Turkey Visa on Arrival


The visa on arrival has been made available to facilitate the process of obtaining entry permits to turkey for citizens of some countries.

Turkey Visa on Arrival

Lately, the Turkish government has repeatedly announced the cancellation of this type of visa for some countries. But in the last press release, the authorities announced that the turkey visa on arrival will no longer be available starting October 28th, 2018 and travelers who could have their visa on site, must after this date order an e-visa before departure.

Why Turkey canceled the visa on arrival?

The cancelation of turkey visa on arrival was made for two simple reasons:

- The visa on arrival requires the provision of special kiosks and an entire organization at the airport, and travelers will therefore have to spend hours in the waiting lines to get their visa.

- Travelers who have access to the visa on arrival also have access to another easy method, the Turkey e visa, which is a more automated and easier method, with a procedure that should be done a few days before departure, and the travelers will therefore be able to enter directly without going through the waiting lines.

Why the turkey visa on arrival is no longer available?

Citizens of some countries may have realized that access to a turkey visa on arrival is no longer available even before October 28th. The explanation is that Turkey has repeatedly canceled this visa for different countries each time. In this period, only nationals of: Croatia / the U.S. / Belgium / Malta / Netherlands / Portugal / Spain / North Korea can have access to the visa on arrival. Then, after October 28, 2018 the cancellation will be total and no one will be able to obtain the visa on arrival.

It should be noted that citizens of North Korea must hold a valid visa or a residence permit issued by the countries of the Schengen area, Ireland or the United Kingdom and their visa is valid only for 30 days. 

Turkish government introduce Turkey e visa

Before the last decisions of Turkish government, the countries concerned by this visa were reviewed in:

The Turkey e Visa is an electronic travel authority permit approved through the Turkish government which grants to enter Turkey. It should be noted that the visa obtained on site is only active as a tourist or business visa (that is to say of short and defined duration). It is a short trem visa. you can't stay for long term under the turkey. It does not give access to accommodation or immigration to exercise a paid activity or study in Turkish territory. Nations which are eligible for turkey evisa, A Turkey e visa holder is eligible to stay for 30 days or 90 days depending on the nationality of the holder. 

Why did Turkey introduce e visa?

Turkey, like many countries that want to attract foreigners, seeks ease and comfort for these visitors. It is for this reason that the e-visa has been made available to replace the visa on arrival.

The e-visa means electronic visa, the application can be made easily from a computer, a Smartphone, or any means of internet connection, at home and a few days before departure with an operation that takes only a few minutes (around 15 minutes).

The traveler will arrive at the airport with an e-visa ready and valid, and will avoid any kind of waiting or complication, thanks to a simple request from his domicile a few days before his flight.

Automatism, simplicity and ease of this procedure have pushed Turkey to use e-visa as a better alternative for visa on arrival.

Why choose Turkey evisa?

The Turkish government has thought of facilitating the acquisition of an entry permit to its territory for tourists coming from countries and has made available a Turkey visa, with the least effort and a very simple process. e visa system is very smooth and straghtfroward process. you can apply from any where just check up you for internet access.

How to apply for Turkey evisa?

To apply Turkey visa visit on Turkey visa application. fill out the application form and the rest is on us. Some information required to complete the form as. And you make sure that these details should be match on your passport.

With the latest decision of the Turkish government, the visa on arrival will soon become unavailable and be completely replaced by the e-visa which seems to be a much more efficient solution.

The electronic visa will allow the travelers to obtain an entry permit easily, quickly and from their homes, a few days before their departure. The travelers will then be able to directly enter into the Turkish territory without having to wait in long lines.



Apply for Turkey visa:

  • Online Application: Fill out the visa application with your passport details.

  • Payment: Use a credit card to make an online payment.

  • Email Confirmation: After payment confirmation, your visa will be emailed to you.

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