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Transit Visa for my flight to germany

By Arshdeep Dosanjh

I am transiting through Istanbul, I will not stay overnight. I have a australian passport, do I need to apply for a visa?
I was trying to apply for the transit Visa but it only allowed me to take the normal 90 day visa


Eligibility to apply for a seafarers visa in SA

By Tambudzayi Mugabe

I want to know if I can apply for a Turkish seafarers visa in South Africa. I am a Zimbabwean living in Cape Town and I’m
On a permit exemption in South Africa


Turkey Tourist E-Visa

By Niel

Hi team
I am looking to apply for a Turkish tourist visa. Expected travel dates are 2-15 June

How long prior to the trip should i apply for the e-visa?


Visa to Tyrkey to citizen Philippines

By Marika

Hello, I work as a nanny in Russia, with family we would like to go to tyrkey, i am citizen of Philippine, how i can do a visa for a week


No e-visa received and ID is not valid.

By Miu Kwan Chan

I applied my E-visa on April 10th with Application ID T2546865AAS.
No e-visa received yet and the website keeps saying invalid ID that I won’t be able to check the status. Please Help


Transit visa required for Indian Citizen

By Deepak Rohilla

Hello,I am Indian citizen ,I have connected flight from Istanbul to Delhi.Do we need transit Visa to stay on airport for connecting flight?


Re: Visit visa for Malawi passport holder in UK

By Asha Thakrar


I am looking to go to turkey for holiday and wanted to know the procedure for how to apply for a tourist visa? Do I need to go to the embassy or can I apply for a e-visa? Also are there any other specific requirements which airport I have to travel from or any specific airlines?




Do i need transit visa or not

By Roop mohan

I'm going to travel at the start of may India to Colombia but my connecting flight from instabul turkey so do i need transit visa or not. I m indian citizen thank you


Query to know for eVisa Eligibility

By Jitendra Kumar

Dear, I have lived with family in Jubail, Saudi for the last 23 years. We would like to know whether I can get an eVisa for myself and my family to plan Turkey tours or if I am required to get via VFS service, only for getting visa. Thanks


Visa for Turkey for 5 hours

By Muhammad Hassan

I am traveling to USA and I am USA citizen. Can I get VISA on arrival? I will be there on this Monday 05/15/2024.



e visa- My family have a Canadian travel document , can they apply for e visa ?

By Hatem

My family have a Canadian travel document , can they apply for e visa ?
My family have a Canadian travel document , can they apply for e visa ?


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