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Purpose of trip for student visa



I will study a masters degree in a university in Turkey. I need to get a student visa but do not know what purpose of trip to choose in the preapplication website.

Do you know if I should choose "Education purpose" or "Course purpose"?
I saw this article:


Where it is suggested to select "Course purpose". But I wanted to confirm that is also applicable to my case.

I would appreciate any help!
Jose Luis Cano.


Asking about a

By Mohamed

I have aeroplane tickets on wizz air from dubai to Turkey and I have an Egyptian passport , is electronic visa is valid for me and my family as we are resident at United Arab Emirates


Clarification re: need for e-Visa

By Michelle Mattis

I am a US citizen and will be arriving in Bodrum via a cruise ship on 30 August 2023, leaving that same day. I understand that if I stay in Bodrum, I do not need an e-Visa.

However, I am considering taking an excursion to Ephesus. Your various pages regarding the e-Visa are a bit confusing. The page dedicated to visitors from a cruise ship makes it sound like you need an e-Visa if you leave the city your ship docks in, but the page for USA citizens seems to indicate that if you arrive by cruise ship, as long as you either are on a short day-trip or short-term excursion of less than 72 hours, you don't need the e-Visa, regardless of where you go.

Please clarify whether I will need an e-Visa in the situation I describe above.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.

Best regards,
Michelle Mattis


Do I need medical insurance

By Saima

Hello, I am visiting turkey today for nine days. I have a public medical insurance in Germany, do I require another medical insurance for turkey for my visa to be valid ?

Please let me know

Thank you


Kenyan visa

By Maha

I have a Kenyan domestic worker on my husband’s sponsorship, and I will travel to Turkey with my children only, without my husband, for the purpose of tourism to Antalya and Istanbul. How do I obtain a visa for the Kenyan domestic worker?


I want information regarding sponsership

By shiza

I'm Shiza Hussain I'm applying for bachelor public university I want to confirm for bank statement my uncle wants to sponsor so which documents is required please confirm. ill be very thankful to you


Student visa for Turkey

By Omer Arbab

I would like to apply for a student visa, and I am from Sudan and residing in the UAE. How can I book an appointment


US passport ( 1 year temporary quick passport)

By Senol Evren

Hi there,
My wife and myself are Turkish citizen, but we have a daughter , 10 years old, who has US citizenship. Her passport was expired and today we applied for quick 1 year replaceable quick passport. From US consulate they told us as UK accept it but we want to make sure if it is OK. We as parents will have our UK visa for sure accompanying her for this touristic visit during this summer. Please inform soon so we can proceed with our plans or else.


Senol Evren


6 month passport

By Hassan

My son 5 years visiting Turkey with me next weak27.05.2023. Having passport will expire on 26.11.2023 and collected approved e.visa with entry date on 27.05.2023 means 182 day before passport expire ..do we need to collect new passport and new e.visa?



By Fatima

Hi, we are planning to visit Turkey on October, we have the following queries as stated below.

1. How early can we apply for a tourist visa? Can we apply now?
2. There are different information regarding the size of the required biometric photo. Please confirm what size is required

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Inquiry about transit Turkish visa amount for Omani citizen

By Hamed Al Araimi

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am an Omani citizen planning to travel to Turkey for a short transit on my way to another destination. I would like to know the amount of the transit Turkish visa for few hours.

According to the information I found, Omani citizens can apply for a Turkish e-Visa online and stay in Turkey for up to 90 days within 6 months for 61 US$ which is very expansive for the first entry. However, I am not sure if this applies to transit visas as well.

Could you please confirm if I need to apply for a Turkish e-Visa or a different type of visa for my transit? And how much is the visa fee?

I appreciate your assistance and prompt response.

Hamed Alaraimi


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