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E-Visa for Zimbabwe passport holder with Uk BRP card

By Michael

Is it possible to apply for E-Visa as a Zimbabwe passport and UK BRP card holder living in the United Kingdom . If not what’s the process


Email Change for eVisa Application

By Hanan Hamid

Upon my recent application for the eVisa, I accidently mistyped my email address and at this moment I am completely unaware whether or not my visa has been approved or not.

Is it possible to have the email address changed at the stage where I am still waiting for the application approval?

Used email address : [email protected]
To be changed to : [email protected]


Return the trevelling insurance

By Tanveer Siraj

Greetings, I would like to cancel the insurance because I delay my visit plan to turkey .
ploicy no : T2207066UJ6 ;
for more detail contact me : 0530870627.
Thank you


more details about turkeye visa.

By sugath milroy

Please let me know i can apply normal visa for passport other than e visa to go to turkey for business purposes through your embassy. If possible, please let me know the time required for it, what kind of documents are required, etc. thanking you.


Airline flights from cairo to istanbul

By May Abuhendy


Does my flight from Cairo to Istanbul have to be with a specific airline or just the return flights?


E visa tourist to turkey

By Zahraa

Hi I just wanted to know how long would it take for a e visa to be processed for a person with a Pakistani passport


E visa fee confirmation

By ali ashar

Hello, i applied for the tourist e visa on 7th Feb and the fee i was charged was 104 euro, but my friend today applied the same visa for 60 usd, I want to ask if the fee is reduced or i was charged more. Thanks


Sponsor wife to Canada from Istanbul

By Sharokh Walizarif

I, Canadian citizen, want to do spousal sponsorship for my wife who resides in Afghanistan with an ordinary Afghan passport. I would like to bring her to turkey where there's a Canadian embassy we can start her work. What are my visa options for her?


E-visa for Palestine passport holders

By Alaa aldin q m Shhade

My name is Alaa
I hold a Palestinian passport and have a residence permit,in Sweden.
I’m going to travel with my family to Turkey on summer holiday for 12 days on July and I’ve already booked everything
I just wanted to know if I can apply for E-visa or not? (As a Palestinian passport holder who lives in Sweden).??
I have a permanent work here in Sweden, but my residence card expiration date is 28 of Nov. 2024 .
But I can have the latter from my work that I will be come back to Sweden
Please let me know what should I do
Looking forward to hearing from you


I didn’t got my and my wife visa on my mail I typed something wrong maybe on my email id

By Muhammad Hassan

I Applied for the visa yesterday for me Muhammad Hassan and my Wife Tamkeen Zainab. It’s says your visa has been successfully completed but I didn’t got any email maybe I have missed or typed something wrong email ID.

It is [email protected]
Can you resend it on my email.
My Wife’s and my Visa.

Best regards

Muhammad Hassan

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tourism trip to turkey

By tariq shirzad

Hi there, we are planning a short trip for 12 days to turkey , your website indicates that we do not need visa as Canadian citizens, however evisa.gov.tr websites indicates that we must buy health insurance in order to enter the country. we have already bought travel health insurance through our bookings in Canada. could you please clarify if we still need to buy the the health insurance from the suggested website. evisa.gov.tr.
kind regards


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