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Resedokument need visa to istabul

By Naznet Gilliam

Jag är från Eritrea och bor i Stockholm. Jag har Swedish resedokument. Får jag resa till Turkiet Istanbul med det?


Application form issue

By Sana Karamat

Hi This is sana karamat. I'm applying tourist e Visa for my brother as he is willing to visit most beautiful city Istanbul.He is Pakistani and living in Pakistan but in application form its requiring resident permit or visa as supporting documents. As i mentioned he is Pakistani citizen so he don't have visa or permit he has Pakistani passport. please guide me how i can apply. Thank you


Application status cannot login

By Abdullah Kanawati

I apply for e visa but I can’t check the status of my application I can’t long in so please if you can check for me what is going on


Tourist Visa- period of 90 days

By Broeders Lambertus

Dear Sir / Madam,
I am a French resident planning to visit Turkey ( in my car). I plan to enter Turkey end of May... travel across your country until end of May.... exit Turkey for Georgia.. spend two months in Georgia and then re-enter Turkey to return to France. Can you advise if the the three month visa will restart when re-entering Turkey from Georgia or is the three month visa effective from the first day of entering Turkey. I will depart Turkey approximately September.
I may wish to return to Turkey in October for another trip... would this be permitted ??
I sincerely appreciate any guidance,


Turkey Visa for Filipino Seafarers

By Mae B.

I have questions regarding for Turkey Visa Application. I am a Philippine national and I am a seafarer. I want to know what are the requirements needed to get a visa for turkey?
Hoping a response ASAP.


Appointment Booking - Turkey Embassy (Cape Town)

By Bini Gogoi

Hi, I am an Indian passport holder and wish to travel to Turkey for tourism purposes. Please help me with the process to apply for the Turkish sticker visa at the local Turkey Embassy. I tried using the VFS website but there is not much detail mentioned there. Hence, i was wondering if there's any appointment booking process for the local Turkey Embassy here in Cape Town. Thanks in advance


Passport validity 150 days or 60 days

By Sam

I am travelling to Turkey with a British passport on Saturday (6th April) for 5 days. On one hand, i see that the minimum requirement is to have a passport valid for at least 150 days but on the Turkish Ministry of Foreign affairs, i can see it is 60 days. Which is valid as my passport expired 136 days after my arrival.


applying eVisa withoout Shengen visa , United Kingdom United States and Ireland Visas


I would like to apply a visa for May 6 conference. However, I have no supporting documents with countries given. How can I apply E-visa


Applying for Turking Tourist Visa

By Piyush


I am having an Indian Passport, living in the UK and have Tier 2 Dependent Visa. I am looking to travel to Turkey on Tourism purpose, I wanted to apply for the visa - could you please guide me if i can also get an evisa and what are the documents needed along with it.



Change in the Passport Expiry Date on the E-Visa

By Deepak Khosla

Dear Team,

I have applied for E-Visa but upon printing the Passport Expiry Date is printed as 16 August 2028 instead if corrected one 16 October 2028.

Kindly suggest how to get it change.


Transit Visa - needed or not

By zara-beth lim bautista

Im going to book a flight to mexico (with mexican Visa already). Ive read in the policy of the requirement of transit visa to mexico city. May I know if this includes travel to Cancun? And if yes, what kind of visa should I apply if my layover in istanbul. Though , I will just be staying in the airport premises.


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