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By Celal Aydemir



Transit visa type

By Cordula Boateng

I have booked a flight from the UK with a Turkish airline to Ghana. I am required to get a transit visa to be able to pass through Istanbul airport to Ghana. How do I get the transit visa because the online e-visa is not allowing me to do so, thanks.


Flight changed

By Samuel Edwin Rogers

Hi my flight into Turkey has now changed to a day earlier than what my visa says.
What do I do?


Delay for the response of Turkey tourist visa


Dear sir, My wife Tamanna Nawsin, applicant no 11691, has applied for turkish tourist visa from Bangladesh on 19 march 2023, though it has passed 30 days, she has not received any response. May I request for the response of tourist visa?


Check if I am eligible to apply for multiple-entry visa


Dear Turkish e-visa officer,
My name is Trong Quy Le and I have some questions regarding e-visa application.

I booked a tour with Viettravel from Hanoi to Athens (layover flight in Istanbul 30th Jun 2023 for 2 hours), then I will fly from Athens back to Istanbul on 4th Jul 2023. My question is that do I need to apply for 2 seperate single-entry visa or I only need to apply for one e-visa for 4thJul 2023 entry as I only transit for 2 hours on 30th Jun 2023?

I try to fill in the form and put my nationality as Vietnamese and it seems only single-entry allowed. Could you please advise me which type of tourist e-visa should I apply in this case scenario?

Thank you.
Kind regards,
Trong Quy Le.


Surname on E-Visa

By Qayum Miller

I just recently got approved for the e-visa. Is there a way I could add my surname to the e-visa?


cancel my Visa order

By Saeed Abdullah Rashed Alnuaimi

I want to cancel my visa order please.
and refund my money please?



NIegria Passport with UK Visa

By Gabriel O Odediran

Planning a weekend holiday to Turkey and wanted to confirm if a Nigerian Passport Holder with a Valid UK Visa would be allowed in.

Kindly advise I would be eligble for entry

Many Thanks


Tourist Visa for Indonesian

By Megawati

Dear Sir/Madam,
I would like to enquiry on the entry requirement for Indonesia citizen.
I'm living in Singapore and work here, holding Indonesia green passport (citizen passport). I'm planning to go Turkey for holiday and this will be my first time.
Do I require to apply any visa or can I just purchase flight ticket and accommodation without giving any notice like when I travel to Asia?
Looking forward for your reply.
Thank you.


Unable to Download an e-visa

By Mr David L Clarke

I have applied for and received an e-visa on passport number PB1009325.
I am unable to download the visa and continually receive a message that "The site can't be reached". Please advise.


Unable to Download e-visa

By Gaye Trevan

I have applied for the visa online - Passport Number PB5095457.
I am unable to download the visa and continually receive a message that "The site cannot be reached".


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