go to Turkey, the first thing you need to know is you can apply for visa ownership by coming to the Turkish consulate or embassy in your country. You must bring some important documents with you during the visa application process. This document will prove your intention and eligibility to go to Turkey. However, there are some different documents that you will need to bring with you, depending on the type of vise you are applying for. In this case, nationality will also affect whether or not additional documents need to be submitted.

What is an e-visa?

But little do you know that there is an easier and quicker way to make a visa. Yes, since 2013 we can apply to have a visa by online filling Turkey visa online application, if you meet the requirements. An Turkey e-visa is simply visa that you make by online. Now, you no longer have to bother requiring a lot of time to make a visa.

Step by step on how making an e-Visa

The processing steps of making an e-Visa are very simple and not much different from the ordinary way. Go to the website of the e-visa,  it provides many languages so you can choose if your language is available or not. Next, you can start the process of making your Turkey e-visa, click 'Turkey Visa Application Form ' and select the country and the identity card or passport that you will use. If it's a passport that you are going to use, notice that you have to know the difference between ordinary and official passport. Ordinary passport is a passport used for the purposes of traveling abroad. Meanwhile, the official passport is used for government employees for government duties. After that, you can input your arrival date so that you will be given other important information such as the validity of your visa, whether you can enter your destination country once or several times in a period, the cost of making an online Turkish e-visa and how to pay for it. The next step is filling in your personal data. Please fill in this section with accurate information which is not manipulated.

  • Next, click save and continue, then on your screen, it will say verify your information, then your e-visa will be finished soon. Please check your information carefully once again because if an error is found this will affect the next process. Click verify if all your data is correct.
  • Next is the payment process. In this process, you will be asked to fill in the data about your credit card. Once all of the required data is filled correctly, click make payment to proceed.
  • After that, an email will be sent to you to confirm whether it is really you who have just applied for the online e-visa. Don't forget to check the spam folder if there is no email in your inbox.
  • The next process is to download your Turkish e-visa once your payment is approved. You will receive email with eVisa that you can click on and your e-visa will be downloaded automatically.
  • Make sure you print out your e-visa as it will be indispensable for your trip. It doesn't matter if you print it out in color or not, but make sure your visa is always with you because you will need it a lot in your destination country.

If you are going to make the e-visa for several people, don't worry because you can also make an application of Turkey e-visa for several people in the website, they call it as a Family Application. Making online Turkish e-visa with the Family Application also needs some specific provisions such as all members must come from the same country. The minimum number of members is 2 people and a maximum of 10 people. They also have to have the same document type whether its passport or identity card.


Apply for Turkey visa:

  • Online Application: Fill out the visa application with your passport details.

  • Payment: Use a credit card to make an online payment.

  • Email Confirmation: After payment confirmation, your visa will be emailed to you.

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