Turkey introduces digital nomad visa scheme for foreign remote workers

In a bid to capitalize on the growing trend of remote work and attract a new wave of international visitors, the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism has launched a pioneering digital visa program. Aimed at enticing foreign remote workers to experience Turkey's rich cultural tapestry and stunning landscapes, this initiative offers an opportunity for individuals to temporarily reside in the country while continuing their professional pursuits. With enticing incentives and a seamless application process, Turkey emerges as a promising destination for digital nomads seeking adventure and inspiration.

Eligibility requirements for the applicants

  • Citizenship: The digital nomad visa for Turkey is available to citizens of specific countries, including EU member states, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the United States, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. Citizens of these countries are eligible to apply for the visa.
  • Age Requirement: Applicants for the digital nomad visa must fall within the age range of 21 to 55 years old. This age restriction ensures that applicants are within a certain demographic range deemed suitable for this visa program.
  • Work Status: Eligible applicants must work remotely, meaning they perform their job duties from a location outside of Turkey. This includes individuals who work as freelancers, entrepreneurs, or remote employees for companies based in other countries. The visa is not intended for individuals seeking traditional employment within Turkey.
  • Income Threshold: Applicants must showcase a required income as part of the eligibility criteria. This financial prerequisite is designed to ensure that applicants possess a reliable income stream, enabling them to sustain themselves while residing in Turkey and to positively impact the local economy throughout their stay.
  • Education: Applicants must possess a university degree. This educational requirement serves as a qualification criterion, indicating a certain level of educational attainment and professional capability. It may also demonstrate the applicant's ability to contribute positively to the local community during their stay in Turkey.
  • Valid Passport Requirement: In addition to meeting the specific eligibility criteria outlined by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, applicants must possess a valid passport from their home country.The passport must be valid for the duration of the applicant's intended stay in Turkey. Having a valid passport ensures compliance with international travel regulations and facilitates smooth entry and exit from Turkey.
  • Health Insurance Coverage Requirement: Along with meeting the eligibility criteria for the digital nomad visa, applicants are required to have adequate health insurance coverage. Health insurance is necessary to cover medical expenses and emergencies during the applicant's stay in Turkey. This requirement ensures that individuals have access to necessary healthcare services and financial protection in the event of illness or injury while residing in the country.

Application process of the nomad visa

The application process for the Digital Nomad Visa involves potential applicants accessing a dedicated website launched by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. On this platform, individuals can review the eligibility criteria for the visa and complete the necessary application forms. This streamlined process ensures that interested parties have easy access to information and can efficiently navigate the steps required to apply for the visa.

Nomad visa enables individuals to relocate and reside in Turkey for a period ranging from six months to a year, reflecting a growing interest in remote work and lifestyle flexibility. With the possibility of renewal, the program offers a unique opportunity for digital nomads to experience Turkey's rich culture, diverse landscapes, and vibrant cities while pursuing their professional endeavors remotely.

Recommended Locations for Living and Working in Turkey


Istanbul, Turkey's bustling metropolis straddling Europe and Asia, emerges as a top choice for digital nomads seeking a dynamic urban experience. Renowned for its rich history, diverse culture, and vibrant atmosphere, Istanbul offers an array of opportunities for remote workers to immerse themselves in its bustling streets, historic landmarks, and thriving arts scene. With its modern infrastructure, bustling markets, and vibrant neighborhoods, Istanbul provides an ideal setting for digital nomads to work remotely while exploring the city's countless attractions and diverse culinary scene.

Dalaman in Muğla Province:

Nestled in the picturesque Muğla province along Turkey's southwestern coast, Dalaman beckons digital nomads with its stunning natural beauty and laid-back coastal lifestyle. Boasting pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush greenery, Dalaman offers a tranquil retreat for remote workers seeking respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. From exploring hidden coves and ancient ruins to indulging in water sports and local cuisine, Dalaman provides endless opportunities for relaxation and exploration amidst its breathtaking landscapes.

İzmir on the Aegean Coast:

Located on the scenic Aegean coast, İzmir captivates digital nomads with its captivating blend of modernity and tradition. As Turkey's third-largest city, İzmir boasts a vibrant cultural scene, bustling markets, and picturesque waterfront promenades. Remote workers can soak in the city's laid-back Mediterranean vibe while immersing themselves in its rich history, vibrant arts scene, and culinary delights. With its mild climate, stunning beaches, and proximity to ancient ruins and natural wonders, İzmir offers an idyllic setting for digital nomads to live, work, and explore along the breathtaking Aegean coastline.


Situated along Turkey's southwestern coast, Antalya stands as a premier holiday destination renowned for its stunning beaches, historic sites, and vibrant nightlife. Digital nomads flock to this coastal gem to soak in the Mediterranean sun, explore ancient ruins, and indulge in the city's thriving culinary scene. With its picturesque old town, bustling marina, and scenic waterfront, Antalya offers a perfect blend of culture, relaxation, and adventure for remote workers seeking a unique and immersive experience in Turkey's enchanting Mediterranean region.


Apply for Turkey visa:

  • Online Application: Fill out the visa application with your passport details.

  • Payment: Use a credit card to make an online payment.

  • Email Confirmation: After payment confirmation, your visa will be emailed to you.

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