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Turkey eVisa


Please contact me and send me your requirements- Are there any fake scam Turkey visa web-sites - what are your fees


special saudi passport

By Mariam

Good morning
I have saudi special passport
Do I require to apply for visa


I can't find visa application

By Tesneem Mourad

How are you? I searched the website for the sticker visa application but unfortunately, I wasn't able to find it. Can you please help me find the form so I can apply?
Thank you.



By Sanjay Laul

Dear Sir / Ma'am,

Good day .

I have this current situation that I have my Turkey visa effective on February 05, 2023 - August 03, 2023 but I will be arriving in the Istanbul Airport on February 4 at 11:45 PM.

What would be the possible solution for this ? Can I wait in the airport until 12:00 AM for my visa effective date ? Is my E Visa still valid even I will be arriving in Turkey on February 4 at 11:45 PM ?

Kindly please advise as soon as possible.

Thank you very much.


Visa rejection

By Hadi Khodaparast sichani

Dear sir or madam
my name is Hadi Khodaparast Sichani. At the moment I am living in the United Kingdom as a refugee. I have a resident permit ID and United Kingdom of Great Britain travel document (blue). about 5 weeks ago I applied for turkey visa through VOYA office, and they checked all my documents, and there was no problem. yesterday they sent an Email and told me, My visa application has been declined and rejected by Embassy of turkey. Would you let me know why it has happened? please send me the reason of this decision and the rejection.
My Passport number is 600667545
my visa application number is AD45023 740
Date of birth: 13/9/1985
phone Number: 07931417992
Address 72 Henderson St. Rochdale, Manchester
Postcode: OL129SG

Best regards
Hadi khodaparast sichani


Transit visa requirement

By saurabh agrawal

Hi, I am planning to book a turkish flight from US to India which connects in Istanbul airport. The connection time is 3 hours and I have intend to leave airport. The connection flight is in same ticket. Can you please confirm if I need a transit visa.? I am Indian passport holder with US work visa.


My Sister lives in Lebanon wants to go Turkey for Medical Treatment

By Wael Darouiche

Hello Sir/Madam
my sister is a Lebanese Citizens wanted to get medical treatment in Turkey. She asked me if I can provide her assistance to her so she obtain the visa.
I am a American Citizen and I currently live and work in Detroit Michigan area.
what is the requirement need from so she can obtain the visa. She is currently asking a Doctor and Hospital in Turkey to get Medical record over to them.
Best Regards


Do I need a visa to visit Turkey currently in UK as spouse

By Mohammed

Do I need a visa to visit Turkey currently in UK as spouse with Indefinite leave to remain


Visa turkey

By Azadeh jamshidinajafabad

I want to get a Turkish visa for my wife, she has a German blue passport and wants to travel to Turkey in March (in 40 days) and meet there, because she is now a refugee and has a blue passport. Let's prepare him


Electronic visa payment issued

By lynda sarri

Hi I appeared for turky visa on ligne application had been successfully completed but the payment didn’t get paid I try Visa card credit card it not working so please can you help me with this thank you


Accomodation e-contract

By Maria

I am planning to complete an Erasmus+ internship in Istanbul from July 2023 till January 2024 and I have a question regarding the accommodation proof.

If I book a room for myself via Airbnb, will their confirmation be enough or should I still get a separate document from my landlord? And if so, can both of us sign it electronically, or should they send it to me via a physical post?

Thank you!
Kind regards,


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