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E-Visa Receipt request


Dear team

Could you please provide me with a receipt of my payment for the eVisa as I did not receive it this time (I used to do receive it each time I apply for an eVisa)

My eVisa has been approved today under application number T2988927IYL

Thank you for your support


South African visa

By Taryn Erasmus

Would I need a transit visa if I am a South African passport holder getting connecting flights via Turkey to Germany? I will not be leaving the airport and I have applied for a Schengen visa
I am getting conflicting info from different sites

Thank you


Export Documents requirements

By Dehiwala Liyanage

Dear Sir/Madam,
Good day,

Please note that we would like to introduce our Halal food manufacturing facility Indoguna Productions FZCO-Dubai established in Jebel Ali Free Zone.

And looking forward to hearing Export document requirement as manufacture / shipper here in Dubai – UAE.

Best Regards,
Ajith D.L



UNLP passports entering on official visit

By Thilini Margarita

Dear Visa officer,

Greetings from Sri Lanka. Can you confirm if UNLP passport holders can obtain visa on arrival to Turkey? Do they require any additional document to provide when traveling

Best Regards,




Cancel an e visa

By Fatima Al Meqdad

I applied by mistake for 2 e visa and paid 135.50 USD for each of us. The total is 270 USD. Application number is: 2023131133623035628
I would like to cancel both and get my money back please!



Cancel my visa application

By Harpreet singh

Cancel my visa application 20230131133774230148


Cancel my turkey visa application

By Harpreet singh

I need yo can mu turkey visa application 20230131133774230148


Check the states of my order

By Abeje Birara

States of my application


Turkey visa for Dan Ferretti and Jerry BRown

By Barbara Holt

Hello, good afternoon!
I need to ask please to cancel the two requests made on 1.30 for two visas for Jerry Brown and Dan Ferretti.
We do not need the visas anymore.Please email me with the cancelation for the credit card transactions. I appreciate your help.


Visa (Turkmenistan)

By Bayram Agayev

I am a Turkmenistan citizen, I am studying in UK on a student visa. I planning to go on holiday to turkey this summer and I am not sure if I will need a visa. I went to Turkey with my Turkmen passport before and I didn't need visa however I am not sure if the requirements are still the same? Would I need to get visa if I am going on holiday?
Thank you, Bayram.


Apply for extension on my e Visa

By Evelyn h.c. Chang

I am an American citizen and entered on the end of December last year. I would like to extend my e Visa to stay more than 90 days, but doesn’t intend to apply the tourism and or residency permit.
Where should I go and get the e Visa extension done?


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