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Applying eVisa withoout Shengen visa , United Kingdom United States and Ireland Visas


I would like to apply a visa for May 6 conference. However, I have no supporting documents with countries given. How can I apply E-visa


Applying for Turking Tourist Visa

By Piyush


I am having an Indian Passport, living in the UK and have Tier 2 Dependent Visa. I am looking to travel to Turkey on Tourism purpose, I wanted to apply for the visa - could you please guide me if i can also get an evisa and what are the documents needed along with it.



Change in the Passport Expiry Date on the E-Visa

By Deepak Khosla

Dear Team,

I have applied for E-Visa but upon printing the Passport Expiry Date is printed as 16 August 2028 instead if corrected one 16 October 2028.

Kindly suggest how to get it change.


Transit Visa - needed or not

By zara-beth lim bautista

Im going to book a flight to mexico (with mexican Visa already). Ive read in the policy of the requirement of transit visa to mexico city. May I know if this includes travel to Cancun? And if yes, what kind of visa should I apply if my layover in istanbul. Though , I will just be staying in the airport premises.


Regarding sticker turkey visa

By Kidane

While I was trying to apply for turkey sticker visa I was asked to provide employment letter, which I don’t have since I am a student. Is it mandatory to provide employment later even thought I could provide bank statement?


Applying for a Visa Application (Philippine Passport, Australian PR)

By Jessica Marion Cardenas Tomagan


I hold a Philippine passport and am a permanent resident of Australia. I'm planning a trip to Turkey on the 22nd of May 2024 and need assistance with obtaining a visa. Could you please inform me about the necessary requirements for a Turkish visa application? Also, is it mandatory for me to visit the embassy for this process? I came across information mentioning the need for a Schengen visa; this has left me somewhat confused. I would appreciate any clarity on the next steps from here.

Thank you,



I have a mission with ZDF tv and I need to get a visa to Turkey

By Alaa Kassab

I am a Danish Journalist carrying a travel document from Denmark. I have a paper from ZDF Germany tells about the mission I need to travel to Istanbul by 19thof April, and return to Germany 29th of April. I need to Apply for visa and it seems to e to be a confusing process, Should I just visit the embassy, or do I need to book a meeting for this purpose?


Article order on evisa-to-turkey.com

By Alex Mary


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Visa applications form

By Tamana

I’m an afghan passport holder and living in USA having green card do I need e visa for turkey? Please help me out with this issue please thank you


Do I Need visa if holding green card

By Omar Alnofi

I'm a green card holder here in the US.
and holding Syrian passport, do I need visa to enter Turkey? if so how do I get it


Transit Visa for a round trip

By Jamila

Hi Team,
My name is Jamila and i booked for a transit flight to my home country Nigeria from Australia but i just realise that i would need a visa to transit through turkey please can you direct me on how to go about this and i have got a round trip already booked for next month and not sure of the visa process and how to go about everything.
I will be glad if you can get back to me in time please.


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