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Work permits

By Christine Hobbs

Hi I am attending an interview in Turkiye next week and hope to be successful. could you tell me the best site to get information from as the ones i have looked at are confusing. particularly what info I have to take to my interview, notarised documents needed, pay scales expected from my employer and length of time i can apply for on the work permit

kindest regards


Why charging double the fee

By Constanza Jacome

Can someone tell me why I am being charged double the an amount for my visa?

My aunt did his and was only charged 66 with allyst.

I will book with them if you charge more than the 56.50


INformation_About types of visa

By Aulkine

Good morning, I am planning to attend a 3-day training to be provided by GSTC from May 7-9, for this purpose am I eligible to apply for the online visa? And is it mandatory to have the schengen visa?


Permanent Visa Application

By Peyman

My relative is a Canadian Citizen who have applied permanent residency visa for her husband, Which the visa had been granted, about a year and half ago although due to pandemic and Covid, they were not able to ABOARD the plane and enter in to Canada on time. She has sent numbers of emails to Canada embassy and consulate in Ankara and Istanbul regarding this matter with no Response. She has now decided to physically come to Turkey and visit Canada Consulate and find out what is the issue or problem. Question: How can she make an appointment? and who she should contact to make this appointment? Regards
Her husbands' application?
The application number is F000619091
UCI Number: 11-0498-8233
FIRST Name; Behnam
LAST NAME: Torknaz
Appreciate your help in this matter


Information about the turist visa

By Amit Sethi

Respected sir/madam
My name is Amit. I am citizen of india. I am get Merriage in Romania. I have 5 year Member of family Residence Card Valid till 15 dec 2024.I look Evisa no have option in Romania countary.I need a visa or please guide me how i am apply visa. which better visa for me Evisa or Sticker visa.thanks a lot. I wait your respons as soon as possible.
Your best regards,
Amit Sethi


request for my e_visa receipt

By fan yang

I need support to get my e-visa receipt for claim purpose.
name: Fan
Surname: Yang
Reference No.: W2Q-HBUS
Passport number: E64293964
Appreciate if you can send the receipt to [email protected]


Visa payment

By Linda Hope

I’ve been trying to pay for my spa application but can’t get through?




By Timothy Alfred Polasky

Hello, I am writing because of my Turkey E-Visa I paid for. My ID: T2597404ITU
Passport: 642747547
Full name: Timothy Alfred Polasky
Email: [email protected]. I paid 165 dollars and you said it takes 1 to 6 hours. It's been almost 7 hours. Please respond




By Celal Aydemir



Transit visa type

By Cordula Boateng

I have booked a flight from the UK with a Turkish airline to Ghana. I am required to get a transit visa to be able to pass through Istanbul airport to Ghana. How do I get the transit visa because the online e-visa is not allowing me to do so, thanks.


Flight changed

By Samuel Edwin Rogers

Hi my flight into Turkey has now changed to a day earlier than what my visa says.
What do I do?


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