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Having Swedish PR is eligibility to enter Turkey

By Maryam Shah

I am an Afghan by having permanent resident of Sweden I want to apply for visit visa to Turkey. Kindly guide me through visa instructions do I need to get visa or does Sweden PR have same as having Schengen Visa


Tourist Visa for Filipino citizen holding a permanent residence in Canada

By Regielyn Tijam

Hi I am a filipino citizen holding a permanent residence in Canada do I need to apply a travel visa to turkey?


Do I need a Visa if I am living in Finland with resident permit?

By Khalida Menser


I am a 32 Algerian woman and I have a Finnish resident permit (I live in Finland). I would like to visit Istanbul with my Finnish husband over a weekend.
In this case do I need a visa?

With regards,
Khalida Menser.


Error in E visa Application

By Amjad Hussain

I have tried to apply for E-visa via the portal 2 times and for some reason I am receiving the following error even though I am eligible for the E-Visa, this error pops up when I verify my email :

Unfortunately, we are not able to issue e-Visa for you.

Please proceed to the nearest Turkish Embassy or Consulate for visa application. For a complete list of Turkish mission, visit http://www.visa.gov.tr"

Anybody knows about this?


Application for visa


Dear customer service,
I just find I make a mistake applying to your platform for a visa, my apologies. I am a Me I can and don’t need to have an e-visa. Could you please explain me how you are managing my data? Can you provide an email explaining me if you can cancel the order and reimburse the amount paid please.
Thanks in advance,
Cecilia Lukaszewsky


Turkey Transit Visa (Indian Citizen)

By Piyush Sachdev

I am an Indian citizen and I reside in Canada. I hold a valid visa for canada and I am not sure if I will need a transit visa for turkey or not because I have a layover in turkey. Can anyone please guide me what should I do.


Visit Visa application for turkey

By Mahnoor

Hey, I am an international student from Pakistan and I am currently in London and I have a UK residence permit, can I apply for e-visa for turkey to visit for a week ?


Turkey E Visa Eligibility


Sir, I have Greece Visa starts from 5.6.2024 to 13.06.2024, I want to apply for E-Visa for Turkey from 2.6.2024, Can i do so or am i eligible for the e-visa?


e-visa with special condition 1


i am an Algerian passport holder and i meet special condition 1 for an e-visa application because i have a UK residence permit. i tried to fill out the online application but i keeps saying and that i can not apply online because i am 25 years old.
on the website it says that i meet special condition 1 ?
how can i apply ?

Moundir Amoura


E-visa Information for Pakistani national holding valid Saudi iqama

By Dr. Usman Saeed

I do hope this email finds You in your good health.
I am Dr. Usman Saeed working as Doctor with speciality General Practitioner in Saudi Arabia holding valid Saudi iqama & Valid Pakistani Passport as I'm Pakistani national
I have been searching on embassy website regarding my answer, but in vain.
Kindly enlighten me,
1-how I can get E-visa ?
2-Documents required regarding my circumstances?
I am planing for Tourist visa.
Dr. Usman Saeed


Do I need a transit Visa

By Bernard

I have a 3 hour layover in turkey on my outbound trip and a 6 hour layover in turkey on my return trip. I am not planning to leave the airport at all, Do I need a transit visa?


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