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Visa Information Inquiry

By Syerina

I represent a university in Oman. One of my students with Pakistani nationality has been accepted to do 2-months of internship in Turkey through IAESTE program. May I know what type of visa does my student need to apply?


Modifying online visa application from multiple to single entry


The online visa application form did not give me the choice of changing from multiple to single entry visa. Please advise.


Cruise ship passenger visiting Istanbul and Kusadasi

By Dorothy Craig

My husband and I will be visiting Istanbul (an overnight stay on the ship) and Kusadasi (12-hour layover in port) with Holland American cruise lines in June/July of this year. It would appear that we do NOT require visas for Turkey under these conditions, but I would be grateful for confirmation of this from you. With thanks, and we are very excited about this visit!


Scammed by you (Turkey-e-Visa.com) for eVisa

By Syeda Shehreen Fatima

You have charged me double the fee (114 USD) instead of 61.50 USD the official Turkish Govt fee. I did all the work (filled out the forms and sent all data to you). What are you exactly charging for? You pretend to be an official website but you are just a scam. I am from Pakistan and I had great respect for Turkish Nation but the way you are scamming people you are bringing shame to the whole Turkish nation.
May Allah have mercy on you.
Syeda Shehreen Fatima


I cannot make payment

By Tahmeen Ahmad

2 issues -
(1) nothing happens on the payment link. I am not redirected to make a payment.
(3) we are three travelers, coming to Turkey for another holiday. Mom is retired and her Schengen visa is expired. However, we are frequent visitors.


Residence permit

By Brenda

I'm uk resident my friend is in Nigeria we want too travel too Turkey for a holiday but our countries don't have residence permits too apply for online visa sticker so what do we do ??


Am I required to have transit visa

By Mohammad Aetebar

Hello Sir/Madam,

My family is traveling from Los Angeles International Airport to Frankfort, Germany on May 30, 2023. They have one stop in Istanbul Airport, Turkey. their layover time is 2hrs and 35minutes. They are US citizens, are they supposed to apply for transit visa? Please reply to my email.
Thank you,


Refused Entry to Turkey from UK

By Mohammad

I am resident in United Kingdom. I was refused entry at Turkish Istanbul without any reason, I would like to make an appointment as I would like to travel again, it caused me great concern and distress that I was deported to UK from Turkey wothout a valid reason..

I look forward to hearing from you.


Visa check

By Raja mohan Reddy

Good afternoon, I applied for e visa online and I paid $44.20 per person. I want to check my e visa is original or fake.
EV 596460429246 is the visa number.


Travel information

By Mohammad Junaid

Can i travel to turkey with Belgium temporary residence permit? I am from Pakistani and i have Pakistani passport but, I put Belgium identity card in travel document section as i am international student here in Belgium and i have residency permit. Can i travel with this E/visa. I should make another application with Pakistani passport and details in travelling document? Kindly guide me, I will be very thankful to you..

Mohammad Junaid


e visa for Nigerian passport holder in uk

By Adenike Idiat Hamzat

I am a British citizen, travelling with my family to turkey for holiday with my mother who is a Nigerian, currently in the Uk, London. She holds a Nigerian passport with 10years Uk visa and would like to apply for Turkey e visa.
Please assist.


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