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Tourist visa turkey

By Jeanne Essang Zindi

my name is jeanne i hold a travel document passport and a resident permit from uk whst should i do to get a visa tourist for 4 days in turkey


Visa for France Travel Document

By Dawood Ibrahimi

I am from Afghanistan and live in France. I have a 1951 convention Travel document issued by France. I would like to apply for a visa to visit my family members in turkey. Can you please tell me exactly what document are required and if I need to book an appointment or come directly to the embassy and what are the opening hours



Application form

By Hamid Reza Asgharzadeh

I'm Iranian but holding UK issued travel document, when I want to fill visa application form there is no option to fill my nationality which is Iranian.I live in UK.
Would you please help me with that.


Id : T2645130LPC

By Jeannette Arce Betances

My application ID is T2645130LPC. Please revise my application details. I have a copy of my passport (and my husband) I need to submit.

Application Id : T2645130LPC
Visa Country : Turkey
Order Date : 12-03-2023
Arrival Date : 20-03-2023
Processing Type : Normal
Applicant 1
Full Name : Jeannette Arce Betances
Nationality : United States of America
Applicant 2
Full Name : Wilson Betances
Nationality : United States of America




Iyi gunler,

Ben Italya'da evlenmek isteyen Turk vatandaslarindan istenen belgeler konusunda bilgi almak istiyorum.



Indonesian 90 days in Turkey

By Henning

Hey, I am from Germany and can stay 90 days in turkey without visa. But I have an indonesian girlfriend who I want to bring. What do I have to do to get a visa for 90 days for her? Some people tell me it's not possible and that she can only stay 30 days. Can you give me more information on that.


E-visa application status

By Tae Eun Choe

I had applied for e-visa last week but have not receive an approval. My wife's was approved already. Unfortunately, I forgot to get the reference #. Here is my information:
Passport #551463668 (US)
Issued on: 09May,2016
Expiring on: 08May2026
Please send me the approval to my email.
Thank you so much,
Tae Eun Choe


Re application

By Melanie Dawkins-Davidson

I did not put me or my husband middle name on my application. Will I have to apply for a new one?


Visa van belgië naar istanbul

By Saeid zarfsaz


Mijn vrouw en kinderen en ik zijn bekende vluchtelingen in België.

Wij zijn Iraniërs en hebben een blauw reisdocument van de Belgische overheid.

Hoe kunnen we een visum krijgen om naar Turkije te reizen?

Alvast bedankt

Met vriendelijke groeten

Saeid Zarfsaz



Transit through Turkey

By Muhammad Nadir kha

Hope you are going well.
I am Pakistani National and i am going to Norway. I have Norway residency card as well. If i get the transit flight via turkey the may i need a transit visa ? As my stay in turkey is almost 9 hours maximum and i dont have cargo luggage. I only have hand carry.
Kindly provide me the information.


Haven’t recived nah text

By Haroon Omer

I recently applied and haven’t received any confirmation on email or Text


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