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Entry after visa violation

By Khalid

Hello. My name is Khalid and I am from Saudi Arabia.
I have visited Turkey many times, but the last time I overstayed my visa and had to pay a fine. When I asked the officer if I would be able to return after Ramadan, he told me I have 75 days left from 90 days of 180. He told me the fine was for the previous 90 days period.

But now my friends tell me that I have to wait 3 months before returning to Turkey anyway. Now I don't know what to do. How can I know how many days I can stay?

Greetings from Khalid


Aktarmal? uçak

By Hamid sakin

Merhaba ben süryeli vatanda??y?m bilet kestim beyrutan be?keke tek bilet istanbul da bekleme olacak 10 saat de?er uça?a binmek için bi sorun olurmu diye soracam çünkü beyruttan be?keke direk yok mecburen istanbulda transit olacak


Application ID: T2252398XMV. I don’t receive e-visa

By Denis Baskin

Application ID: T2252398XMV.
Can you please resend my e-visa again
Thank you


Incorrect date of birth


Date of birth I entered on visa applications were correct but when I received visa they had 2 November instead of 1st nan
Can you please check


T4298988NOX Cancel application and process refund

By Seyedeh Fatemeh Rahmani

Hi unfortunately, I will not be going to Turkey anytime soon due to personal grievances.

Please process a prompt refund.

My reference is T4298988NOX

Many thanks in advance


Tourist visa for Turkey


I am a German citizen working as an international consultant in The Gambia, West Africa, until the end of the year. I am married to a Philippine wife and we have a son with both nationalities. We would like to visit Turkey, while being here in West Africa, but my wife does not have a Schengen Visa, UK or USA residence, etc., since we currently live in The Gambia.

Is there any chance to get a visa for my wife to visit Turkey?


E visa to Turkey for Vietnamese citizen

By Thi Tuyet Hanh Pham

My wife is Vietnamese but is currently in the UK. We want to visit Turkey from the UK. Is this possible if she applies for an e visa here in the UK?


work permits

By christine Hobbs

Hi I am attending an interview in Turkiye next week and hope to be successful. could you tell me the best site to get information from as the ones i have looked at are confusing. particularly what info I have to take to my interview, notarised documents needed, pay scales expected from my employer and length of time i can apply for on the work permit

kindest regards


Why charging double the fee

By Constanza Jacome

Can someone tell me why I am being charged double the an amount for my visa?

My aunt did his and was only charged 66 with allyst.

I will book with them if you charge more than the 56.50


INformation_About types of visa

By Aulkine

Good morning, I am planning to attend a 3-day training to be provided by GSTC from May 7-9, for this purpose am I eligible to apply for the online visa? And is it mandatory to have the schengen visa?


Permanent Visa Application

By Peyman

My relative is a Canadian Citizen who have applied permanent residency visa for her husband, Which the visa had been granted, about a year and half ago although due to pandemic and Covid, they were not able to ABOARD the plane and enter in to Canada on time. She has sent numbers of emails to Canada embassy and consulate in Ankara and Istanbul regarding this matter with no Response. She has now decided to physically come to Turkey and visit Canada Consulate and find out what is the issue or problem. Question: How can she make an appointment? and who she should contact to make this appointment? Regards
Her husbands' application?
The application number is F000619091
UCI Number: 11-0498-8233
FIRST Name; Behnam
LAST NAME: Torknaz
Appreciate your help in this matter


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