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Visa Appointment for Afghan passport holders with Canadian PR

By Hareer Hashim

Hi. My name is Hareer Hashim and I am messaging to apply for Turkish visa. I am an Afghan passport holder with Canadian PR and need to travel for an upcoming work conference in May and August 2024. What would be the process for Afghan citizens? I did have a Norwegian PR but I have misplaced the document somewhere. Is it possible for me to apply and use the soft copy?

Please let me know. Thank you.


Transit through Instanbul

By Ola

Can I travel from UK to Nigeria with a 2 hours transit in Instanbul? I do not intend to leave the airport. I have done this before without obtaining a transit visa but not sure if the law has changed.


Visa enquiries for Angola citizenship

By Helena mbenza

Dear Sir Madam
My name is Helena mbenza I am resident in the Republic of Ireland I have Angola citizenship I want know if I need visa to travel to Turkey. Because the application online doesn't allow me to apply for visa if I click Angola the application reject.
I look forward hearing from you.
Your sincerely
Helena mbenza


A new article publication on evisa-to-turkey.com

By MelissaL Savoy


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Transit in Istanbul

By Mofazzal Hossain

Hello, I am a Bangladeshi passport holder with US visa F1. I have a transit In Istanbul for around 19 hours. I want to use the tour Istanbul service of Turkish airlines. Do I need to get a visa to use that service and enter Istanbul for couple of hours?
Please let me know.
Thank you.


Police clearance certificate

By Alba Mustafaj


I will be applying for Luxembourgish citizenship and a police clearance document is required to be provided from the Turkish authorities as I have resided & studied in Turkey during 2015-2019. Is it possible to leave an appointment for the first or second week of April to obtain it? Thank you in advance.

Best regards,
Alba Mustafaj


Tourist Visa for Cypriot Citizen

By Alexis

Hi, I am planing on visiting Turkey for holiday in May and wanted to know the cost of a Tourist visa for Cypriot citizens. If you can also provide the official link for the application it will be very much appreciated.


Criminal Record from Turkey for a foreigner

By Avin Rad

Hello, I'm Avin. I'm Iranian. I have lived in Turkey for a year, after 3 months, I applied for a tourist visa, but they declined it and my case was in turkey's court for some months and then I left the country after not getting any answer! Right now I need a Criminal Record from Turkey but I'm in Iran now. What can I do?
Thanks for your help


Travel document number

By Mohammed Zeeshan

Hello, I am an Indian National and I am trying to apply for a Turkish E-Visa. For supporting documents, I am using my valid UK Tourist Visa. I have a question regarding the supporting document number since there are 2 numbers on my UK visa, one is the VAF number and the other one is the Serial Number on the TOP RIGHT corner of the UK visa in red. So can you let me know which number I need to enter? The VAF number or the Serial number on the Top Right corner of the UK visa? Please let me know. Thank You


Need Invoice against e-visa applied

By Surya Nair

Had applied for visa correction. However missed to download the invoice. Need a duplicate invoice to claim the charges. How do we do it?


DO I need a transit visa?

By Akshay

Do i need a transit visa if the layover time at istanbul airport is 28hrs and I do not plan to leave transit area or the airport?


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