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Transit visa requirement

By Saurabh agrawal

Hi, I am planning to book a turkish flight from US to India which connects in Istanbul airport. The connection time is 3 hours and I have intend to leave airport. The connection flight is in same ticket. Can you please confirm if I need a transit visa.? I am Indian passport holder with US work visa.


My Sister lives in Lebanon wants to go Turkey for Medical Treatment

By Wael Darouiche

Hello Sir/Madam
my sister is a Lebanese Citizens wanted to get medical treatment in Turkey. She asked me if I can provide her assistance to her so she obtain the visa.
I am a American Citizen and I currently live and work in Detroit Michigan area.
what is the requirement need from so she can obtain the visa. She is currently asking a Doctor and Hospital in Turkey to get Medical record over to them.
Best Regards


Do I need a visa to visit Turkey currently in UK as spouse

By Mohammed

Do I need a visa to visit Turkey currently in UK as spouse with Indefinite leave to remain


Visa turkey

By Azadeh jamshidinajafabad

I want to get a Turkish visa for my wife, she has a German blue passport and wants to travel to Turkey in March (in 40 days) and meet there, because she is now a refugee and has a blue passport. Let's prepare him


Electronic visa payment issued

By lynda sarri

Hi I appeared for turky visa on ligne application had been successfully completed but the payment didn’t get paid I try Visa card credit card it not working so please can you help me with this thank you


Accomodation e-contract

By Maria

I am planning to complete an Erasmus+ internship in Istanbul from July 2023 till January 2024 and I have a question regarding the accommodation proof.

If I book a room for myself via Airbnb, will their confirmation be enough or should I still get a separate document from my landlord? And if so, can both of us sign it electronically, or should they send it to me via a physical post?

Thank you!
Kind regards,


E-visa for work

By Greg

I'll be traveling to Instanbul to give some workshops etc. with a partner. If you get me an e-visa, will it serve for this type of work?


Can not pay Problem on your ebsite

By Yana

I am trying to submit my payment but website says can not accept has problems contact administrator


New passport

By Zohra Benaicha

I have à Turkish visas expire on 2023-Mars-17. I change my passeport bécasse It will expire on July 2023. I will travel to Istanbul on furet if Mars. Do I News à new visas or you modifie thé new information of my passeport on thé actualise visa do I have. Référence électronicien visas : FQF-ET2S



Visa Requirement for Nigeria National

By Darlene Anyanwu

I have traveled multiple times to the united states and presently hold a multplie entry visa to the house.

Kindly advise what documents i need to obtain a Tourist/business Turkish visa for a Nigerian lady


Evisa with a uk residence permit

By Fanchèreh Traoré

I’m from Ivory Coast, and I hold an ordinary passport from Ivory Coast. I live in the UK with a resistance permit.
Can I apply for a e-visa for Turkey?
Best regards,


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