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Refused Entry to Turkey from UK

By Mohammad

I am resident in United Kingdom. I was refused entry at Turkish Istanbul without any reason, I would like to make an appointment as I would like to travel again, it caused me great concern and distress that I was deported to UK from Turkey wothout a valid reason..

I look forward to hearing from you.


Visa check

By Raja mohan Reddy

Good afternoon, I applied for e visa online and I paid $44.20 per person. I want to check my e visa is original or fake.
EV 596460429246 is the visa number.


Travel information

By Mohammad Junaid

Can i travel to turkey with Belgium temporary residence permit? I am from Pakistani and i have Pakistani passport but, I put Belgium identity card in travel document section as i am international student here in Belgium and i have residency permit. Can i travel with this E/visa. I should make another application with Pakistani passport and details in travelling document? Kindly guide me, I will be very thankful to you..

Mohammad Junaid


e visa for Nigerian passport holder in uk

By Adenike Idiat Hamzat

I am a British citizen, travelling with my family to turkey for holiday with my mother who is a Nigerian, currently in the Uk, London. She holds a Nigerian passport with 10years Uk visa and would like to apply for Turkey e visa.
Please assist.


Do I need visa

By Alaa cherbaji

I have Syrian passport and residency in Saudi Arabia and I am traveling from Jedda to Makachkala(Russia.. I have Russian visa) through Istanbul. I will stay 8 h in the transit area in Istanbul Airport and will not enter Turkey. Do I need to apply for Turkish Visa?
Thank you.


evisa for philippine passport holder working here in saudi arabia

By primo bernas

Am i eligible to get an evisa for turkey, im here working in saudi arabia and im a filipino.

i have my flight ticket going to turkey on may8 to may 13, 2023, a 5day visit.. ill be staying at my brother inlaws place..


E vistor visa

By Daria

I have a uk standard visitor Visa valid till September . I have already visited UK and now planning to visit Turkey for tourism on July for one week.
Am Libyan citizen and have no other nationality .
An I eligible for E-Visa and what is the cost and estimated time for me to get the visa ?


E-visa for transit

By Amal AKLI

I'm travelling from Luxembourg to Australia, I'm passing through Istanbul airport for a 2h transit. I have an Algerian passport, a Luxembourgish residence permit, and an Australian business visa. Will I need a transit visa to be able to have my correspondence in Istanbul airport?


Shadi from New Zealand

By Shadi Esnaashari

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Shadi Esnaashari. I am a New Zealand citizen. The Swedish embassy in Australia has informed me that I need to visit the embassy for the passport control. I will be out of the country and in Istanbul for a week from the 9th to the 13th of May and again between the 20th and 22nd of May. They asked me to contact you to see if my passport control can be done in Turkey while there. If this can happen through you, then they will send my case to your office. I would appreciate it if you could inform me about this possibility.

The application comprises:
Name Control number
Shadi Esnaashari 60157541
Shantia Soltani 60157542

Kind regards,


Visa Requirement Question

By Omeen Meytiani


I am a USA lawful permanent resident (green card holder) as a refugee, and instead of regular passport, I hold USA-issued travel documents. While my birth nationality is Iranian, I no longer hold an Iranian passport. What are the visa requirements for me if I want to apply for a tourist visa from Turkey? Can I apply for a eVisa? What nationality should I choose on the application form? Thanks for your consideration.


Visa for Indonesian

By Alfrendo Satyanaga Nio

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have Indonesian Passport. Based on my understanding, Indonesian nationality does not need to apply visa to enter Turkey as tourist.
However, my friend has a problem when he wanted to enter Turkey during his transit in Istambul airport last December. The immigration officer said Indonesian need to apply visa if we want to enter Turkey during transit period.
Could you please help to advise if Indonesian citizen needs to apply visa to enter Turkey or not during transit?

Thank you

Best Regards,



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