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Enquiring of procedure for a transit Visa during my Layovers during my connecting flights from South Africa where I work enroute to Mauritania and back to South Africa , I have Turkish airline tickets for both legs of the journey and Zimbabwean passport which doesn't qualify for e Visa and am also on medical aid, will b travelling for work


Payment was done but didn’t get visa online


Payment was done but didn’t get visa online, still showing to pay



Enquiring about e visa for Sudanese people

By Mohamed Atabani

I am enquiring about the link for the Sudanese passport holders having a valid UK visa. As i am trying to submit the form through the website evia.gov.tr. And not accepting sudan as nationality Appreciate your advice on the link to complete the Same


Istanbul Tour during 15 hours layover

By Varun Bansal

Hi, I am Varun. I am travelling from Mexico City to New Delhi, India through Turkish Airlines with my wife and daughter. We are Indian Nationals and residents in Mexico. We have a 15 hour stopover in Istanbul Airport. I hold a US visa but my wife and daughter do not hold a US visa. Can we still manage to make use of the Istanbul tours that are offered at the airport (Touristanbul)? Or do we need any specific Turkey visa in this case? We do not wish to spend multiple days in Turkey but just want to make use of the layover time to explore a few places.

Thanks and Regards,


Application Enquiry

By Opeyemi Salau

I am a Masters degree, Nigerian Student in North Cyprus, I have a booked appointment at Istanbul for Romania visa application, due to the fact that the embassy is not here in North Cyprus. Is it possible to apply for a week maximum visa to attend the Romania consulate in Turkey? How long will it take for the visa to be out?
Thank you


Turkey tourism visa for saudi visitor visa holder

By Ahsan Mukhtar

My name is ahsan I am working here at Saudi Arabia. My wife and one child they are living with me on family visit visa. Can I apply for turkey tourism visa with my family ? they don't have IQAMA. they are on visit visa.


Excessive Visa processing fees

By Upendra Mehta

I just processed evisa application for two persons- Mine and my wife and when I paid it charged me $211. I requested normal processing time and my arrival date is June 3, 2023 after 3 weeks. Why it is charging me this high. Your website says highest fees is $67 per person and for two would be


Pay for the E visa

By Trace Gordon

Good morning to you my name is Trace Gordon and I have fill out the E visa form to arrive in Turkey on the 18 of May, but the payment method won’t go through so am asking for help to pay for it am using my ship work payment card and it is in U.S. dollar but it’s not going through.



By Charmian Ergul

Can you please advise acknowledgement for a refund/cancellation. I have contacted the Turkish Consulate in Australia who have issued me a visa on the spot as they have not heard of your company.


Travel for Ethiopians from Jordan

By Nisreen Shunnar

Dear Sir/ Madam;

Greetings I have a house made from Ethiopia, she stayed with me for three years and her residency in Jordan is no longer valid, she wants to travel back to Ethiopia, but in her way back she want to stay for one month with her uncle for one month.
She received an invitation from her uncle, together with a copy of his passport and a copy of his residency in Istanbul.
How can we proceed with Visa and what are the requirements?




Visiting Turkey for holiday

By Temi


I hold a UK residence permit card also known as a brp card but i also hold a Nigerian passport, how do i go about visiting turkey , do i need an a regular visa or do i need an e-visa?.

Kind regards.


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