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Travel Documents Refugee (UK)

By Arash

I have a travel document for refugee from the UK and I'm planning to go to Turkey for some cosmetic surgeries. I've talked to a clinic in Turkey, and they will book a hotel for me. They are asking for 7,000 pounds for my treatment. However, I just found out I need a visa to enter Turkey. Unfortunately, the agencies handling visas are asking for 300 pounds from me, which is not acceptable. I would appreciate your help in this matter.


Tourism Visa for Palestinian Passport with UAE Resident Visa

By Samer Kamal Abu Taleb

Would you support Applying for a Tourism Visa for a Palestinian Passport with a UAE Resident Visa?
As for now, I can not find the Palestinian nationality on the application page


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By Jackson K

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query regarding job offer

By Khawaja Danish

I have applied for senior civil engineer in despot group turkey and they offered me job letter and say me to process for FWC. how i reverify this thing that offer letter is genuine or it is scam


Turkey visa for Egyptian have Schengen visa

By Mostafa El Behery

I am Egyptian and I have a valid Schengen visa and have already used it to enter France. What should I do to obtain a Turkish visa and how much will it cost me?


Turkey e Visa - Adress

By P K

What to fill in the adress field? Is it my permanent address or addres where I will stay when in Turkey? Your article suggests 'Permanent Address' however the hint at eVisa webportal sugests the address at destination. I am confused.
Thank You


visa from england to turkey for one week holiday in July - visa?

By Matthew Ford


I am visting Turkey from england in July for one week.
I have a minor criminal record which is not spent and is on my record.
Do I need a visa?
Please confirm as I do not want to be turned away when I arrive.


Changing date of arrival on visa

By Angarika Deb


I have had a rescheduling of my flight from Pegasus airlines, such that I am arriving some hours earlier than my original flight. Due to the change, my date of arrival has changed and I am arriving one day before. Is it possible to request for a change in the date of my visa accordingly?


Turkey visa with Indian passport but Canadian PR

By Nisha

Can my mum travel to Turkey if she has Canadian PR but Indian passport? Will an e-visa be sufficient to travel!


Turkey E-Visa age problem

By Anas Rarih

I am a 17 year old algerian male who turns 18 in August. I plan to travel to turkey in May for 5 days, where i will still be 17 at the time. The website does not allow me to apply for E visa as it says i am 18 even though i have not turned 18 yet and will not be 18 during time of travel. The rules for Algerians citizens say to be applicable for e visa i must be below 18 or above 35 years of age, which i am below 18.


I’m holding a uk travel document and need advise to apply tourist visa

By Meshel

Dear sir/madam,

I’m a refugee in UK and I have uk refugee travel document. I would like to travel to Turkey on June and can you please advise me how to apply for a visa. I tied to apply to E-visa but it’s says I need to contact the consulate to get visa. I’m a full time permanent employee and I can provide necessary documentation. Please advise.


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