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Applying for a Visa Application (Philippine Passport, Australian PR)

By Jessica Marion Cardenas Tomagan


I hold a Philippine passport and am a permanent resident of Australia. I'm planning a trip to Turkey on the 22nd of May 2024 and need assistance with obtaining a visa. Could you please inform me about the necessary requirements for a Turkish visa application? Also, is it mandatory for me to visit the embassy for this process? I came across information mentioning the need for a Schengen visa; this has left me somewhat confused. I would appreciate any clarity on the next steps from here.

Thank you,



I have a mission with ZDF tv and I need to get a visa to Turkey

By Alaa Kassab

I am a Danish Journalist carrying a travel document from Denmark. I have a paper from ZDF Germany tells about the mission I need to travel to Istanbul by 19thof April, and return to Germany 29th of April. I need to Apply for visa and it seems to e to be a confusing process, Should I just visit the embassy, or do I need to book a meeting for this purpose?


Article order on evisa-to-turkey.com

By Alex Mary


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Visa applications form

By Tamana

I’m an afghan passport holder and living in USA having green card do I need e visa for turkey? Please help me out with this issue please thank you


Do I Need visa if holding green card

By Omar Alnofi

I'm a green card holder here in the US.
and holding Syrian passport, do I need visa to enter Turkey? if so how do I get it


Transit Visa for a round trip

By Jamila

Hi Team,
My name is Jamila and i booked for a transit flight to my home country Nigeria from Australia but i just realise that i would need a visa to transit through turkey please can you direct me on how to go about this and i have got a round trip already booked for next month and not sure of the visa process and how to go about everything.
I will be glad if you can get back to me in time please.


Query Regarding Turkish eVisa Application Process

By amro

Dear Sir/Madam,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to seek clarification regarding the application process for the Turkish eVisa.

I hold an Algerian passport and possess a permanent residency status in the United States. Upon reviewing the information provided on the official Turkish eVisa website, I noted that there are no specific age restrictions mentioned for Algerian citizens applying for the electronic Turkey eVisa. According to the website, individuals of all ages, including minors, can apply for an eVisa provided they meet the general requirements and possess a valid passport.

However, during my attempt to apply for the eVisa, I encountered a checkbox indicating that applicants must be aged below18 or over 35 years old. This has caused some confusion regarding my eligibility to apply for the eVisa.

Therefore, I kindly request clarification on whether I am eligible to proceed with the eVisa application process. If I am ineligible, I would appreciate guidance on alternative methods to obtain a Turkish visa. Please note that I am currently located in Florida and prefer not to travel to another state for visa acquisition.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to your prompt response and assistance in resolving this issue.

Best regards,
Amro Constantini
[email protected]


Visa Application Process

By Marj

Hello, I am a Filipino and would like to apply for a tourist visa for my upcoming trip in September. \
Do I have to make an appointment at the embassy, or is the online e-visa application enough to apply?
Thank you very much.


Turkey Visa for passport holder CAR

By Chancella Litoko

I will be visiting Turkey, Istanbul next month from 30th April till 4th of May. I am originally from Central Africa Republic (Passport holder) and I have a Schengen Resident Card from Poland.
I am quite confuse if i need to apply for a E-visa online or i need to apply through an embassy. I will be gratefull for a feedback.
Thanks in advance


E visa requirement for Turkey from Greece.

By Margot

On visiting Turkey in the past we have always required an E visa. Am I correct in thinking this is no longer the case. We are travelling with 4x U.K. passports and 1 NZ passport.


correction in e visa

By Aneesh Puthiyedath Joy

Hi one number is missing in my e visa
My passport number is S0281116
E visa Ref no is JNL UC7 Y. I am travelling today to Isthambul


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