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Tourist Visa to Turkey

By Joshua

May i know how much are the total charges for a tourist visa to turkey. I have an indian passport and do not have any US OR SCHENGEN VISA OR RESIDENCY.


Visa requirement documents

By Abdul Rahman

For whom it may concern ,

I hope my email finds you well ,

Iam Lebanese holding the Canadian travel document for refugee , and i wanted to travel to turkey . I would like to ask if a visa needed for me or since iam lebanese do not need a visa !

Thank you in advance .


Applying double transit visa

By Roxanne

I want to travel to Ercan North Cyprus and I'll be transiting from Istanbul to Ercan.

What visa do I need to arrive in Ercan airport without a hassle?


E visa application process


Hi. I just read on your website that people who have a schengen visa can apply for the Turkish eVisa. I have a Syrian passport with a permit to live in the UK and Canada. I also have Schengen visa. I need to visit Turkey soon for tourism with friends but when I try to apply for eVisa when I choose my passport country it automatically shuts down and say I can’t apply for it even though I have the permits and the schengen. What can I do in this case? The consulate in London where I live are not responding and the visa office responsible for applications are saying the visa processing can take up to 8 weeks.


Kindly ask you to help to apply for Schengen Visa

By Aziza Aliyeva

Hello Sir/Madam,
Hope this email finds you well. I would like to ask you about truistic visa support possibilities from Turkey to Poland. As a foreigner who student, officially studying in one of the Türkiye Universities can apply for tourist visa to Poland form Turkey? If it is possible, please kindly ask you to let me know in which legal link can help me to do it, is there any online possibilities, or all must be on site? currently when I am looking for official web sides there are hundreds of the scram pages, which always afraid to trust to give official documents. Thank you in advance. Looking forward hearing from you.


Enquiry regarding Visa for less than 24 hours layover

By Mrinmoy Bharadwaz

Dear Authority, I am an Indian national returning home from amsterdam via Istanbul airport and having a layover of 16 hours. During these time , we want to explore the beauty of the city, Do I need any visa ?? Website shows the requirement is for beyond 24 hours. Please let me know the same




Dear sir,
Hope so you are doing great. This is MUHAMMAD Umair from Pakistan.
Dear sir, actually I'm sorting help and guidance from your side that I got appointment letter from Despot group ( HR Munir Sahin) in Istanbul as sales and marketing manager.
They are asking me to apply for FWC through "sevincli travel and yours travel agency"
I need your guidance whether Despot group exists there and they are actually participant of industry in turkey and reliable or not and should I pay for FWC to travel agency.
Actually you are looking third party I want to make confirmation.
Glad to see your reply.

Muhammad Umair


No Schengen US or UK visas before application

By Maryann

Hello! Is it possible to apply for a Turkish e-visa without possessing any of the specified visas? If not, what is the process for applying for a Turkish visa?


Confirmation of appointment letter and FWC


Dear sir,
I got appointment letter from Despot group ( HR Munir Sahin) turkey as sale and marketing manager post.
Now they are asking for FWC and asked me to contact " sevincli travel and yours travel agency( mr.omer demir) .
Total fee for FWC is 1230$.
Kindly guide me should I move forward with their offer or not.are they reliable?




Visa for health care

By Saido

Hi sir/madam. I’m Saido live in UK.

I’m looking for visa for my mama live in Somalia she is not well and I need to take care of her her health. I don’t know how can I get and how long it can take need your assistance please.
Thank you


how many years is my ban

By sumeya said

My name is sumeya abdihakim said, and i was banned from turkey..i wanted to know how many years im i banned, i tried reaching out but no one is replying to my email. this is an emergency please reply to me.


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