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Inquiry Regarding Visa Options for Research Trip to Turkey

By Meekha George

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Meekha George, an Indian citizen currently residing in Austria. I am writing to inquire about the visa application process for traveling to Turkey for research purposes at Istanbul University.

I will need to stay in Turkey for a period of 60 days as part of my research activities and require a multiple entry visa to accommodate my travel needs. However, upon attempting to apply online, I have found that only a 30-day single entry visa option is available.

Could you please advise me on the eligibility criteria for obtaining a 2-month visa or suggest any alternative solutions to meet my travel requirements in this situation?

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Kind regards,
Meekha George


Last alphabet missing in surname in evisa

By Nikhil shamrma

In evisa of my wife last letter is missing her name is - mandeep Walia but evisa came as mandeep wali - ref no is 2ZT-VELW


Transit Visa for South African citizens with UAE residency

By Jochemus Johannes Botha

Good afternoon
I would like to know if we need a transit visa for Turkey. 
We will fly to Munich on 30 March 2024 and have Schengen visas. I know that our aircraft will land in ?stanbul, Sabiha Gokcen. My wife and I are NOT planning on leaving the transit lounge, and our next flight is only 2 hours later.

Do we need to get a transit visa?  
The only visa I could find online for South African citizens is a "180 - day multiple entry visa".

Please advise.
Always grateful


E-visa application difficulty

By Kofo Lawal-Abiose

I am a Nigerian passport holder with UK residence permit and I will be going on holiday in July with my children I have been trying to apply for the e-visa online which I see that Nigerians can apply for but it’s not been successful as when I choose my nationality it shows I can’t apply for e-visa so I don’t know what to do because I’ve bought and paid for a package holiday already. I want to know the process of getting the visa and the appropriate application for me and my family. Regards Kofo.


I am looking for an appointment at the embassy in Ankara

By Nisrine Abbassi

I need an appointement for emergency re-entry to Brazil
When I left Brazil I counldn't have a round trip ticket at that moment to visit my deceased grand mom and mBrazi in Morocco.
Now that I am in Turkey I may safely visit the embassy for my request.


E-visa to Tukey from uk

By Yen

Hello, I’m a Vietnamese citizen residing in the UK and holding a UK resident permit. My family—my husband, our toddler, and I—are planning to travel to Turkey for a holiday. We intend to book a package holiday through Tui, which covers everything from flights to accommodation, especially since we have a toddler. While my husband and son are British citizens and won’t face any issues, I’m aware that as a Vietnamese passport holder, I’ll need to apply for an e-visa. However, I’ve learned that I may only fly with a Turkish airline for the e-visa requirement. Since our holiday package includes everything, does this mean I’ll need to book a separate ticket with a Turkish airline?


E visa application refund

By Rajeev Ravindran

Hi, I accidentally submitted my application through the wrong link. This resulted in me paying $100 instead of $45. Is there any chance you can cancel this application and give me a refund so I reapply with the $45 option instead? My reference is shown below:


Cancellation of Application and Refund - T1913966YES



Is it possible to cancel this application request and ask for a refund for my application T1913966YES? Apologizing for any inconvenience caused. Thanks.



Offer letter enquiry

By Antin kumar

My wife has received a job offer letter from genial hospital istanbul ,turkey. My doupt this hospital is available in this area are not ? Because google I search. I can't find out the hospital details


Criteria for tourist visa from Eritrea

By Senait Dumam

Dear Turkish embassy. I would like my mum to visit Turkey as a tourist to join me. Wonder what's the requirements. My mum is over 60 years old who has Eritrean passport.
Thank you for your cooperation.


Dental treatment in turkey for Afghan national

By Farida Wardak

Could anyone please help me to find out if dental treatment is being consider for medical visa from afghanistan?

Any tips and suggestions please, how much is the visa fees ? do I need to pay in advance to the hospital in turkey or can I book an appointment and do pay after the treatment there ?

Thank you


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