Residence and Business Permits in Turkey

A Turkish residence permit allows you to stay in Turkey for more than three months in a six-month period for purposes such as living, working, or studying. It also enables you to study, get married, convert to a Turkish driver's licence, get a tax number, open a bank account, buy property, and make investments.

Who is Required to Obtain a Turkey Residence Permit?

Every individual who relocates to Turkey with the intention of staying in the country for a period exceeding three months must acquire a Turkey Residence Permit upon their arrival. Failing to obtain a residence permit will result in their stay in Turkey being deemed illegal.

Who is Required to Obtain a Turkey Residence Permit

Exceptions to this requirement are granted in the following circumstances:

  • Possession of a "registration certificate" for an international protection application.
  • Exemption from a residence permit as per reciprocal or multilateral conventions in which the Republic of Turkey is a participating party.
  • Holding the position of a diplomatic or consular officer with an assignment in Turkey.
  • Employment at representative offices of international organisations within Turkish territory.
  • Inclusion of specific tags on one's identity card, including "international protection applicant," "international protection status," or "statelessness."
  • Holding a valid work permit.

Categories of Turkish Residence Permits

In Turkey, individuals seeking residence permits can choose from various types, depending on their visa status, intended purpose, and the duration of their stay. Here are the different residence permit types available:

Categories of Turkish Residence Permits

  • Short-term Residence Permit:

The Turkish short-term residence permit is highly sought after and can be obtained for the following purposes:

- Engaging in scientific research.

- Establishing commercial connections or conducting business activities.

- Participating in in-service training programs.

- Pursuing educational or similar objectives through student exchange programs.

- Tourism purposes.

- Receiving medical treatment, provided the applicant does not carry diseases considered a public health threat.

- Attending Turkish language courses.

- Being a citizen of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

  • Family Residence Permit

A family residence permit can be granted to the foreign spouse of a Turkish national, their minor children, and dependent foreign children. The sponsor must possess sufficient income to support the individuals applying for the residence permit.

  • Student Residence Permit:

A student residence permit is available for individuals intending to enrol in primary or secondary education or higher education institutions in Turkey. It is not required for those who already hold a family residence permit.

Eligibility for a student residence permit extends to those planning to pursue studies at the following levels:

- Associate degree.

- Bachelor's degree.

- Master's degree.

- Doctorate.

- Specialty training in medicine (TUS).

- Specialty training in dentistry (DUS).

These various residence permit options cater to the diverse needs of individuals relocating to Turkey, providing them with the appropriate legal framework based on their specific circumstances.

Additional Turkish Residence Permit Categories

Additional Turkish Residence Permit Categories provide foreigners with various options to legally stay in Turkey for extended periods. These categories offer diverse pathways, catering to different needs and circumstances, making Turkey an attractive destination for a wide range of individuals.

  • Long-term Residence Permit

If you have lived in Turkey continuously for a minimum of eight years under a residence permit issued by the authorities, you have the option to apply for a Turkish long-term residence permit. This particular permit carries indefinite validity. 

Please note that individuals who have resided in Turkey for the specified period under refugee status, conditional refugee status, secondary protection, humanitarian residence permits, or temporary protection are not eligible to apply for this permit.

  • Humanitarian Residence Permit

The humanitarian residence permit is available for individuals in Turkey who lack a valid visa or residence permit, yet no deportation decision has been issued against them. This permit applies to those either awaiting deportation or unable to return to their home country due to emergency circumstances.

  • Residence Permit for Victims of Human Trafficking

Victims of human trafficking in Turkey can seek refuge through this specialised residence permit. If you have become a victim of human trafficking and find yourself in Turkey, you are eligible to apply for this particular residence permit.

These additional residence permit categories serve to accommodate specific circumstances and needs of individuals residing in Turkey, ensuring that legal provisions are in place to address their unique situations.

How to Initiate a Turkey Residence Permit Application

Obtaining a Turkey Residence Permit involves a series of procedures that must be adhered to. An important point to note is that you are required to initiate your residence permit application within one month of your arrival in Turkey.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Determine the Type of Residence Permit

Begin by identifying the specific type of residence permit that suits your circumstances. There are various categories to choose from based on your purpose of stay.

  • Online Application

Access the Ministry of Interior's official website and complete the online application. You will need to provide essential personal information such as your name, date of birth, parents' names, nationality, and contact details.

  • Appointment Scheduling

Visit the official website and proceed to schedule an appointment at the nearest office of the Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM). During this step, you will be required to complete a form with your personal information and your current address in Turkey.

  • Appointment Details and Document Checklist

Following the appointment scheduling process, you will receive information about the nearest DGMM office's address. Additionally, you will be provided with a list of required documents, available appointment dates and times, as well as details regarding the application and card fees that must be paid.

Essential Documents for a Turkey Residence Permit Application

When attending your scheduled appointment at the nearest Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM) office in Turkey, you must present a set of specific documents for your residence permit application. The necessary documents for obtaining a Turkish residence permit are outlined below:

  • Residence Permit Application Form

You are required to complete and submit the official residence permit application form provided by the Turkish authorities.

  • Biometric Photographs

Four biometric photographs must be provided, adhering to Turkey's specific requirements for passport-sized photos.

  • Original Passport

Your original passport, which serves as your primary identification document, must be presented during the application process.

  • Notarized Copy of Passport or Travel Document

A notarized copy of your passport or travel document is essential for your application. This copy should be officially certified by a notary public.

  • Proof of Financial Resources

To demonstrate your ability to cover your expenses during your stay in Turkey, you must provide evidence of sufficient and sustainable financial resources. Specifically, you should prove that you have the required amount in your bank account for the duration of your intended stay, or provide documentation indicating that you will receive this amount on a monthly basis.

  • Health Insurance Documentation

It is mandatory to present proof of valid health insurance that covers your medical needs while in Turkey.

Duration of Validity for Turkey Residence Permits

The duration of validity for a Turkey Residence Permit varies according to the specific type of permit held:

  • Short-term Residence Permits

Short-term residence permits can be issued for a maximum duration of two years at a time.

  • Long-term Residence Permits

Long-term residence permits come with indefinite validity, providing individuals with a more stable and enduring status.

  • Student Residence Permits

The validity of a Student Residence Permit is contingent upon the length of one's educational program. If your educational period spans less than one year, the residence permit's duration cannot exceed the educational period.

  • Family Residence Permits

Family residence permits may be granted for a period not exceeding three years at a time, offering families a secure legal status for a substantial period.

  • Humanitarian Residence Permits

Humanitarian residence permits are initially granted and extended for a maximum period of one year, catering to individuals facing unique circumstances that require temporary refuge.

  • Residence Permits for Victims of Human Trafficking

The residence permit for victims of human trafficking is issued for a specific duration of thirty days, addressing immediate protection needs.

Obtaining a Business Residence Permit in Turkey with a Business Visa

Exploring business opportunities in Turkey? Learn how to secure a Business Residence Permit alongside a Business Visa through this guide, covering key steps and requirements for a successful expansion or establishment in the country.

  • Understanding the Business Visa

A Business Visa is intended for foreign individuals planning to enter Turkey for business-related purposes, including attending meetings, conferences, or establishing business connections. Typically, this visa permits a stay of up to 90 days within a 180-day period. However, it's important to note that a Business Visa does not authorise long-term work or permanent residence in Turkey.

Application for the Business Visa

To apply for a Business Visa, follow these steps:

  • Document Preparation

Gather the required documents, including:

- A valid passport with at least six months of validity remaining.

- A completed visa application form.

- Two recent biometric photos (taken within the last six months).

- Proof of sufficient financial resources to cover your stay in Turkey.

- A business invitation letter or evidence of business-related activities, such as meeting or conference invitations.

- Proof of accommodation arrangements and travel plans.

  • Submission

Submit your visa application at the nearest Turkish consulate or embassy in your home country.

  • Payment

Pay the visa application fee as required.

  • Waiting Period

Wait for the visa decision, which typically takes 2-3 weeks. Once approved, you will receive a visa sticker affixed to your passport.

Application for the Business Residence Permit

After entering Turkey with your Business Visa and deciding to establish a business or invest in the country, you must apply for a Business Residence Permit. Follow these steps:

  • Registration and Online Application

Register on the e-Residence system and complete the online application form for the Business Residence Permit. Secure an appointment date.

  • Document Preparation

Assemble the necessary documents, including:

- Residence permit application form.

- A valid passport and a copy of the Business Visa.

- Four recent biometric photos (taken within the last six months).

- Proof of health insurance coverage valid in Turkey.

- Evidence of sufficient financial means to cover your stay and business expenses.

- Rental contract or proof of accommodation in Turkey.

- Receipt of residence permit tax and card fee.

- Documentation related to your business, such as a tax plate, company activity certificate, trade registry gazette, signature circulars, and a stamped official letter explaining the foreigner's stay in Turkey.

  • Appointment and Submission

Attend your appointment as scheduled and submit the required documents.

Company Registration and Work Permits for Foreigners in Turkey

Establishing a company in Turkey as a foreigner can be a complex yet rewarding endeavour, offering access to a diverse and growing market. In this article, we'll outline the steps involved in registering a company in Turkey.

Company Registration and Work Permits for Foreigners in Turkey

Alt tag: Hand holding Passport . 

Why Register a Company in Turkey?

Turkey's strategic location, skilled workforce, and favourable business environment make it an attractive destination for foreign investors. The country's economy spans various sectors, from traditional industries like agriculture and manufacturing to emerging fields such as technology and tourism. Registering a company in Turkey allows you to leverage these opportunities and establish your presence in the Turkish market.

How to Register a Company in Turkey

Below are steps to register a company in Turkey:

  • Choose a Legal Structure

Select the appropriate legal structure for your company, such as a limited liability company, joint-stock company, or branch office. Each structure has its own advantages and disadvantages, so choose the one that aligns with your business goals.

  • Prepare Required Documents

Before registration, assemble the necessary documents, including a business plan, articles of association, proof of address, and identification documents for the company founders.

  • Register with the Trade Registry

Complete the registration process with the Trade Registry, a governmental body responsible for overseeing and registering businesses in Turkey. This involves submitting the required documentation and paying the registration fee.

  • Obtain a Tax Number

After Trade Registry registration, acquire a tax number from the Tax Administration. This number serves as your company's tax identification and is essential for various business transactions in Turkey.

  • Register with Social Security

If your company has employees, you must register with the Social Security Institution. This entails obtaining a social security number for your business and fulfilling contributions to the institution for employee coverage.

  • Obtain Necessary Licences and Permits

Depending on your business sector, secure any additional licences and permits required for lawful operation in Turkey. For instance, businesses like restaurants or hotels may need specific licences from relevant authorities.

Restricted Areas for Turkish Residence Permits

The government's decision to restrict residence permits in specific neighbourhoods aims to address concerns related to public discontent, inflation, unemployment, and housing prices. As per the latest announcement, various types of accommodation are not available in these neighbourhoods.

  1. Avcilar district - Denizköşkler neighborhood.
  2. Başakşehir area of Başakşehir - İkitelli neighborhood and Ziya Gökalp neighborhood.
  3. Beylikduzu area - OSB district.
  4. Beşiktaş District - Beşiktaş (Yıldız neighbourhood).
  5. Snivert district - Alevler neighbourhood, Gökevler neighbourhood, Koza neighbourhood, Piri Reis neighbourhood, Yeşilkent neighbourhood, and Zafer neighbourhood.
  6. Fatih area - All neighbourhoods within the district.
  7. Beyoğlu district - Bülbül neighbourhood, Çukur Çekur neighbourhood, Kamer Hatun neighbourhood, Kocatepe neighbourhood, and Şehit Muhtar neighbourhood.
  8. Küçükçekmece area - Beşyol neighborhood.
  9. Sarıyer district - Maslak neighborhood.
  10. Şişli region - Mecidiyeköy neighbourhood, İnönü neighbourhood, and Ergenekon neighbourhood.
  11. Ümraniye district - Dudullu district.
  12. Zeytinburnu area - Maltepe neighbourhood.
  13. Tuzla district - Aydınlı Aydin Li neighborhood.

Advantages of Obtaining a Turkey Residence Permit for Living in Turkey

A Turkey Residence Permit offers numerous benefits to non-Turkish nationals looking to live in Turkey. Here, we outline the advantages of holding a residence permit in Turkey:

  • Extended Stay and Frequent Holidays

With a short-term Touristic residence permit ID card, individuals and their families can enjoy longer stays and frequent holidays in Turkey, exploring its rich culture and beautiful landscapes.

  • Marriage and Family

Residence permits facilitate marriages with Turkish spouses, fostering connections with Turkish families and communities for future considerations.

  • Employment Opportunities

Holders of residence permits can seek employment with international companies, often with above-average salaries and benefits. This opens doors to a wide range of career prospects.

  • Banking and Financial Services

Individuals can open Turkish bank accounts, making it easier to manage finances and conduct transactions within Turkey.

  • Driver's Licence

Foreigners can replace their foreign driver's licence with a Turkish driver's licence, allowing them to drive legally in the country.

  • Investment and Business Ventures

Residence permit holders can make personal or corporate-level investments, set up businesses in Turkey, and explore potential business opportunities.

  • Real Estate Ownership

Foreigners have the option to purchase or rent properties in Turkey, providing opportunities for comfortable living arrangements.

  • Long-Term Residence Permit

After eight years of holding a short-term residence permit in Turkey, individuals can transition to a Long-term permanent residence permit, which does not require renewal and includes an indefinite work permit.

Step-by-Step Guide to Submitting an Online Residence Permit Application in Turkey

Applying for a residence permit in Turkey has become more streamlined with the option to lodge your application online. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you through the process:

  • Contact iResidence Application Center

After your arrival in Turkey, it is essential to initiate the residence permit application process before your visa expires. You can reach out to the iResidence Application Center for assistance.

  • Obtain Health Insurance

Our in-house Insurance Desk can swiftly issue your Turkey health insurance, ensuring that you meet this essential requirement.

  • Expert Assistance

Our experts will assist you in completing the online application form, ensuring 100% compliance with the Republic of Turkey's migration laws. A basic fee may apply for this service.

  • Select Appointment Date and Time

During the application process, you will be prompted to choose a suitable appointment date and time. These appointments are available at government immigration offices, conveniently located in over 250 locations across Turkey, often in proximity to your residential address.

  • Receive Confirmation via Email

After completing your application, you will receive a confirmation email containing a PDF registration document. This document will include your application number and the confirmed date and time for your appointment in Turkey. It is essential to keep this information confidential, as it pertains solely to you.

  • Track Application Status

At any time during the process, you can track the status of your residence permit application through the government's Immigration website, providing you with visibility into the progress of your application.

  • Attend the Interview

To complete the process, you will need to attend a short interview, which is typically scheduled on weekdays from 08:30 to 16:30 hours at the government immigration office. Ensure that you bring your passport and original supporting documents to this appointment. Additionally, you will be required to pay the e-ikamet government fee.


What is a Turkey Residence Permit, and who needs one?

A Turkey Residence Permit is an official document allowing foreign nationals to live and stay in Turkey for a specified period. Anyone, including tourists, who plans to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days or conduct specific activities, such as work or study, needs a residence permit.

What are the different types of Turkey Residence Permits?

Turkey offers various types of residence permits, including Short-term, Long-term, Student, Family, Humanitarian, and Permits for Victims of Human Trafficking.

How can I apply for a Turkey Residence Permit?

The application process typically involves completing an online application, scheduling an appointment at a local immigration office, and providing the required documents, such as a valid passport, health insurance, and proof of financial means.

Can I work in Turkey with a Residence Permit?

Yes, certain types of residence permits, such as Work Permits and Business Residence Permits, allow you to work in Turkey legally.

What are the benefits of obtaining a Business Residence Permit in Turkey?

A Business Residence Permit enables you to establish and operate a business in Turkey, make investments, access the Turkish market, and eventually apply for Turkish citizenship under specific investment conditions.

How can I apply for a Business Residence Permit?

To apply for a Business Residence Permit, you need to register your business in Turkey and meet specific investment requirements. You can also appoint a Turkish managing director to facilitate the process.

Is it possible to obtain Turkish citizenship through a Business Residence Permit?

 Yes, foreign investors who meet the investment criteria can apply for Turkish citizenship and obtain a Turkish passport.


Apply for Turkey visa:

  • Online Application: Fill out the visa application with your passport details.

  • Payment: Use a credit card to make an online payment.

  • Email Confirmation: After payment confirmation, your visa will be emailed to you.

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