Top 4 Beach Destinations for Digital Nomads in Turkey

Turkey has seen a surge in popularity among tourists and digital nomads due to its warm hospitality, affordable living costs, 90-day e-visas, and vibrant cafe culture. Istanbul remains a top choice, but there's a growing trend among nomads to explore the Turkish Riviera, offering sun-soaked beach destinations and an ideal work-life balance.

Izmir: A Charming Alternative

Digital nomads are drawn to Izmir because it allows them to escape the capital's crowds while still enjoying the benefits of a major city's infrastructure and vibrant cafe culture.



  • A Surprising Digital Nomad Haven

Izmir, with its robust remote work infrastructure, high-speed internet, and numerous free Wi-Fi connections, is an ideal destination for digital nomads. Co-working options offer convenient and affordable amenities, catering to the needs of tech-savvy nomads.

  • Thriving Cafe Culture

Izmir's thriving cafe scene rivals Istanbul's, making it a haven for digital nomads. Notable spots include pet-friendly Hoi Coffee and Plants, the spacious Becca Coffee, the sea-view ambiance of Eye Opia, and the popular hub Coffee Chaplin. Maia Coffee House is a standout for its exceptional coffee quality, but be sure to arrive early for limited seating.

  • Easy Mobility in Izmir

Izmir is a walkable city with a modern tram system, efficient buses, and scenic ferries. The tram offers sea views, and a unique experience awaits at the free historic elevator on Dario Moreno street, complete with an ascending sea view and captivating Italian elevator music.

  • Weekend Escapes and Exploration

Izmir's digital nomads can enjoy diverse weekend getaways, from Çesme's beaches to the historic Ephesus site or the Pamukkale water terraces, offering a balanced work and leisure experience.

Discovering the Hidden Gem: Bursa

Bursa, once an overlooked gem among Turkey's major cities, has now become a well-kept secret that digital nomads are increasingly discovering. As the country's fourth-largest city, Bursa boasts impressive Ottoman architecture, immaculate streets, and a modern infrastructure conducive to remote work.



  • Co-Working Spaces and Digital Nomad Hotspots

Bursa offers a range of co-working spaces which provide excellent amenities for nomads in serene, contemporary settings. For those seeking the company of both local and international remote workers, Good Call Cafe is a popular spot.

  • Embracing Authentic Turkish Culture

Nomads looking to immerse themselves in Turkish culture and daily life will find Bursa to be an ideal match. While it may not be primarily known as a beach destination, the region offers diverse terrain, encompassing both mountains and beaches along the scenic Sea of Marmara. Notably, Güzelyalı and Mudanya host pebble beaches with crystal-clear waters and minimal crowds, all just a short 30-minute drive from the city centre. 

  • Access and Arrival

Interestingly, many visitors to Bursa are introduced to these beautiful beaches upon their arrival. The easiest way to reach Bursa is by taking a high-speed ferry from Istanbul, making the city not only a delightful place to work but also an accessible starting point for exploring the diverse landscapes and rich culture that the region has to offer.

Fethiye: A Hidden Coastal Gem for Digital Nomads

Fethiye, often underrated but truly captivating, offers an ideal setting for digital nomads who seek awe-inspiring work environments and adventurous weekends in nature, even if it means navigating a few hills.

Ölüdeniz Tabiat Park's renowned blue lagoon

Oludeniz deniz Tabiat Park

  • Natural Wonders at Your Doorstep

Beyond their laptops, digital nomads in Fethiye can immerse themselves in the enchanting turquoise waters of the Ölüdeniz Tabiat Park's renowned blue lagoon. They can also explore the unspoiled beauty of the Kabak Valley or embark on a water taxi journey to Calis Beach. 

  • A Relaxed Coastal Vibe

While luxury holiday destinations are within easy reach, Fethiye itself distinguishes itself by not being inundated with resorts like Antalya or Bodrum. Instead, it exudes a laid-back, more relaxed coastal ambiance that appeals to those looking for a quieter atmosphere.

  • Connectivity and Workspaces

Fethiye provides digital nomads with Wi-Fi averaging around 20 mbps, suitable for work. Coworking spaces like Lokal, Hipokampüs, and Study Cafe cater to remote workers. Trendy cafes like Köşe Kahve and Cofhilus Coffee House offer a picturesque coastal setting for a blend of work and leisure.

Antalya: A Tempting Choice for Digital Nomads

Antalya offers an enticing blend of major city conveniences, stunning beaches, and a rich historical heritage, making it a compelling destination for digital nomads.



  • The Heat Factor

However, there's a catch. Antalya is known for its scorching temperatures, especially during peak summer, when the mercury can soar above 40 degrees Celsius (over 104 degrees Fahrenheit). This intense heat drives tourists to seek refuge in the refreshing sea, while locals often retreat to cooler mountain residences to escape the sweltering conditions.

  • Tourism Mecca

It boasts extensive resort complexes that sprawl along the regional coastline, drawing a significant influx of visitors. While the city is renowned for its pristine beaches, it also attracts travellers seeking to explore its ancient ruins, wander through the historical old town, and marvel at its impressive fortresses and castles.

What makes Turkey a good destination for digital nomads?

Turkey, with its modern-traditional blend, affordable living, strong internet, scenic beaches, thriving nomad community, and rich culture, is a top choice for digital nomads seeking a distinctive work-life balance.

  • Affordable Cost of Living

Compared to many Western countries and other popular destinations for remote work, Turkey offers a fantastic cost of living. This affordability extends to all aspects of daily life, making it an ideal choice for those looking to maintain a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle while working remotely.

  • Good Internet Connectivity

The country has invested significantly in its digital infrastructure, ensuring widespread access to stable and high-speed internet. Internet speeds in major cities and digital nomad hotspots often surpass global averages. This dependable connectivity is crucial for remote work, enabling digital nomads to stay seamlessly connected with clients, teams, and online resources.

Good Internet Connectivity

  • Diverse Range of Beach Destinations

Turkey boasts a wealth of diverse beach destinations along its picturesque coastlines. Each location offers its own unique appeal, whether it's the stunning blue lagoons of Ölüdeniz, the vibrant atmosphere of Izmir, or the peaceful beaches in Fethiye. The Turkish Riviera provides digital nomads with an array of options for achieving a work-life balance that includes seaside relaxation and adventure.

  • Thriving Digital Nomad Community

Cities like Istanbul, Izmir, and Antalya have attracted a diverse group of remote workers from around the world. This sense of community is invaluable for digital nomads, fostering networking opportunities, cultural exchange, and a support system essential for navigating the remote work lifestyle in a foreign country. 

Tips for digital nomads visiting Turkey

When embarking on a digital nomad adventure in Turkey, a land of rich history and stunning landscapes, consider essential tips for a smooth experience. These include respecting cultural norms, enjoying diverse cuisine, and ensuring connectivity while exploring ancient sites and lively markets, enhancing your remote work journey in this captivating destination.

Tips for digital nomads visiting Turkey

  • How to get a visa

Digital nomads from most countries can obtain a visa on arrival at a Turkish airport. However, it is always advisable to check with the embassy or consulate in your home country before travelling to ensure that you meet the latest visa requirements.

  • How to find accommodation

There are a variety of accommodation options available for digital nomads in Turkey, ranging from budget-friendly hostels to luxury hotels. Some popular platforms for finding accommodation in Turkey include Airbnb,, and

  • How to set up your workspace

If you are planning to work from your accommodation, it is important to find a space that is comfortable and conducive to productivity. Many digital nomad-friendly hotels and hostels offer coworking spaces and other amenities that can make it easier to set up your workspace.

  • How to stay connected

Turkey has good internet connectivity in general, but it is always advisable to check the speed and reliability of the internet connection before choosing an accommodation or coworking space. You can also purchase a local SIM card to stay connected on the go.

  • How to make friends and network

There are a number of ways to make friends and network with other digital nomads in Turkey. One way is to join online communities and social media groups dedicated to digital nomads in Turkey. Another way is to attend meetups and events organised for digital nomads.

Here are some additional tips for digital nomads visiting Turkey:

  • Learn a few basic Turkish phrases. This will show that you are making an effort to integrate into the culture and will make it easier to communicate with locals.
  • Be respectful of Turkish customs and traditions. Turkey is a Muslim-majority country, so it is important to dress modestly and avoid public displays of affection.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and take precautions to stay safe. Turkey is a relatively safe country, but it is always important to be aware of your surroundings and take precautions to avoid pickpockets and other petty crime.


What are the top beach destinations in Turkey for digital nomads right now?

The top beach destinations in Turkey for digital nomads currently include Izmir, Bursa, Fethiye, and Antalya.

What makes Izmir an attractive destination for digital nomads?

Izmir is appealing to digital nomads due to its picturesque coastal setting, robust remote work infrastructure, high-speed internet, and a thriving cafe culture. It offers a pleasant balance of work and leisure.

How does Bursa cater to the needs of digital nomads?

Bursa appeals to digital nomads with its impressive Ottoman architecture, modern infrastructure, co-working spaces like The Workery and Worqzone, and a taste of authentic Turkish culture. Although the city itself is not a beach town, it offers access to nearby coastal areas.

What can digital nomads expect in Fethiye as a beach destination?

Fethiye offers stunning natural beauty, including the Ölüdeniz Tabiat Park's blue lagoon, Kabak Valley, and Calis Beach. It's also a hub for paragliding and a stop along the Lycian Trail. Fethiye has a relaxed coastal vibe and ample co-working spaces and laptop-friendly cafes.

Why might Antalya be a challenging choice for digital nomads, despite its attractions?

While Antalya boasts big city infrastructure, beautiful beaches, and historical sites, it can become extremely hot during peak summer, with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). It's also one of Turkey's most touristy cities, leading to crowded conditions during high season.

Are there co-working spaces and good internet connectivity in these destinations?

Yes, all these destinations offer co-working spaces and reliable internet connectivity, with average internet speeds ranging from 20 to 35 mbps. Digital nomads will find well-equipped co-working spaces and numerous laptop-friendly cafes to work from.


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