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Is it legitimate?


I received an email instructing me to send a copy of my passport to [email protected]
This seems a little risky, so I thought I would confirm that this is legitimate before sending. Thanks


Start Branch of German Company in Turkey


Dear Madam & Sir,
Please give Me an appointment per email to come to Turkey Consulate in Mainz to get Visa to go to Turkey to start Branch of German International Company in Turkey
General International Aryan Blue Moon Company in Germany
M.D: Hamidreza Nematollahi born 25.12.1974 Shiraz - Iran having German Blue Pass without Iranian Pass
Best Regards


Turkey Police Clearance Certificate Non-Resident Non-Citizen


Good Day!

My mom will need to get Turkey Police Clearance Certificate for Canada permanent residency application and we do not know how to get it.

She is non-resident of Turkey
She is non-citizen of Turkey
She lives in Iran
She has gone to the Turkey embassy in Iran and they said they do not offer this service.
She is almost 80 years old and I'd like to help her to get it as fast as possible.

I appreciate if you could please advise.
Azadeh Bostakian


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Extension to stay in Turkey


Hi there,
I entered Turkey on August 4th, and I was wanting to stay longer than 90 days. I was wanting to double-check what I would need to do to extend my stay. I came to Turkey to visit a friend and was wanting to explore more cities.


Tourist Visa for Family Members


Dear Sir/Madam,

I hope you're doing well.

I would like to inquire about Turkey Visit Visa for my family who are currently in Kabul Afghanistan.

I am Australian Citizen and visiting Turkey in December 22, and i wanted to know if it's possible to get visit visa's for my family members so that i can meet them in Turkey.

Could you please advise what are the requirements to get Turkey Tourist Visit visa for Afghan passport holder from Kabul Afghanistan.

Thanks & Regards,

Mohammad Siddiqui


Information regarding Visa


Respected Sir / Madam,

i am indian and currently working in germany. I have booked my flights from india to germany in january 2023. i have connecting flights from Abu Dhabi to istanbul SAW and from istanbul SAW to germany (Berlin). i have the layover time in istanbul around 5 hour where i need to self transfer at the same airport.

I really like to know weather in this situation, do i need the transit Visa or not?

Thanks in Advance.

Darshak Savaj


my visa did not download and I did not receive an email with it


I paid and have a receipt but the visa did not download. how can I get a copy of my visa?


Passport visa enquiry



My partner has a Gambian passport but a UK visa. Is he still only allowed to fly Turkish airways? Or can he fly on BA/easyJet ect ?

Many thanks




I have received one email from group of company. Job Offer letter.
They are asking forger work certificate please help me how can I get this certificate and how much the cost.
Please let me know the details.


Visa for Inventors


Hi dear sirs

My business partner and I would like to take an opportunity and introduce our invention.
We announce that we are looking forward to introduce a self-sustaining hydrogen generator from that consumes 20 time less energy.It could be used in industrial structures.
Fortunately we have registered our invention in WIPO and Patent Cooperation Treaty number: (PCT/IR2019/050017).
We strongly believe that this unique invention like all vital inventions around the world can be great emergence in human life. We hope that it will change our world like Vaccines,Electricity,Google,etc.
All in all We want to mention that my aim is stabling a base in a developed country.
We have registered our invention in the national phase in Canada ‘United State and European Union too.
Please tell us how we can send you a long-term talent and inventor visa application?

Best regards


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