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Evisa application fee


I am disgusted with you. You duped me to pay almost 100$ when Turkey evisa cost only $20. and i thought you are nationalistic to help Pinoys


Hi dear! This is mohammadullah. I got your email about visa it says you it's a you have successfully selected so I need information about your program is it true or not? If it is true website I can p

By Mohammadullah

Hi dear!
This is mohammadullah.
I got your email about visa it says you it's a you have successfully selected so I need information about your program is it true or not? If it is true website I can pay for the visa.
Think you I'm waiting for your information.


Inquiry Regarding Turkish Tourist Visa Application Process for Bangladeshi Citizens

By Ifthekhar Ahammad

We hope this message finds you well. We are Ifthekhar Ahammad and Faria Farhana, both Bangladeshi citizens, with the aspiration to apply for a tourist visa to Turkey. I, Ifthekhar Ahammad, currently reside in Germany on a Blue Card visa, while my wife, Faria Farhana, resides in Bangladesh.

We are eager to explore the beauty of Turkey together and are reaching out to inquire about the visa application process for both of us. We would be immensely grateful for your guidance and assistance. Specifically, we have a few questions:

1. As a Blue Card holder, am I eligible to apply for an e-visa?
2. Regarding the application for a Turkish Tourist visa from Bangladesh, should one apply directly at the Turkish Embassy in Bangladesh, or does a third party handle the tourist visa procedures to Turkey from Bangladesh?
3. If we have additional questions regarding the visa application process, such as document checklists or the application procedure itself, which websites should we visit from Germany and Bangladesh respectively?

Thank you immensely for taking the time to consider our inquiries.

Warm regards,

Ifthekhar Ahammad


Cancel application & refund

By Jasmine Lynn


I just applied for an Turkey e-visa for my mum T7205545IYS. Unfortunately there was an error in making the application. She hasn't yet booked flights etc as it turns out. Is it possible to cancel the application and get a refund.


i am from mauritius i would like to know if we would need to apply for an e-visa.

By Nivamba Bhinda

My family and i planning to go on holiday from 04th april to 11th april. we've got mauritian passport, do we need to apply for a visa.

thank you




question about visa

By kelly

Hi, i have a UK Resident Permit (BRP) with a Nigerian passport and i'm only visiting turkey for 4 day do i need a visa

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Visa i need for northern cyprus


As EID is coming up soon i was planning myself a few days vacation to northern cyprus. I am currently living in uk with a UK BRP was wondering if i need a visa and if so what visa would i need and i am a bangladeshi passport holder.


Tranist Visa and traveling outside the airport


Hi How are you Sir Or Madam,
Actually I want to ask that if we have double transit visa of Türkiye can we stay overnight in Türkiye outside the airport if we have to wait for connecting flight?


Transit visa requiement

By Abderrahmane Tamahachet

I will be doing Doha-IST(qatar airways) then IST-Annaba (air Algerie) with 7h55min transit that I am not planning to leave IST.
Do I need transit visa need?
qatar airways confirmed the luggage will be received at final destination.


Uganda Eligibility for Turkish visa

By Ali

I am a Saudi and I have a house maid from Uganda and I am coming to Turkey. What is require for her to get the visa?


Visa requirement when connecting through Istanbul with less than 3 hour layover

By Constance Dewan

I am flying through Istanbul airport from Bucharest tonight (26,04.2024) with less than 3 hour layover. Do I need a transit visa although I am just connecting? I am flying back home to Australia with a layover in Malaysia where a visa is not required. I had visited Turkey for 8 days in March 2024 and was given a 90 day visa.


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