Turkey Welcomes Tourists From 14 Countries After Lockdown

Turkey Welcomes Tourists From 14 Countries After Lockdown

After three weeks of lockdown, the number of COVID-19 cases in Turkey decreased. The Turkish Government decided to modify the travel restriction as they open their borders to foreign visitors. The country announced 14 countries are welcome to visit Turkey for the summer season.

Passengers from these countries no longer need to present a negative PCR to enter the Turkey:

On May 15, 2021, Turkey’s COVID-19 cases shrink to 11,472 from 63,082 records from the previous month. Turkish President aims to reduce the number of COVID-19 with no more than 5,000 cases daily. After the dip in COVID cases, Turkey considered boosting the tourism sector.

Turkish Hoteliers see it as an opportunity to generate revenue for the upcoming holiday. In 2019 tourism statistics, Turkey suffered a loss of about $22 billion profit, which takes 12% of its economic trend. The news of reopening their borders would surge the number of tourist services and activities in Turkey's famous destinations.

Meanwhile, curfew retained its original schedule at night time and during weekends. Restaurants will only accommodate food deliveries and suspend dine-in to avoid gathering of people. Accommodation facilities have to meet the standard criteria for certification and pass four inspections in one month. It is to ensure the health and safety of the tourist staying within their premises. Hospitals, airports, and hotels will continue to conduct PCR tests.  Mugla, Izmir, and Antalya implement stringent measures due to the surge of tourism activities.

In addition, Mevlut Cavusoglu assures workers under the tourism sector will get the vaccines against COVID-19. Turkey distributed COVID vaccines to 26% of its population up-to-date. Compared to other countries, Cavusoglu informs that the status of tourism in Turkish borders remains resilient. The Government of Turkey hopes that the vaccination campaign would turn into outstanding results.


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