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Have a valid Schengen Business visa

By Kunal

Hi Team,

I have a valid Business Schengen visa, can I apply for the Turkey evisa.
Can my wife and daughter also get the evisa



Full refund for misinformation about insurance

By Ifeanyi Kingsley Ezekwueme


I completed an application for a Turkish visa on your website on 5 April 2024. I was directed to pay for insurance before continuing my application which I did. However, after making payment and securing an appointment for my visa at the Turkish embassy, I was told my insurance of $89 wasn't acceptable, and had to pay a new insurance of £55 which I paid for.

I'm very upset with the situation and feel I've been defrauded by your website in that, I was deceived into falsely making a mandatory payment which I actually wasn't supposed to.

Therefore, I'm seeking a full refund of the $89 I paid for insurance which was the equivalent of £70. I have every intention of referring the matter to the financial ombudsman if I don't get my full refund. This is very fraudulent conduct because I entered my nationality as Nigerian so I should have been advised immediately not to proceed with insurance payment pending my appointment at the embassy where I would be required to make the insurance payment. Instead, you compelled me to pay before proceeding with my application when that wasn't a requirement. You charged $89 for just 15 days when the insurance payment at the embassy was £55 for 3 months.

This is beyond ridiculous. I need a full refund for the amount paid. My SBM policy number is 647976639.

Thank you.
Ifeanyi Ezekwueme




Hello team ,
I would like to clarify my doubt reagarding my turkey work visa.I am currently working in the netherlands (Groningen) and i got some offers from turkish company located in istanbil. I am an indian citizen, so i wanted to know can i intiate my work visa process at turkish embassy netherlands ? and can i submit my PCC (Police clearance certificate) from the netherlands.?Please suggest.


Transit through Turkey for Tajik citizens

By Lucy

Dear Sir/Madame,

In light of the news on Turkey lifting of visa exemption for Tajik citizens starting from 20 April 2024, I wanted to kindly inquire if you have any information with regard to the transit regulations for Tajik citizens traveling through Turkey?

We have a number of people traveling from Tajikistan via Turkish Airlines (Istanbul) after 20 April 2024 in the coming days and we were wondering if their travels might be affected by this new regulation.

Thank you!


Is Schengen visa compulsory for e visa,?

By Shazman

I wish to visit Turkey with my family and we have been told by the tour operators that Schengen visa is compulsory to get the e visa.
I wish to know that can we apply for the e visa for Turkey without Schengen visa?


Cancel turkey visa application made for me and my son

By Shruthi Jagadeesh

Cancel turkey visa application made for me and my son . Since i have applied it wrong . I want to cancel my application within an hour


Transit Visa necessary if less than 5 hours at Istanbul airport


Good day to you. i would like to check Iraqi passport holder and Indonesia passport holder do need apply visa if transit in Istanbul less than 5 hours?


E visa for Transit requirement for transit in Istanbul on the way to Dubai

By Ajay

I am an Indian national with a French Resident Permit. I am travelling to Dubai from Paris next month via Istanbul with Turkish Airlines. I am worried if I will have to get a transit visa to Switch flights to my flight to Dubai in Istanbul?

I will not be going out of the airport plus It's a short transit which is less than 3 hours.

Please advise.



Turkey Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)



My name is Edris Salehi,
I contacted you from Paris, France to ask you about the fee and time.
for the required documents I must clarify that I do not possess my passport from 11 years ago, and I have since renewed it three times. Passport renewal necessitates surrendering the old passport to the relevant authorities for issuance of a new one, and unfortunately, I do not retain any information pertaining to the previous passports.

I would be happy to have your assistance on this case,
Thanks for your consideration

Best regard,


E-Visa for Zimbabwe passport holder with Uk BRP card

By Michael

Is it possible to apply for E-Visa as a Zimbabwe passport and UK BRP card holder living in the United Kingdom . If not what’s the process


Email Change for eVisa Application

By Hanan Hamid

Upon my recent application for the eVisa, I accidently mistyped my email address and at this moment I am completely unaware whether or not my visa has been approved or not.

Is it possible to have the email address changed at the stage where I am still waiting for the application approval?

Used email address : [email protected]
To be changed to : [email protected]


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