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Turkish Study Visa Refusal

By Mohasina Momtaj Mou

Dear Concern,
I hope this message finds you well. My name is Mohasina, and I am a prospective student from Bangladesh who has been admitted to the Social Sciences University of Ankara. Unfortunately, I have faced two visa refusals from the Turkish Embassy this year.

As my classes have already begun, I am reaching out to seek clarification on the reasons for these refusals and to request your assistance in resolving this matter promptly. I have complied with all application requirements and provided the necessary documentation as per the embassy's guidelines.

Your prompt attention to this issue would be greatly appreciated, as it is essential for me to commence my studies without further delay.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance.

Best regards,


Inability to apply for an e visa

By Otejiri Afoke Omo-okperaboh

Hello, I’m a Nigerian living and working in the IK, I have a valid UK BRP and a valid Schengen visa but I’m unable to apply for an E visa to visit Turkey. Kindly assist. Thank you.


Refund for visa application

By Alison San Jose


I will be canceling my visa application. Please refund me. I do not want to proceed with visa app.


Visa express for a work program (tourism)

By Nidhal

Hello, I would like to know if this visa conditions are included work permit visa or only for touristic purpose.


American citizens vise

By Nidal

Is the American citizen allowed to enter Turkey without vise, or he needs to get an online vise?
Thank you


Turkey Urgent Visa Inquiry

By Nathaniel Riskin


I need to apply for an urgent visa. How do I apply? I cannot find the application link on your website or the official Turkey website.

Kindly advise.



I applied and got a A2

By Stephanie campbell

I am going on vacation in May in Turkey. I applied for the e visa and get a A2 is that the correct visa for tourist


evisa fees for my family

By Rahul Makhijani

Hi Team,
I am a citizen of India having netherlands WP card planning to travel to Istanbul tomorrow for holidays for 5 days with my family (2 adults + 1 kid). I would like to apply for visa and would like to know the fees and process for the same


evisa application fee


I am disgusted with you. You duped me to pay almost 100$ when Turkey evisa cost only $20. and i thought you are nationalistic to help Pinoys


Hi dear! This is mohammadullah. I got your email about visa it says you it's a you have successfully selected so I need information about your program is it true or not? If it is true website I can p

By Mohammadullah

Hi dear!
This is mohammadullah.
I got your email about visa it says you it's a you have successfully selected so I need information about your program is it true or not? If it is true website I can pay for the visa.
Think you I'm waiting for your information.


Inquiry Regarding Turkish Tourist Visa Application Process for Bangladeshi Citizens

By Ifthekhar Ahammad

We hope this message finds you well. We are Ifthekhar Ahammad and Faria Farhana, both Bangladeshi citizens, with the aspiration to apply for a tourist visa to Turkey. I, Ifthekhar Ahammad, currently reside in Germany on a Blue Card visa, while my wife, Faria Farhana, resides in Bangladesh.

We are eager to explore the beauty of Turkey together and are reaching out to inquire about the visa application process for both of us. We would be immensely grateful for your guidance and assistance. Specifically, we have a few questions:

1. As a Blue Card holder, am I eligible to apply for an e-visa?
2. Regarding the application for a Turkish Tourist visa from Bangladesh, should one apply directly at the Turkish Embassy in Bangladesh, or does a third party handle the tourist visa procedures to Turkey from Bangladesh?
3. If we have additional questions regarding the visa application process, such as document checklists or the application procedure itself, which websites should we visit from Germany and Bangladesh respectively?

Thank you immensely for taking the time to consider our inquiries.

Warm regards,

Ifthekhar Ahammad


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