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No Schengen US or UK visas before application

By Maryann

Hello! Is it possible to apply for a Turkish e-visa without possessing any of the specified visas? If not, what is the process for applying for a Turkish visa?


Confirmation of appointment letter and FWC


Dear sir,
I got appointment letter from Despot group ( HR Munir Sahin) turkey as sale and marketing manager post.
Now they are asking for FWC and asked me to contact " sevincli travel and yours travel agency( mr.omer demir) .
Total fee for FWC is 1230$.
Kindly guide me should I move forward with their offer or not.are they reliable?




Visa for health care

By Saido

Hi sir/madam. I’m Saido live in UK.

I’m looking for visa for my mama live in Somalia she is not well and I need to take care of her her health. I don’t know how can I get and how long it can take need your assistance please.
Thank you


how many years is my ban

By sumeya said

My name is sumeya abdihakim said, and i was banned from turkey..i wanted to know how many years im i banned, i tried reaching out but no one is replying to my email. this is an emergency please reply to me.


Turkey Visit Visa for Saudi Arabia residents

By Mohammed zubair Jowher

Please allow Residents of Saudi Arabia to apply for E-VISA AS MANY COUNTRIES ARE ALLOWING IN THIS REGARD


Student visa from an individual inside Gaza

By Ahmad alhwihy

It's a bit of a strange topic, but I was talking to someone and he said that even if I get the university's final admission, I can't get a student visa except from the office in my area (Gaza), which is not available, of course, because of the war, The visa application from any other office, specifically the Cairo office, will be rejected.

Do you have any knowledge on the subject?Do you have any knowledge on the subject?


Visa requirement for Spanish passport holders

By Julene Landaburu Ibarra

I am a Spanish passport-holdar who is travelling to Turkey next week. While double-checking I did not need a visa for Turkey, I was not able to find whether Spain needs a visa or not in your portal. I see many of EU countries do not need a visa, so I just wanted to see if you could confirm Spanish nationals do not need a visa either for entering Turkey as a tourist (for only a 2 day-stay).


Check immigration status

By Muhammad Ghufran lodhi

Check overstayed fine and re apply visa status and now I wanted to travel to Qatar. If I take ticket of Qatar and leave from turkey


Inquiry if Transit Visa is needed for flight stopover

By Aarti Jain

Hello, I am travelling with my family from Zurich to Mumbai via Istanbul via indigo airlines. We have a 6 hour stopover at Istanbul Airport. Will we need transit/ evisa?
Please let us know. Thanks


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Do I need a VISA, im from Mexico but im travelling to Spain?


I would travel from Mexico to Spain but I would stop in Istambul for a trip to Spain, I need a visa? Im confused with what the web site says


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