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Tourist visa 90 days

By Josef Avergun

Israeli provisional biometric 5 years passport. Is it 90 days visa free on arrival in Turkiye?
Reply in detail "you will receive in airport 90 days visa free on arrival".


Do i need a transit visa for layover at Istanbul Airport?

By Titi Ogulana

I hold a Nigerian passport and I have a valid UK biometric resident permit (BRP). Do i need a Turkish transit visa for a lay over of 14 hours (23:30 to 14:20 next day) at Istanbul airport


Power of attorney for property in Northern Cyprus

By Diane Kiamil

My daughters and I, Canadian Citizens, have property in Northern Cyprus, and wish to sign a power of Attorney, to a Northern Cypriot resident in order to sell the property. Do we need to set up an appointment through the Embassy to have the Power of Attorney signed and stamped. Please let us know as soon as possible as we will need to make arrangements to get to Ottawa, as we live in Winnipeg.
Thank you


Tueky E-Visa for US F1 Visa Holder

By Aisha Shah

I am a Pakistani passport-holder and have a valid US F-1 study visa. Am I eligible for Turkey's E-Visa?


Request for Reconsideration of Visa Application Refusal

By Muhammad Faisal Saeed

Dear Honorable Consular Officer,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to express my sincere disappointment regarding the recent refusal of my visa application to visit Turkey. My application was submitted in accordance with all the requirements outlined by the Turkish Embassy in Islamabad.

I carefully completed all the necessary forms, provided all requested documentation, and ensured that every detail was accurate and up to date. I have a genuine desire to visit Turkey for tourism, and I was looking forward to experiencing the rich culture and hospitality of your country.

Despite my efforts to fulfill all the stated requirements, I received notification that my application was rejected. Unfortunately, the letter I received did not provide specific reasons for the refusal, which leaves me uncertain about the grounds on which my application was denied.

I kindly request that the Embassy review my application once more and provide me with detailed feedback on any shortcomings or discrepancies that may have led to the refusal. I am more than willing to address any concerns and provide additional information or documentation if necessary.

I assure you that I have no intention of overstaying my visa or engaging in any activities that are not permitted under Turkish law. I respect the immigration procedures and regulations of Turkey and am committed to complying with them fully.

I understand that visa decisions are ultimately at the discretion of the Embassy, but I hope for a fair reconsideration of my application. Your understanding and assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your attention to this request. I look forward to a favorable response and the opportunity to visit Turkey in the near future.


Muhammad Faisal Saeed


Passport Number: AS5971213


visum til min plejesøn som har fremmedepas

By Armin Berisa

Kan jeg søge evisa til min plejesøn som har et fremmedepas. Jeg har fået at vide at de ikke har til til at give ham sådan et i 2024, og vi har bestilt sommerferie i tyrkiet her til sommer
Mvh. Johannes Ebbesen


E-visa for a congolese with Schengen visa

By Lina Linda

I’m unable to apply for an e-visa yet i have a Schengen visa and i am of Congolese nationality (DRC)


E-Visa application ( Indian National )

By karthikeyan

Dear Sir / Madam

I am a Indian national currently residing in Saudi Arabia. I have a valid residential permit in saudi arabia. Kindly let me know if i am eligible to apply evisa.

Awaiting your reply.

Best regards



Transit visa regarding

By Harry

Dear sir /Madam I’m going Mexico throw turkey I have 6 hour stay at airport to change my flight so I need a transit visa


Do i need transits visa or not

By Sohal Sondarva

i have booked my flight from Stockholm to mumbai and return flight from mumbai to Stockholm via turkish airlines. there is a layover of less than 4 hrs in each jouney at istanbul airport. do i need transits visa? please do the needfull.


Turkish Visa for USA Citizen

By Robert Berkley

I just want to confirm that I am traveling to Turkey for one day on a layover from USA and want to visit Istanbul. Do I need a visa to leave the airport? Thank you


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