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Visa inquiry to travel as a tourist from UK to Turkey with UK ILR and UK travel document.

By Abdullah woaky

Hi, I am originally from Bangladesh, now a settled refugee with a permanent residency (ILR) in the UK and I hold a UK travel document with ten years validity. Can I travel to turkey as a tourist for a week this month?


Can I apply for e visa and fly with Sunexpress?!

By Mousa Karajah

Im travellling from frankfurt to antalya this April. However I have only option travelling with sun express so is Sunexpress airlines accepted to apply for turkish e-visa? Im holding Palestinian passport and is German permanent citizen. Thank you


turkey visa full refund

By amer shiekh ibrahim

Hi im amer shiekh ibrahim i applied for a visa on 11 march...... and at the visa appointment the woman told me i had everything good ... i even wrote a letter telling you that my sister died in an earthquake and my mom needs me there and still my visa got declined please i want me money back the fees that i paid for the visa i would like to get the full refund back ... because this is not fair i had all the documents that were needed and i dont have any problems in uk or turkey my name is clear in every country ..... and if your not gonna give me my refund i will have to get a lawyer ...because im the one that worked 14 hours everyday to get the money not you ... all im asking for is for my money back i want the full refund pls thanks kindly amer


Do I need a tourist visa to visit Turkey?


Hi. I have Iranian nationality but now have a settlement status and a new 10-years travel document (Refugee) from the United Kingdom. I want to visit friends and families in Turkey but do not know if I need a visa or e-visa.



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By turkey

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Visa for minor children

By Saravanabava

Good day ,
I am an Indian citizen I am holding an Indian passport with valid US visa for myself and my spouse .at present I don’t have US visa for my children. In that case wat I can do for travelling with my children to obtain evisa Kindly send the process for getting evisa for Childers


Question about E-Visa Eligibility

By Samantha Chihuri

Hi, I wanted to double check my eligibility for an e-visa. I travelled to Turkey in June 2022 with a Zimbabwean passport on an e-visa, and this was only possible because I had a UK resident permit. I'm looking to travel again to Turkey, and I am still a UK resident, so am I still able to apply for an e-visa?
Kind regards,
Samantha Chihuri


Transit in Turkey without entry

By Mohamed

As Egyptian, is there any restrictions to fly to Columbia via Istanbul without entering Turkey?
Does Turkey has restrictions like European union?


Transit and transfer to mexico

By Guna

I am an Indian citizen, traveling from mexico to India via Istanbul as round trip for vacation.
Do i need to apply for e-visa ?.


Has my Payment gone through ?

By Shujaat Nazir

Had my payment gone through ?
T7795327XPC is my application number and I’m wondering if my application has gone through as I have not received an email receipt

This is my application


Information on Visa Insurance

By Charles Egbe

I want to apply for a business visa to attend a seminar I understand that i need a sticker visa and as such need to do insurance . Please confirm how and where i do the insurance to enable me pay and process Visa


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